Sunday, April 12, 2009

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Sunday, April 12, 2009
It's 5:47am pacific time and though I have a flight out of LAX at 9:50am, I'm awake listening to Drizzy and thinking about life. I'm thinking about how this homo thing is so damn superficial and often makes you feel so damn inadequate.

I don't care how many degrees you have, how big your heart is, how fantastic your job is, how great your apartment is, how much weight you've lost, or how handsome you are, the life really finds a way to make you feel like shit.

You can have the best personality, the prettiest smile, the hottest wardrobe, the best friends, the most supportive family and access to opportunities usually reserved for the most fortunate, we always seem to find a way to forget about how great our lives really are.

I'm also thinking that the club we went to tonight was off the chain and that Cali has some of the best bud I've ever had in my life.

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Say Whats Real - Drake


E.Z Street said...

Haha. I was gonna tell u to sample our trees but I didn't know if you was into that our not. I hope u had a blast tho, despite ur heavy thoughts. Get high before u fly...

thegayte-keeper said...

I remember when I used to feel like that...

life said...

Wow...a friend and I were talking about this the other day. This lifestyle can make you doubt yourself. You have to reassure yourself from time to time. The funny things is the people who come across as having it all together are typically in worst shape than you are.

Jamar Herrod said...

BEEN THERE. I still cant believe u called it a homo thing? lol. Stay up.

kennyking78 said...

MAN!!!! PREACH!!!!!

I almost blogged about this, but opted not to. I think the reason one can feel inadequate is because our collective focus (foci?)is off. We are controlled by and heavily interested in sex. Many of us are not concerned with what actually makes up a person outside of the sexual.

There is hope for some of us, but many of us fall into that mass category of sex-obssessed, physical NEWNESS... the thrill of it all.

BTW, I am originally from Cali and YES, the nightlife is to die for! PLEASE tell me that you visited my FAVORITE place in the entire world, The Abbey!!!!!! It gives me LIFE!

Mr. Jones said...

EZ - So, you know I followed your advice, right? TSA was looking at me like I was dumb stupid. I'm sure the guy at LAX thought I was an idiot terrorist. I was breaking all the rules. I walked right thru that metal detector with my Blackberry still clipped on, my belt was still on and my laptop was in hand. And I was wondering why that thing was going off the way it was. IT WAS GREAT!!!!

Gayte - We all journeys to take. We'll get there one day.

Life - PREACH!!!!

Jamar - That's what it is. I don't really love these boys, I just fuck 'em. **grabs crotch** (I'm kidding...kinda)

Kenny - I tried to get them to take me to the Abbey cus my other friends raved about it. The peeps I visited said it sucked. So, we instead went to some party at this club somewhere off of Wilshire (I think). Something called Mansion maybe? I was really fucked up, so excuse my lack of details. I do know that this particular party only happens once a month tho. That I can tell you.

UrSoVain said...

Well we tend to live by the "grass is greener" philosophy. Continually seeking the adequacy through the approval of others. This superficial "homo thing (lol)" perpetuates itself because we entertain it.. I think it stops the day we realize we're no longer the cutest boy at the club anymore (cuz everyone tends to think they are lol) and can live with that.

Mr. Jones said...

^^Hey, welcome to the blog.

Though I did just come back from the club when I wrote this, I think the issue is bigger than just being the cutest boy there. For me at least. I'm totally not with the whole seeking approval thing, but this homo thing is def a game and to win you must play within the rules. I don't feel like Im doing a good job of articulating what I'm trying to say. :-(

kennyking78 said...

Yeah, it was The Mansion Party... good times!!!!

They did you really dirty for not taking you to The Abbey. You can't go wrong in West Hollywood.

Mr. Jones said...

My friend and his boyfriend were both likie...hell no to The Abbey. I must've been close, too.

They live off Highland between Sunset and Santa Monica Blvd., so I'm pretty sure we were close enough to go. LOL. I wonder what they got against the Abbey.

jerzey_reality said... does have a way of bringing u down and forgeting how good ur life may really be...i try to remember that no matter how bad it is it could always b worse so i should be glad that its not.

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