Friday, August 31, 2007

Odd News of the Day

Friday, August 31, 2007 2
Intoxicated Woman Let 5-Year-Old Son Drive
Neighbors Say They Found Boy At Wheel, Mom In Passenger Seat

A woman was arrested on suspicion of letting her 5-year-old son drive her around while she was intoxicated, police said.Holly Schnobrich (pictured), 24, of Lafayette, was charged with felony neglect and public intoxication after neighbors told police the boy was driving her and his 3-year-old brother in their subdivision early Sunday, authorities said.Wendy Barrett, a resident of the Saddlebrook subdivision, said Weston Schnobrich was behind the wheel of a Mitsubishi Galant that stopped in front of her home.

Click here for full story.

NYC Baby Born With 12 Fingers, 12 Toes

NEW YORK (AP) - Jeshuah Fuller's parents expected him to be born with extra fingers. The extra toes, though, were a surprise.

Jeshuah, healthy and weighing 7 pounds, was born in Brooklyn on Tuesday with 12 fingers and 12 toes. His rare condition, called polydactylism, is usually genetic.

His dad was born with an extra finger on his left hand. His mom, Quana Morris, said she'd had an ultrasound image taken during her pregnancy and knew the baby would have extra fingers.

"We were counting them on the sonogram," she told the Daily News.

She didn't know he would have 12 toes, she said. He'll have all the extra digits surgically removed in a couple of weeks, his mom said.

(Copyright 2007 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.)

Heads Spinning Over 200-yard Spider Web

WILLS POINT, Texas — If you hate creepy-crawlies, you might want to avoid Lake Tawakoni State Park, where a 200-yard stretch along a nature trail has been blanketed by a sprawling spider web that has engulfed seven large trees, dozens of bushes and the weedy ground.

If you hate mosquitoes, you might just love this bizarre web.

"At first, it was so white it looked like fairyland," said Donna Garde, superintendent at the park about 45 miles east of Dallas. "Now it's filled with so many mosquitoes that it's turned a little brown. There are times you can literally hear the screech of millions of mosquitoes caught in those webs."

There have been heated Internet discussions among experts whether the web was constructed by social cobweb spiders, which work together, or is perhaps a mass dispersal in which the arachnids spin webs to spread out.

Either way, it's generating a lot of bug buzz.

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Get rich or farm trying...

Thursday, August 30, 2007 3

I have a two window boxes with flowers in them at home, but live miles away from a farm. If I add seeds to grow squash and corn, can I get a $1 million annual subsidy too? Sure seems like it.

Take a look at the map of Manhattan above (used recently by Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns in a recent speech). The red dots indicate people (individuals, not corporations) who live in Manhattan (and so clearly are neither hurting for money nor tilling the soil on the family farm) but receive agricultural subsidies from the federal government.

The larger red blobs mark people receiving more than a quarter of a million dollars in farm subsidies annually.

The farm bill passed by House Democrats in July would continue giving millionaires farm subsidies (setting the income threshold for payments at $1 million a year, and keeping loopholes in place that allow some making much more to qualify).

The Bush administration has proposed sharply reducing the income threshold to $200,000 a year and ending many of those loopholes. That would reduce the number of subsidy recipients by less than 40,000 (of the current million or so recipients)—though I suppose it might put some rooftop gardens on Park Avenue out of commission.

Ladies and gentlemen, these are your tax dollars at work.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I play no part in me.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007 8

One point I wish the article expounded on is the disparity between wealth in specific counties in the area. If you live in Howard County - a suburb of Baltimore - the average family earns $94K annually. If you live in Montgomery County - a suburb of Washington - the average family earns nearly $87K annually. The average family in Baltimore County earned $60K in 2006 and the average family living in the City of Baltimore earned $36K last year. Something has to be done about that.

Maryland is richest state, census figures show

Nationwide poverty rate drops for first time this decade

Maryland is the richest state in the nation and has the lowest poverty rate, according to estimates released today from the U.S. Census Bureau.

For years, Maryland has ranked among the wealthiest states, and experts note that its 2006 median income -- $65,144 -- is not statistically different from that of New Jersey, with $64,470.

While Maryland grew richer over the first half of the decade, the state is also home to wide income disparities, and some of its jurisdictions continue to lag behind. For example, Howard County's median household income was $94,260 in 2006, while Baltimore City's was $36,031.

The local figures come from the American Community Survey, which unlike the once-per-decade census, is an estimate rather than a true head count.

