Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Good for DJ...

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

When I told one of my buddies that former Maryland guards Mike Jones and DJ Strawberry had outside shots of getting drafted in last week's 2007 NBA Draft, I was laughed out of the gym.

Well, I was half right.

DJ, son of troubled former New York Met Darryl Strawberry, was selected with the 59th overall pick by the Phoenix Suns.

Because I love random sports stats, I'll offer a few.

DJ is the 30th player from the University of Maryland to be selected in the modern NBA Draft - Maryland is 9th among all Division 1 programs in putting players in the NBA. Maryland is currently tied for 6th nationally (3rd in the ACC...damn Duke and Carolina) among all Division 1 programs with active players on NBA rosters.

If you don't follow Maryland Basketball or the ACC, here's the scoop. DJ is a off guard (although personnel issues forced him to play point for a season a couple of years back, he is NOT a combo guard) who due to his defensive ability often matched up with and bested some of the top guards in the country during his years as a Terp. He's most successful driving the lane and in transition, but developed a mid-range and perimeter game during his last couple of seasons.

Life is all about take advantage of chances. This is his.

Good luck actually making that team, DJ. You'll need it.


yet another black guy said...

aww snap, your boy's going to my team! if we can get rid of stupid raja bell, he's as good as gold.

Mr. Jones said...

I know...lol. I hope DJ makes the team.

They're both roughly the same size, but I feel DJ is longer and has a stronger upper body. Raja has heart, which is one of those intangibles that every team needs. DJ plays with a chip on his shoulder and works hard, so it should be an interesting battle.

Oh yeah and I couldn't remember the last time my Terps and your Wildcats go together for a game so I checked.

How could I forget? It was in 2001 during the championship game of the Coaches Vs. Cancer Classic at the Garden. Unranked ass Arizona beat #2 Maryland to take the title.

Arizona also beat Maryland in the 98 Sweet 16. :(

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