Friday, August 31, 2007

Odd News of the Day

Friday, August 31, 2007
Intoxicated Woman Let 5-Year-Old Son Drive
Neighbors Say They Found Boy At Wheel, Mom In Passenger Seat

A woman was arrested on suspicion of letting her 5-year-old son drive her around while she was intoxicated, police said.Holly Schnobrich (pictured), 24, of Lafayette, was charged with felony neglect and public intoxication after neighbors told police the boy was driving her and his 3-year-old brother in their subdivision early Sunday, authorities said.Wendy Barrett, a resident of the Saddlebrook subdivision, said Weston Schnobrich was behind the wheel of a Mitsubishi Galant that stopped in front of her home.

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NYC Baby Born With 12 Fingers, 12 Toes

NEW YORK (AP) - Jeshuah Fuller's parents expected him to be born with extra fingers. The extra toes, though, were a surprise.

Jeshuah, healthy and weighing 7 pounds, was born in Brooklyn on Tuesday with 12 fingers and 12 toes. His rare condition, called polydactylism, is usually genetic.

His dad was born with an extra finger on his left hand. His mom, Quana Morris, said she'd had an ultrasound image taken during her pregnancy and knew the baby would have extra fingers.

"We were counting them on the sonogram," she told the Daily News.

She didn't know he would have 12 toes, she said. He'll have all the extra digits surgically removed in a couple of weeks, his mom said.

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Heads Spinning Over 200-yard Spider Web

WILLS POINT, Texas — If you hate creepy-crawlies, you might want to avoid Lake Tawakoni State Park, where a 200-yard stretch along a nature trail has been blanketed by a sprawling spider web that has engulfed seven large trees, dozens of bushes and the weedy ground.

If you hate mosquitoes, you might just love this bizarre web.

"At first, it was so white it looked like fairyland," said Donna Garde, superintendent at the park about 45 miles east of Dallas. "Now it's filled with so many mosquitoes that it's turned a little brown. There are times you can literally hear the screech of millions of mosquitoes caught in those webs."

There have been heated Internet discussions among experts whether the web was constructed by social cobweb spiders, which work together, or is perhaps a mass dispersal in which the arachnids spin webs to spread out.

Either way, it's generating a lot of bug buzz.

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Soldier said...

* The woman getting driven around by her kid should be slapped across the face and put in jail for a while

* Good to know the extra fingers and toes can be removed

* That web thing, disgusting...

E said...

Wow...interesting new stories. It's amazing all the crazy stuff going on in the world today.

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