Nationwide, income rose slightly from $47,845 in 2005 to $48,200, while the poverty rate dropped for the first time this decade, from 12.6 percent in 2005 to 12.3 percent last year, according to a separate census survey also released today.

Yet more people are without health insurance -- 47 million people in 2006, up from 44.8 million in 2005.

Top 10 wealthiest states
Here's where the median household income is highest:

State Income
Maryland $65,144
New Jersey $64,470
Connecticut $63,422
Hawaii $61,160
Massachusetts $59,963
New Hampshire $59,683
Alaska $59,393
California $56,645
Virginia $56,277

The 10 poorest states
The states with the lowest median household income:

State Income
Montana $40,627
Tennessee $40,315
Kentucky $39,372
Louisiana $39,337
Alabama $38,783
Oklahoma $38,770
Arkansas $36,599
West Virginia $35,059
Mississippi $34,473

U.S. Census Bureau - Click here for full list and report

Monday, August 27, 2007 should I handle this?

Monday, August 27, 2007 11
I've been feeling that I should make more money for a couple of months now. The Executive Director of the company I work for decided to have a conversation with a co-worker in the co-workers' cube (which is on the other side of mine) opposed to in the privacy of his office.

Essentially, they just finagled a deal which created a new position and job title. The kicker is this - He'll be making $25K more than I currently do. Now, he does a lot more than I do, so I expect him to make more money, but not $25K more. I'm sorry. I have to mention this to my direct superior. She knows what I do. She also knows that of late, I've been making her life a lot easier. I'm worth more. At least an additional $5K. I do too much and get paid too little right now.

The unfortunate thing is that I even know how much this guy makes. Typically, we've done a really good job of not discussing money. To be honest, I had an idea of what some people made in comparison to me, but no absolute figures. Because my boss decided to just discuss private issues in public, I now know.

The real issue is how I approach this. I've never negotiated a salary before. Do I use today's situation as leverage? Do I even mention it at all? My direct superior and I have the type of rapport that I feel I could mention is and it wouldn't be an issue regardless of the outcome.

The timing of this works out well. Next month will mark one year at the company. If ever there was a time to negotiate, it's now, right?

Please respond with advice.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Are you ready for some (college) football?

Saturday, August 25, 2007 3
I sure am. Luckily, the season is quickly approaching. In fact, in exactly one week, I have tickets to my alma mater's home opener. College football is so great for a bunch of reasons, but here are my top-6 reasons to love college football:

#5 - Going Back To Campus

Contrary to popular belief, state schools can actually have picturesque campuses. It's always fun to see what new building or green space or traffic circle has popped up since my last visit. Besides, if I don't cruise walk the campus, how else will I evaluate the freshman?

#4 - School Spirit

College football gives you a chance to act like a complete and utter idiot - as long as you're supporting your school in the process. In what other environment is it completely acceptable for grown men to paint their face and put letters on their chest? At Maryland's Byrd Stadium, you can pretty much do what you like - if you're wearing red and screaming 'Go Terps!', you're golden.

#3 - The Athletes

There's something about the student-athlete you have to respect. Sure, they get a lot of perks that the general population aren't afforded - free Maryland gear, priority housing, easy classes, a free degree, under-the-table cash and gifts., etc. On the other hand, they put up with the rigorous physical regiment, they deal with the pressure from the fans and the media, they actually play the games. Schools make a boat load of money off these guys and they never see a significant portion of it. That's messed up.

#2 - ACC Basketball

Where I'm from, ACC basketball is king. Well, the NFL (via a vis the Ravens and Redskins) is king, but Maryland Basketball is easily the third toughest sports ticket in town. Make no mistake about it, people are serious it. It doesn't matter if the Terps are playing the Canisius Golden Griffs or the Duke Blue Devils, 18,000 people fill the Comcast Center night in and night out. Meanwhile at the MCI Center, tumbleweed blows through empty sections during Georgetown games.

To be honest, before Miami and Virginia Tech joined the league, nobody cared about football. I still don't, but at least the start of it means basketball season isn't too far away.

#1b - HDTV

You just spent over a grand for a new TV, you aren't gonna watch re-runs of Sanford and Son. You're gonna watch some football and hope it pours so you can identify each individual rain drop. I mean, why else would you drop $1300 on a television?

#1a - BEER!!!

