Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kanyeezy Did His Thing On This One

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I tried like hell to find this song on IMEEM, but I couldn't. I'm kinda disappointed because you all know when I post music I usually prefer to e-rape your earlobes with auto-play. I love this track because it's vintage Kayne: no summer scarves, no Birkin bags, no diva sh*t.

The song is called 'Late'. It's hot; it's been in my rotation for a minute now. You should definitely listen to it. Like, really listen to it because it's a good song. I can't believe Late Registration dropped four years ago already.

Kayne West - Late

[Chorus: Kanye West]
I'll be late for that, baby I'll wait for that
If you had a taste of that, you'd probably pay for that
I'm comin in when I feel like
To turn this muh'fucker up only if it feels right
I'll be late for that, I can't wait for that
I think I was made for that
So I'm comin in when I feel like
To turn this muh'fucker up only if it feels right

[Kanye West]
Stop all your blood claat cryin, I was flyin
Made it to school with barely 'nuff time to sign in
Yeah I hear the alarm, yeah I hear you mom
Yeah yeah I don't wan' be broke when I'm 31
They said the best classes go to the fastest
Sorry Mr. West there's no good classes, and that's what yo' ass get
Not even electives? Not even prerequits?
You mean I missed my major by a couple of seconds?
Now I'm in the shop class or the basket weavin
With all the rest of the muh'fuckers underachievin
Man, this is a insult
I went to junior high with all of them and they been slow
If I can catch the beat then slow down the tempo
Just notice at the end if I'm too late for the intro
Will I make it from the student loans to a Benz-o?
Like old folks pissin, I guess it all (Depends), oh, oh
... Stop you're cryin baby


[Kanye West]
You know when you be late you miss all the lights
That's right (that's right) that's right (that's right)
And when you get back she gon' start up a fight
That night (that night) that night
Baby it's too late for that, lately I've been takin it slow
Try and make it to the party 'fore the guest list close
With the freshest hoes, the professors know
We about to get real unprofessional
Like them eskimos, what would you do for a Klondike?
Or two dykes that look Christina Milian like
Hmmm, I'll be on time for that
I ain't thought of no line that could rhyme with that
Yo, I'll be there in five minutes, five hours later
I'll be there in five minutes, go 'head ride with it
I'm so live with it, look how I did it
Been bullshittin but I finally arrived with it
I know it's late and I took all year but
You can stop complainin cause I'm finally here, yeah

"I'll be late for that" - [repeat 4X]


Cash S. said...

I luv Kanye's music! This song is one of my favorites as well.

Vinsanity said...

yeahhhhh boy, i remember when i found this track, i was lettin the CD play in my Datsun (gold digger reference) I made it out of the Datsun btw LOL, but yeah man this song was/is hot!!!!

Welcome to Heartbreak is what it is right now for KanYe tho, currently, keep an eye on Kid Cudi, and MICKEY FACTZ, but being onthe east ocast im sure you know that right???

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

So, this is what "Imma be away from blogger this week busy with training but please check out my archives via the links below" looks like...? ROTF!

Kanye is definitely a character. I will check out the song.


Mr. Jones said...

^^It's always the gay conservatives that want to be feisty. I amended the post, foolish one. Keep up.

"Scratch that. I'm not sure why I thought I'd be much more swamped than I am. Still feel free to browse the achieves, which can be accessed by clicking here. Also, I still suggest you start with the posts with You Tube videos because they really are funny as hell and mad entertaining. You can get to the YouTubes by clicking here."

Dr.Friday said...

I remember this song. I miss the old, less gay Kanye :-(

Mr. Jones said...


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