Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'll Admit It. Drake Makes Me Feel Some Kinda Way

Thursday, April 9, 2009

So, y'all know actor/signer/rapper Drake, right? If you don't already you can get familiar with him by clicking here and here. It should really be a f*cking international war crime for a 22-year-old half Black, half Jew from Canada to turn me on as much as this one does.

Not for nothing, but he really could get it on the strength of his adlibs begining at 2:03 on this track alone. The fact that he sings and raps well and seamlessly doesn't hurt his stock either. I wouldn't consider myself a Drake stan, but he better hope he never bumbs into me in Houston cus I'm gonna hold him to every word he said in this song.

**wipes up moisture and changes undies**

Anywho...the track that's playing is called "November 18th". It's on his mixtape called "So Far Gone". If you haven't downloaded it, do yourself a favor and get some Drake in your life. If this track doesn't tickle your fancy, you can rest easy. The mixtape is far more diverse than you would think.

Drake and I are 'bout to ride out and just cruise around Los Angeles until my homeboy gets off of work.


PRIMO said...

YES!!!! Drizzy is the SHIT! His Mixtape Is The SHIT! I downloaded about 2.5 Months ago. Its stays in rotation. Not to mention hes Sexy as hell.

I Remember when he was Jimmy On Degrassi. LMAO! Damn How He has Grown.

Jamar Herrod said...

LMAO@ u kicking it with Drake! Haha. Oh I did download the So Far Gone Mixtape! Definitely some hot tracks on there. My favorite tracks are Successful, A Night Off, and houstonatlantavegas

Dr.Friday said...

At first I had no idea who you were talking about. However thanks to the amazing power of the "Internet Machine", I discovered that"Drake"is indeed Aubrey Drake Graham, the same actor who played "Jimmy" on the TV Series "Degrassi" for like 8 years. He's ok as a rapper, but in my mind he is still and will forever be the character "Jimmy". lol

Anonymous said...

"Degrassi High," one of my guilty pleasures from way back.

I guess Jimmy is all growed up now, lol.

life said...

Darn, you are like a fly on the wall during my conversation. My friends and I were talking about him and his song last night. A friend of mines knows him. He has the

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