When is it completely ok to be wasted at 11am on a Saturday morning? A the pre-game tailgate!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ron Mexico, Great Black Hope and Boys in Speedos

Thursday, August 23, 2007 7
Author’s Note: This is my 100th post as a blogger! When I started this April 2007 I had no clue that four months later I’d still be going strong. I’ve (unsuccessfully) attempted blogging in the past – to no avail. I contribute my success this time around to the great people who stop by and comment regularly. This blog has fostered some great long-distance relationships and even a bourgeoning friendship. Thank you all for that.


Micheal Vick: Adventures of an Idiotic Rich Man

A couple of months ago, I urged restraint upon hearing of the dog fighting accusations against Michael Vick. I believe strongly in the judicial system (in principle). ‘Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law’, I reminded myself and everyone else. Remember the Duke Lacrosse rape case? The whole world was so ready to convict those kids upon hearing the news. Turns out the stripper slut saw $$ and cried wolf. I learned my lesson. I admonished people to wait for a verdict before we condemn him as a sick, twisted, cowardly asshole who gets his thrill by torturing animals.

Well, the verdict is in: Vick has declared himself guilty. He deserves all the jail time coming his way and probably more. I hope to hell they put his dog killing ass in a small cell with a big dude named Tiny who likes rough, lube-less butt sex. I just hope Mr. Ron Mexico decides to take his Valtrex with him to the clink – for Tiny’s sake.

Training dogs to fight? Electrocuting and hanging and drowning them (note the lack of the word 'or' - he and his turn coat co-dees often did all three) if they don't serve his needs? The only thing more repulsive is the idiots defending this behavior. (See: Atlanta NAACP: Let Vick Return To NFL and Marbury Expresses Support for Vick)

This is where I normally would say that the entire idea of prison is to rehabilitate criminals and that Vick should get another chance to play in the NFL someday. I think he should sit through a severe punishment and think long and hard about the dumb shit he did.

It's a damn shame too. When drafted, he was expected to revolutionize the quarterback position. What's really disappointing is the unrealized potential.


Color Me Unimpressed

Speaking of unrequited promise, let's discuss about democratic Presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama. After reading D.LavarJames' most recent post entitled Cover Model For President, I wrote the following comments:
I've said this before and I'll say it again. IMHO, Obama's 'rock star' image is going to ultimately cause his demise. While he appeals to the young, hip crowd, on balance VIBE readers (and to a lesser extent GQ readers) don't go out and vote.

Early on in his campaign, his people were relying on his popularity amongst the younger crowd a little too much. I mean, I can't say that I blame there. There really isn't much more to run with. He doesn't really have much experience to go on, he doesn't have an extensive track record to hang his hat on.

I never thought I'd see the day when democratic voters would give a woman the presidential nod before giving a man the nod...regardless of color.

On one hand, I'm glad that a black man has (had) a realistic shot at becoming president. On the other hand, I'm disappointed that this opportunity may (will probably be) squandered. The last Gallup poll indicated that Clinton is widening her lead. Time is simply running out for the Obama camp.
Initially, I felt the need to elaborate on my own blog, but after re-reading what I wrote just now, I think I said it all.


Pride Movie: Movie of the Year (In My Mind)

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know this movie appeared in theaters exactly 5 months ago today. And yes, I know it's been on DVD since June, however I finally Tivo'd the film Pride and watched it last night/this morning.

Can't tell you much about the storyline, but I really enjoyed watching these presumably talented actors. I'll be honest, I thoroughly luxuriated in this film. If you have haven't seen the film, I'm more than willing to post some screen caps so everyone can fully appreciate the essence of this wonderful film. It's truly captivating.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I've been really blue lately...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007 6
I'm not exactly sure why, but I've been super down and out of late. I wouldn't classify what I've been experiencing as depression, but I haven't been myself.

I'm honestly not sure what the deal is. I'm really not going through/dealing with anything. I'm still alone, but that's not new. I haven't gotten any in awhile, but I'm alright with that. I haven't had much of a social calendar of late, but I'm enjoying the downtime. I'm not ecstatic with my job, but I've been so busy that I actually feel accomplished.

Maybe its the weather. The last 4 days or so have been overcast and 60 degrees. Who wants to deal with that in August? Now that I think about it, I do feel like I've up and moved to Seattle. Maybe that's it.

Hopefully some blue skies will help me get my swagger back. I dunno.

This is worse than's savage.

