Thursday, March 5, 2009

The World Is Small and Facebook Makes It Even Smaller

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Note: This is absolute true story. You can't make this stuff up, folks.

8.2 million people live in the Baltimore-Washington metro area, yet somehow this sh*t happens.

A couple days ago, my most significant ex and I became Facebook friends. As is expected when you add a new friend, I went on his profile to browse around just to see the goingsons. I noticed that one of his friends had a VERY familiar name and face. I immediately clicked on the guy's name to get a better look. Since we weren't Facebook friends, I could only see a thumbnail picture. That wasn't enough for me to confirm if this was who I thought it was or not, so I added him as a friend. A few hours later, he accepted me. I went to the computer to view all of his pics. Even 10 years later, I knew at first glance that this was indeed the infamous and VERY memorable Mike, the first dude I ever did the nasty with.

I got my ex on the phone and asked how he knows Mike. He told me that he and Mike are good friends. In fact, he and his current dude and Mike and his current dude often go on double dates together. They spent Thanksgiving together as a group. Hell, they all went to the movies together just this past Friday. Like, they're all really good friends. I asked how exactly they all know each other. I was told that Mike and my ex's current are best friends -- and former lovers.

Remember, the Baltimore-Washington metro area is home to roughly 8.2 million people and somehow the guy I was with for the longest of them all hangs out regularly with the guy who unvirginized me. As if that weren't enough, the guy I first had sex with had a sexual relationship with the guy my ex is currently f*cking.

Can the world get any smaller and can this situation get any more awkward? Sure it can.

My ex is having this big bash in DC for his 30th birthday on the 28th of this month. I'm going to be there, his current guy is going to be there and Mike, the cherry popper, is going to be there. Fun times.

8.2 million motherf*ckers live here, but this crazy shit happens to me. Un-freaking-believeable.

Six degrees of seperation ain't got nothing on me.


Mikeman said...

Im telling you its a small world
and it just keeps getting smaller

i cant tell you how many times thats happened to me whether thru myspace or facebook or parties & whatnot....

PRIMO said...

Wow!! thats Nuts! LMAO. Its Definitely A Small World.

You definitely got to let us know how it goes!

Curious said...

That's just the way life is my son. If you had lived in the Delaware Valley I may not have had sex with you, but I would know someone who knew someone that did. I've found that out so many times that sometimes it feels like incest or something.

Jersey Brotha said...

Six degrees? Shit, in this lifestyle, it's only ONE degree lol.

deonte' k said...

The world is soooo small buddy. yes it is lol!

Ocean said...

LOL! Talk about AWKWARD!!

dickspot said...

I stay TOTALLY away from Facebook, Myspace, Twitter.....all that shit.

The closest I get is YouTube. I have an obviously anonymous profile (much like the enigmatic "dickspot" that so many people snicker at-but remember. )

YouTube lets you chat and exchange ideas with fabulous people. Most of them are anonymous. Some put themselves out there.

Hell, most of you have a "fake" name but your face for all the universe to see. Getting 15 minutes of fame is one thing. Putting all your shit into cyber-space and never being able to take it back ???


{{ laugh at dickspot }}

Dr.Friday said...

it's a world of laughter, a world or tears
its a world of hopes, its a world of fear
theres so much that we share
that its time we're aware
its a small world after all
its a small, small world

thegayte-keeper said...

ain't life grand?

Moanerplicity said...

Wow! Just wow! That's eerie! At this rate, people are prolly having sex w/ their distant relatives, and are even AWARE of it!


Mr. Jones said...


kennyking78 said...

First off, I am mad that Mikeman said that that happens to him all the time! lol (No shade, I promise!Just funny!)

Umm, have fun at the awkward party!

Mr. Jones said...

^It's a party at a club, so it's gonna be plenty of people there. Fortunately, it's not intimate at all.

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

*Et em* Ummmmmmm...I'm so happy Imma angel. 0:-) LoL.


Anonymous said...

8.2 million people live in the Baltimore-Washington area but how many of them are gay men? And of that number, how many are black gay men? Probably, not very many.

Mr. Jones said...

^^Baltimore-Washington is one of the gayest metros in the country. I don't have data to support this, but based on my travels, personal experiences and anecdotal evidence, I'd be comfortable saying this area has more gay black men than anywhere in the country not named New York City or Atlanta. There are LOTS of gay black men here.

You do make a good point though, anon. While the odds aren't as slim as I initially made them out to be, I think it's pretty astonishing for anyone -- homo or hetero -- to find out through Facebook that their first and the person they loved the most are good friends b/c your first at one point fucked and is now good friends with your ex's boyfriend.

None of us are connected in any other way.

That Dude Right There said...

I have yet to date a dude that hasn't dated someone I know (of). When I dated Hollywood, I found out that he dated 1 of my associates and 1 of my friends years ago.

I think we need to come up with dating resumes. But then dudes would just falsify those records.

Mr. Jones said...

^^GREAT idea, man. Or maybe we can develop a dating database. While we're at it, we can include their credit and criminal history! LOL.

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