Saturday, August 25, 2007

Are you ready for some (college) football?

Saturday, August 25, 2007
I sure am. Luckily, the season is quickly approaching. In fact, in exactly one week, I have tickets to my alma mater's home opener. College football is so great for a bunch of reasons, but here are my top-6 reasons to love college football:

#5 - Going Back To Campus

Contrary to popular belief, state schools can actually have picturesque campuses. It's always fun to see what new building or green space or traffic circle has popped up since my last visit. Besides, if I don't cruise walk the campus, how else will I evaluate the freshman?

#4 - School Spirit

College football gives you a chance to act like a complete and utter idiot - as long as you're supporting your school in the process. In what other environment is it completely acceptable for grown men to paint their face and put letters on their chest? At Maryland's Byrd Stadium, you can pretty much do what you like - if you're wearing red and screaming 'Go Terps!', you're golden.

#3 - The Athletes

There's something about the student-athlete you have to respect. Sure, they get a lot of perks that the general population aren't afforded - free Maryland gear, priority housing, easy classes, a free degree, under-the-table cash and gifts., etc. On the other hand, they put up with the rigorous physical regiment, they deal with the pressure from the fans and the media, they actually play the games. Schools make a boat load of money off these guys and they never see a significant portion of it. That's messed up.

#2 - ACC Basketball

Where I'm from, ACC basketball is king. Well, the NFL (via a vis the Ravens and Redskins) is king, but Maryland Basketball is easily the third toughest sports ticket in town. Make no mistake about it, people are serious it. It doesn't matter if the Terps are playing the Canisius Golden Griffs or the Duke Blue Devils, 18,000 people fill the Comcast Center night in and night out. Meanwhile at the MCI Center, tumbleweed blows through empty sections during Georgetown games.

To be honest, before Miami and Virginia Tech joined the league, nobody cared about football. I still don't, but at least the start of it means basketball season isn't too far away.

#1b - HDTV

You just spent over a grand for a new TV, you aren't gonna watch re-runs of Sanford and Son. You're gonna watch some football and hope it pours so you can identify each individual rain drop. I mean, why else would you drop $1300 on a television?

#1a - BEER!!!

When is it completely ok to be wasted at 11am on a Saturday morning? A the pre-game tailgate!!!


Kensilo said...

I love football. Go Terps! minus the beer. I can't stand the taste. LOL!

D.LavarJames said...

I'm not really a fan of football, but College Park was one of my top schools to go to back in the day, unfortunately I wasn't able to, =(

But I had a Terps Basketball Jersey(Loved me some Juan Dixon!!!) that I wore in front of the TV when they were playing in the 2002 Championship; come to think of it, I need to replace that cuz some bastad done took it! lol

I agree with Kensilo, I don't like beer either.

Mr. Jones said...

Beer is fantastic (except for the calories). You guys are missing out!

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