This is vile and disgusting - even by Iraqi standards. Stuff like this reinforces my belief that people are not inherently good. This really disturbs me. It's one thing to go after soliders or even adults who willingly choose to get involved in this sectarian nonsense, but leave the kids out of your random, vengeful violent tirades.

Boy, 5, doused in gas, set on fire by masked men

By Arwa Damon

Editor's note: CNN agreed not to use the full names of the mother and son in this article due to concern for their safety.

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Five-year-old Youssif is scarred for life, his once beautiful smile turned into a grotesquely disfigured face -- the face of a horrifying act by masked men. They grabbed him on a January day outside his central Baghdad home, doused him with gas and set him ablaze.

It's an act incomprehensibly savage, even by Iraq's standards today. No one has been arrested and the motive remains unknown.

In a war-ravaged city torn by sectarian violence and marked by acts of vengeance, this attack's apparent randomness stands out as an example of what life has become in a place where brutality -- even against young children -- is a constant.

"They dumped gasoline, burned me, and ran," Youssif told CNN, pointing down the street with his scarred hands where his attackers fled.

As he sucked his thumb, he repeated, "I was burning." He tried to put the flames out himself.

It looks as though this boy's face melted and then froze into rivers cutting through swollen hard flesh. It's hard to see the energetic outgoing child his parents describe beneath the sullen demeanor that defines Youssif today.

"He's become spiteful, I am not sure why," said his mother, Zainab. "He is jealous of everyone. If I say the slightest thing to him, he cries. He's sensitive."

Even things like eating have become a chore. His face contorts when he tries to shovel rice into his mouth, carefully angling the spoon and then using his fingers to push the little grains through lips he can no longer fully open.

He has also become jealous of the baby sister he used to dote on. "I sit sometimes at night and cry," Zainab said, her voice heavy with guilt. "If only I hadn't let him go outside, if only I hadn't let him play."

It was on January 15 that masked men attacked her boy, their identities still unknown. Zainab said she was upstairs at the time.

"I heard screaming. I thought someone was fighting or something," she said.

She ran downstairs, saw her son and fainted. When she came to, she barely recognized her child.
"His head was so swollen, you couldn't see his eyes, and his nose was pushed in."

"There was blood," she added, shuddering slightly. "The skin was melted off."

He spent two months in the hospital recovering from the severe burns. These days Youssif spends most of his time indoors, in front of the computer. It's only then that traces of the 5-year-old in him emerge. "He can't play outside with the other kids," Zainab said. "The other day they were playing, and he came in crying. I asked him, 'What's wrong?' and he said, 'They won't play with me because I am burned.'"
Don't Miss

She said he once wanted to be a doctor and he loved kindergarten. "He used to be the one who would wake me up every morning, saying let's go to school," Zainab recalled.

She coaxed him to tell me the few words he knows in English. "Girl, boy, window, fan," he said, his voice barely audible, the words barely intelligible.

Doctors told the family there is little more they can do to help Youssif. The family can't afford care outside Iraq.

So Zainab has taken a massive risk by telling her story to the world. Her husband works as a security guard, and it's too dangerous for him to talk to the media.

"I'd prefer death than seeing my son like this," Zainab said.

All she wants is for someone to help her little boy smile again.


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Random Rent Boys

Thursday, August 16, 2007 9
So, I'm driving home from work last night around midnight on Charles Street, a substantial northbound thoroughfare spanning from downtown Baltimore through the city to the northern suburbs of Baltimore County. Construction forced me to detour onto smaller side streets in the area. I'm sitting at the traffic light in my car, windows down, listening to music - all while trying my best not to fall alseep at the wheel.

In my periphery I see some guy approaching my car. Usually I'd be petrified, but last night I didn't even flinch. I'm certain that this is due to the 13-14 hour days I've been putting in at work since last Friday. Its not that I wasn't scared; I was too tired to react.

Anyways, this random dude comes up to my window. The following ensues:

Guy: What you up to?
Me: (perplexed pause) Uhhh....driving.
Guy: Oh, ok. You mixing tonight?
Me: Mixing?
Guy: (visibly frustrated at having to explain this concept to me) You know, messing with dudes.
Me: No, I'm good. Thank you.
Guy: (chuckles) You sure? Cause....
Me: (speeds through the red light)

Suddenly, I remembered I was driving through an area widely referred to by locals as "The Meat Market" - an area where 'rent boys' (male prostitutes) set up shop and offer their not-so-goodies.

I was completely out of it. Still am.

