Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I play no part in this...trust me.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

One point I wish the article expounded on is the disparity between wealth in specific counties in the area. If you live in Howard County - a suburb of Baltimore - the average family earns $94K annually. If you live in Montgomery County - a suburb of Washington - the average family earns nearly $87K annually. The average family in Baltimore County earned $60K in 2006 and the average family living in the City of Baltimore earned $36K last year. Something has to be done about that.

Maryland is richest state, census figures show

Nationwide poverty rate drops for first time this decade

Maryland is the richest state in the nation and has the lowest poverty rate, according to estimates released today from the U.S. Census Bureau.

For years, Maryland has ranked among the wealthiest states, and experts note that its 2006 median income -- $65,144 -- is not statistically different from that of New Jersey, with $64,470.

While Maryland grew richer over the first half of the decade, the state is also home to wide income disparities, and some of its jurisdictions continue to lag behind. For example, Howard County's median household income was $94,260 in 2006, while Baltimore City's was $36,031.

The local figures come from the American Community Survey, which unlike the once-per-decade census, is an estimate rather than a true head count.

Nationwide, income rose slightly from $47,845 in 2005 to $48,200, while the poverty rate dropped for the first time this decade, from 12.6 percent in 2005 to 12.3 percent last year, according to a separate census survey also released today.

Yet more people are without health insurance -- 47 million people in 2006, up from 44.8 million in 2005.


Top 10 wealthiest states
Here's where the median household income is highest:

State Income
Maryland $65,144
New Jersey $64,470
Connecticut $63,422
Hawaii $61,160
Massachusetts $59,963
New Hampshire $59,683
Alaska $59,393
California $56,645
Virginia $56,277

The 10 poorest states
The states with the lowest median household income:

State Income
Montana $40,627
Tennessee $40,315
Kentucky $39,372
Louisiana $39,337
Alabama $38,783
Oklahoma $38,770
Arkansas $36,599
West Virginia $35,059
Mississippi $34,473

U.S. Census Bureau - Click here for full list and report


Corey Keith said...

Hmm.. From your previous posts it looks like you are doing pretty good to me....

Kensilo said...

Health insurance premiums is very costly. And if you are a retired individual like my mom who pays straight out of the pocket it ends up to be a lot of money. I am glad that she is of age and now receives Medicare. But they are not any better. Just to imagine people in the age range of 25-50 who works and their company does not offer health benefits. There should be a limit of how much they can charge for this. Health care is out of control.

I did not think that we would be one of the richest states. That is surprising. Nice

Darius T. Williams said...

I wonder where Chicago would rank in this err, survey...

Mr. Jones said...

Corey - For a kid right out of college and still wet behind the ears, I'm doing alright. I ain't $64K alright. I ain't pulling those numbers. lol.

Ken - I'm with you. The American health care system needs some reform. I'm not for universal health care, but I am for change. Sadly, this issue has taken a backseat 3 rows behind the war in the presidential debates.

Darius - I edited the post to include the link to the Census data. I should've done that from the beginning.

Illinois is the 15th wealthiest state in the country.

Ty said...

There is so mcuh to consider with healthcare. One thing that needs to stop is the number of bogus lawsuits that are out there. I do understand that some malpractice suits are justified and needed but there are a large number of those who wastes a doctor's time (time away from the office is lost of their money), and their insurance benefits (dealing with lawyers, court fees, etc). Both of which lead to higher charges. At the same time, if the fees weren't that high, maybe people wouldn't be so quick to sue. hmm....

Cocoa Rican said...

Sad that NYC doesn't even rank in the top 10...God knows our bills are certainly in the top 10

yet another black guy said...

hopefully, you'll be making more back in the future to help out with that!

antneya said...

this is real interesting

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