Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wanna know about me? Just ask my Twitter.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009 3
Twitter is great. It really let's you get to know what a person is like before interacting with them. You get their most random and intimate thoughts without even talking to them. Just a minute ago I decided to check to see what my daily tweets say about me. I've only seen like the three most recent things I've said, so the other stuff I'm posting is as new to me as it is to you b/c I sure as hell don't remember half the crap I spew.

Here we go. Not that it matters but the tweets are in reverse chronological order. My reaction as I was reading through these just now is the emphasized text below the tweet. Yes, I did my own color commentary.

My Tweets from the time I woke up today until now:
1) Chuuuch. - RT: @i_am_mrjones Tip: If you enjoy swallowing, dont ask to do it, just do it. Otherwise, it seems all weird and extra fetishy.

It may be slightly off color, but it's real and it's a statement I stand by. Chuuuuuuuch.

1a) Bonus Coverage: Yes, I retweeted myself and
@Nakialjackson asked why. My response: "LOL...Because I felt that one in my spirit!!! Chuuuch."

I'm a fool.

2) Good guy and a Terp. Vote for him. - RT: @VernonDavis85: Make sure you all vote for me at for the pro bowl. Thank you all.

He is a good dude. Great player, too. One of the best athletes in Maryland history. Period.

I like N.W.A. Ice Cube better than Disney Ice Cube. This boy was so dope.

Cube is pretty dope. You gotta admit it. Don't front. **screw face**

4) I'm def. in the office jiggin' to Gucci Mane. I have headphones on but still. I hope no one walks by and catches me coonin'.

Everyone has their guilty pleasures. Don't judge me.

Palm better be thankful WebOS 1.3.1 didnt eff up my phone when they raped it about an hour ago. All is well. Crisis averted.

Bitches. Everything worked out cool, but I'm still salty.

FUCKITY FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!! Palm automatically pushed thru an update and I didnt remove the tweaks from my phone. :-(

I was in panic mode. By this point it was too late. The phone had automatically started to do its thing.

I have no problem using the shorthand of street and avenue, but refuse to write BLVD, always boulevard. Im odd.

So random, but so me and so true.

Julia Louis Dreyfus is a anomaly; she looks better as she ages.

I agree with myself on this one. She looked great in the recent Seinfeld episode of Curb Your Enthusiam. Not Phylicia Rashad Jenny Craig commercial great, but great nonetheless.

I downloaded Birdman's new CD last night. It's basically a Lil Wayne EP. So far it's sounding like a mistake.

Ugh! Save your bandwidth. It's not that great at all. The last track, 'Always Strapped', is the best song on the CD. What a mistake.

I dont wanna go to wooooooooooork. **throws a fit like a white kid in the grocery store**

What can I say? I'm not a morning person.
Make of that what you choose. I can lead a horse to water, but it might piss on me.

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