Anyways, I'm off to bed. I've got another early morning tomorrow. I wanted to share this with you guys last night, but I crashed as soon as my head hit the bed. I didn't have time to post earlier today, but I wanted to make sure I shared this with you guys. As soon as it happened I thought, "The blog boys will get a kick out of this." Hope it was at least worth a chuckle.

Good night guys.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Big news for the company I work for...

Monday, August 13, 2007 5

This may not matter to you, hell it probably doesn't matter to many of my co-workers, but this is probably the biggest thing that has happened since I've been with the non-profit arm of Ripken Baseball, Inc. Yeah, Hall of Fame was cool and all, but being appointed as a special envoy by the U.S. Secretary of State trumps that in my mind. Keep in mind that I studied public policy and political typography in college and have an interest in and utmost respect for the processes of American federal government.

Ripken named U.S. special envoy
O's legend officially appointed to new role in State Department ceremony

Cal Ripken Jr. was named a special sports envoy by Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice during a ceremony today in Washington, D.C. Ripken will work to promote baseball globally in his new role as a goodwill ambassador representing the United States.

By Jeff Barker | Sun reporter
WASHINGTON - Two weeks after being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, Cal Ripken Jr. was named a special sports envoy today by Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, who said the Orioles icon is "America's MVP."

"[The] Hall of Fame a couple of weeks ago and now this honor bestowed upon me by the State -- that's a pretty good little run, pretty good little streak," said Ripken, who traveled to the State Department this morning to appear with Rice and Under Secretary of State Karen Hughes.

Hughes said the State Department reached out to Ripken in 2002 after his playing career had ended to try to interest him in helping promote baseball globally as a goodwill ambassador representing the United States. Ripken said he was interested then but that the timing wasn't right. It is now.

For full story: click here

Saturday, August 11, 2007

These pictures are major...

Saturday, August 11, 2007 3
My boy Troy, Idle Type on, takes really good pictures. I'd think about buying a couple of these for the crib if he lowered the price of all large prints with frames - cough, cough...hint, hint.

Majority of these were taken at various places in Mt. Vernon, a neighborhood in midtown Baltimore. One was taken taken further downtown and another along the Inner Harbor. One was taken in Station North, another midtown neighborhood.

The View From Here: A Photo Essay on Baltimore

Click here to buy his ish.

Random Fact: Completed in 1829, Baltimore's Washington Monument (the white marble monument seen repeatedly in several of the pics) was America's first planned presidential memorial to President George Washington. It's more famous counterpart in Washington, DC was dedicated in 1885 - 56 years later.

Exactly what is this song about?

I seriously have no clue.

Something special,
50 Cent (cent),
Justin (tin),
Timbaland (land), god damn (damn)

She she, she want it, I want to give it to her
She know that, it's right here for her
I want to, see you break it down
I'm ballin', throw'n money around

Verse 1 (50 Cent & Justin Timberlake):

She work it girl, she work the pole
She break it down, she take it low
She fine as hell, she about the dough
She doing her thing out on the floor
Her money money, she makin' makin'
Look at the way she shakin' shakin'
Make you want to touch it, make you want to taste it
Have you lustin' for her, go crazy face it
Now don't stop, get it, get it
The way she shakin' make you want to hit it
Think she double jointed from the way she splitted
Got you're head f**ked up from the way she did it
She's so much more than you're used to
She know's just how to move to seduce you
She gone do the right thing and touch the right spot
Dance in you're lap till you're ready to pop

She always ready, when you want it she want it
Like a nympho, the info, I show you where to meet her
On the late night, till daylight the club jumpin'
If you want a good time, she gone give you what you want

Chorus (Justin Timberlake):

Baby this a new age, you like my new craze
Let's get together maybe we can start a new phase
The smokes got the club all hazy, spotlights don't do you justice baby
Why don't you come over here, you got me saying

I'm tired of using technology, why don't you sit down on top of me

I'm tired of using technology, I need you right in front of me
[Ayo Technology lyrics on]

Ooh, she wants it, uh uh, she wants it
Ooh, she wants it, uh uh (soo), I got to give it to her

Your hips, your thighs, you got me hypnotized, let me tell you
Your hips, your thighs, you got me hypnotized, let me tell you
Your hips, your thighs, you got me hypnotized, let me tell you
Your hips, your thighs, you got me hypnotized, let me tell you

Verse 2 (50 Cent & Justin Timberlake):

