Sunday, August 5, 2007

10 Really Random Thoughts....

Sunday, August 5, 2007
1) In the last 7 days I've partied in New York, Baltimore, Washington and Atlanta. Baltimore's social scene just doesn't have the offerings I'm looking for. Atlanta on the other hand...I'm really ready to move.

2) I hate it when you meet someone and chill a couple of times and they automatically think that you're ready to Connecticut retire together in Connecticut or Vermont or Rhode Island. You can't possibly like me. You don't even know me. How did you fall head over heels already?

3) Why do some people think its OK to discuss the particulars of sex hours after the encounter? I was there. I know I put it down.

4) People are taking this 80s throwback thing waaaay too seriously. I saw this guy standing in front of Best Buy and P.F. Chang's in downtown Baltimore with the two-toned (gold and black) slanted high top fade, an Addias jump suit, shell toes, a few dookie rope chains and brass knuckles. Too much.

5) Why do I pay for XM? It plays the same tired ass five song rotation that the three FM hip-hop/R&B stations in my area play. Oh, and Mz. Kitti is gratuitously raunchy and...disgusting.

6) Has anyone else noticed that Common has bulked up a bit? Take a look at his video for 'The People.' Vegan works well for him.

7) Why aren't Kansas and Arkansas pronounced similarly? I've always wondered that.

8) If I were a professional athlete with a multi-million dollar contract, you wouldn't have to worry about me misbehaving. Any owner can rest assure that there'd be no DUIs (Chris Chambers). No dog fighting rings (Mike Vick). No drugs (Ricky Williams). No steroids (Major League Baseball) No assault and gun charges (Sabatian Telfair). No making it rain in titty bars (Pacman Jones). No prostitutes (Andray Blatche). Note to Andray: You're 21, you're in Washington and you were just offered a $12.5 million contract. If you can't muster up the swagger to pull a girl for free, then something is wrong.

9) Speaking of swagger. Isn't it funny how that term is used strictly as compensation. Example: TI may have the body of a prepubescent boy, but he sure has swagger!

10) Am I the only one who can never understand a word Rich Boy says? Ever.


D.LavarJames said...

Common has gotten bigger than he used to be, his new CD is just as good too.

It's funny cuz growing up in Kansas we say Arkansas like Arkansaw but folks from Arkansas actually pronounce it: Are-Kansas.

Weird huh? lol

yet another black guy said...

"I know i put it down." LOL, oh mercy, i almost needed oxygen after that one!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

XM is garbage. Sirius is better.

Mr. Jones said...

d.lavar - I have pics of Common in a Gap ad from a couple of years ago. Hot! He should re-do that now.

YABG - Laughter is not the reaction a man hopes to incite when discussing his sexual

Anonymous - I've heard Sirius is better before. Part of the reason I got XM is b/c of sports coverage. Sirius has the NFL, but XM cover all ACC football and basketball games. Gotta have my ACC. Appreciate the input though!

Sean Stone said...

It seems that you've outgrown your city. Maybe it is time to move on the different pastures.

life said...

this was a cute post
lol@ your comment to yabg

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