Got a thing for that thing she got
The way she make it shake, the way she make it pop
Make it rain for us so she don't stop
I ain't got to move, I can sit and watch
In her fantasy, there's plain to see
Just how it be, on me, backstrokin', sweat soaking
All into my set sheets
When she ready to ride, I'm ready to roll
I'll be in this bitch till the club close
What should I do, one thing on all fours
Now that that shit should be against the law
From side to side, let the ride, break it down (down down)
You know I like, when you hike and you throw it all around
Different style, different move, damn I like the way you move
Girl you got me thinking about, all the things I do to you
Let's get it poppin' shorty we can switch positions
From the couch to the counters in my kitchen

Chorus (Justin Timberlake):

Baby this a new age, you like my new craze
Let's get together maybe we can start a new phase
The smokes got the club all hazy, spotlights don't do you justice baby
Why don't you come over here, you got me saying

I'm tired of using technology, why don't you sit down on top of me
I'm tired of using technology, I need you right in front of me

Ooh, she wants it, uh uh, she wants it
Ooh, she wants it, uh uh (soo), I got to give it to her

Your hips, your thighs, you got me hypnotized, let me tell you
Your hips, your thighs, you got me hypnotized, let me tell you
Your hips, your thighs, you got me hypnotized, let me tell you
Your hips, your thighs, you got me hypnotized, let me tell you

Thursday, August 9, 2007

If Guilty, I Hope These Bitches Fry

Thursday, August 9, 2007 3

Newark Mayor Cory Booker, right, with Police Director Garry McCarthy
at a news conference today.

Teenager and Man Arrested in Newark Shootings

Published: August 9, 2007

NEWARK, Aug. 9 — The police have arrested a 15-year-old and a 31-year-old man in connection with the schoolyard shootings on Saturday that left three college students dead and another seriously injured.

The 15-year-old — whose name was not released because of his age — was tracked down and arrested late last night after the lone survivor of the shooting identified him in a photo array from her hospital bed. The police said they also discovered his fingerprints on a beer bottle and other evidence they found behind the Mount Vernon School in Newark’s Ivy Hill, where the four students were gunned down.

Full Story:

In the Throes of Woes...

Woe #1:
I've gained 10 pounds in 3 months. I feel fat and need to do something about it. I don't exercise and eat out (like a pig) everyday. Winter's coming soon and I just bought a ton of new clothes for the fall and winter. I HAVE to do something about this.

Solution: I've thought about running or biking to work instead of driving. This way, I'll get in a work out and curb my eating at the same time. Without a car, I'll be forced to bring my lunch to work. The lunch I bring would be healthy. I've also downloaded a calorie counter to my blackberry. I need to get a handle on this...and fast. I refuse to negate my hard work.


Woe #2: I'm dating two people right now. One in Washington, one in Baltimore. The cost of dinner, gas, other miscellaneous expenditures (and a number of other concerns) is making the DC option less attractive.

Solution: Dump the zero, keep the hero?


Woe #3: I spend...a lot. Too much. It's actually getting out of hand and downright irresponsible.

Solution: I know I need to curb my spending, but I don't know how to prevent myself from spending my money.

Really Random Convo Re: Watermelon

Is it a bad look to take watermelon to work?

Me: Watermelon, to me, should be enjoyed in the privacy of your own home - or porch.

Laura: (hysterical laughter)

Me: Wait, lemme type this out on my blackberry. I need to document this.

(slight pause - she didn't even react to what I said)

Laura: Not with the rind, but diced up in a container or something.

Me: Well...while that may be better, its still watermelon and its still mad niggerish.

Laura: True, but its soooo good.

Me: You know I'm typing all of this, right?

Laura: I am dicing this up right now. It's mad juicy.

Me: (laughter)

Laura: Watch, people gonna be asking me for some of this tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Wednesday, August 8, 2007 3

BWI sets record at 102 degrees; downtown 105

The thermometer out at Baltimore-Washington International Airport has reached 102 degrees this afternoon. That busts the old record of 99 degrees, set on this date in 1980.

It's 103 at the Maryland Science Center, and 102 degrees here at Calvert & Centre streets. The heat index here is 118 degrees. Yikes!.

The high this afternoon at the Maryland Science Center was 105 degrees. It looks like the 102-degree reading at BWI will hold. Reagan National in Washington reached 102 degrees today, beating the 100-degree record set in 1930. And Dulles International saw 100 degrees, edging out the record of 98 degrees, set in 1980.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Got an extra $7.2 Million lying around?

Monday, August 6, 2007 11
Give it to me. I already know what I would buy:


Price: $7,200,000

MLS#: BA6385377

Property Type: Condo/Townhouse

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 5½

Square Feet: 7560

Year Built: 2009

Status: Active


Sunday, August 5, 2007

10 Really Random Thoughts....

Sunday, August 5, 2007 6
1) In the last 7 days I've partied in New York, Baltimore, Washington and Atlanta. Baltimore's social scene just doesn't have the offerings I'm looking for. Atlanta on the other hand...I'm really ready to move.

2) I hate it when you meet someone and chill a couple of times and they automatically think that you're ready to Connecticut retire together in Connecticut or Vermont or Rhode Island. You can't possibly like me. You don't even know me. How did you fall head over heels already?

3) Why do some people think its OK to discuss the particulars of sex hours after the encounter? I was there. I know I put it down.

4) People are taking this 80s throwback thing waaaay too seriously. I saw this guy standing in front of Best Buy and P.F. Chang's in downtown Baltimore with the two-toned (gold and black) slanted high top fade, an Addias jump suit, shell toes, a few dookie rope chains and brass knuckles. Too much.

5) Why do I pay for XM? It plays the same tired ass five song rotation that the three FM hip-hop/R&B stations in my area play. Oh, and Mz. Kitti is gratuitously raunchy and...disgusting.

6) Has anyone else noticed that Common has bulked up a bit? Take a look at his video for 'The People.' Vegan works well for him.

7) Why aren't Kansas and Arkansas pronounced similarly? I've always wondered that.

8) If I were a professional athlete with a multi-million dollar contract, you wouldn't have to worry about me misbehaving. Any owner can rest assure that there'd be no DUIs (Chris Chambers). No dog fighting rings (Mike Vick). No drugs (Ricky Williams). No steroids (Major League Baseball) No assault and gun charges (Sabatian Telfair). No making it rain in titty bars (Pacman Jones). No prostitutes (Andray Blatche). Note to Andray: You're 21, you're in Washington and you were just offered a $12.5 million contract. If you can't muster up the swagger to pull a girl for free, then something is wrong.

9) Speaking of swagger. Isn't it funny how that term is used strictly as compensation. Example: TI may have the body of a prepubescent boy, but he sure has swagger!

10) Am I the only one who can never understand a word Rich Boy says? Ever.

P.G. County Cops still at it....

If you ever find yourself in or around Washington, DC and wind up in Prince George's County, America's wealthest majority black suburb, BEWARE! The cops don't mess around. In fact, PGPD is nationally infamous for various incidents of brutality. My best advice is to drop the leys out the window and keep your hands on the steering wheel at all times. Even if you were just speeding. You'll thank me later.

Well, it looks like P.G. cops are taking this to another level. Damn shame.


Prince George's County Policeman Indicted On 2nd Degree Murder

UPPER MARLBORO, Md. (WUSA) - Keith Washington, veteran policeman, and former deputy director of Homeland Security in Prince George's County has been indicted by a county grand jury on a number of charges including second-degree murder.

As part of the 12-count indictment handed up today, Washington was charged with Second-Degree murder for the shooting of Brandon Clark, who later died; First-degree assault; Use of a Handgun in the Commission of a Felony, and Attempted Second-Degree Murder for the shooting of Robert White, who recovered from his injuries.

What this means of course is that the grand jury has rejected Washington's claims that he shot the two deliverymen inside his home in self defense. Washington has insisted all along that the two furniture deliverymen had wandered into parts of his Accokeek home they had no business in, that he had words with them and they began beating him up.

In the course of firing several shots, the two deliverymen were both wounded multiple times. Twenty-two-year-old Brandon Clark died of his wounds. Thirty-six-year-old Robert White survived. He has claimed Washington was angry from the moment they arrived at his home and shot them both without provocation.

This is the second time now that Keith Washington has been indicted on criminal charges. He was indicted for 1st degree assault for allegedly pulling his gun on a real estate appraiser back in April.

State's Attorney Glenn Ivey announced the indictments at an afternoon press conference outside the county courthouse in Upper Marlboro.

We expect to have reaction - and lots of it - from Keith Washington and his attorney. Washington already is claiming prosecutorial misconduct and is expected to fight the charges in both cases vigorously.


Thursday, August 2, 2007

He Made It!!!

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