Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Signs of the End of Time

Wednesday, January 2, 2008 all know that I'm not the preachy, churchy religious type, right? I may have referenced God and church and the like maybe twice on this blog. The followin peaked my interest, so just skip over it if this isn't discourse you're interested in having.

Last night I was flipping through the 9 billion channels I have on DirectTV and stopped at Al Jazeera English, the english version of the Arabic news and current affairs network based in Qatar, because it looked interesting. Yes, I'm a nerd...we've established that.

Anyway, they were broadcasting a lecture by Hamza Yusaf, an American-born Islamic scholar who teaches at the Zaytuna Institute in California.

He was talking about the Islamic Prophet Muhammad and his centuries old predictions regarding the end of life on Earth. Yusaf says that the end is near and the writing is all over the wall.

I wrote down snippets of what he said.

Let me know your reactions. You don't have to be Muslim to appreciate this either.


The signs that have occurred and continue to intensify:

One of them that the Prophet Muhammad [inaudible Arabic] said one of the signs would be that intoxicants would be widely used. So, you can see this happening in the Muslim world and just intensifying from quite some time ago.

Another sign would be nakedness. That people would begin to remove their clothes. And he said we would get to the point that people would actually walk around in marketplaces in shorts with their thighs fully exposed.

Umm, he said also that people would have sexual intercourse in front of other people was a sign of the end of time.

Another one would be speed in travel. He said great distances would be traversed in very short time. And he said people would hop between the clouds and the earth. [inaudible Arabic] said that.

And he said musical instruments would be everywhere. And he said that people would dance with instruments on their head, which some have interpreted as headphones. And they would spend their whole night dancing like that.


How crazy is it that somebody actually predicted these things and associated it with the end of time? Craziness.

Are we doomed yet?


Nia said...

I am so tired of these end of the world prophecies. Now the supposed end of the world is 12-21-12, (Mayan End Times Philosophy; beat THAT Y2K). Just get it over with already.

La said...


every religion has a set of doctrine that predicts the end of the world. what's sad is that fewer have doctrine's concerning actually living your life and enjoying it rather than regulating it with threats of fire and brimstone.

Axe_Scorpio said...

Yea, right. Voyeurism was a sign dat da world was goin 2 end? Please. Everyone always tries 2 make sex such a horrible thing, if it was, then we all wouldnt be here. I love how all of these kno-it-alls thing that they have the answer 2 how the world works and when it will end. The only person that has that say is God.

Promiscuous X said...

Im completely disregarding this post and saying HAPPY NEW YEARs lol

I am not ready to die and teh end better not be near. I aint even have my first seed yet lol

Im drunk yall please ezcuse my post lol

Cocoa Rican said...

I'm packin' my shit and buying canned goods...
It would be horrifying and amusing except religious groups have predicted the end since the beginning and ultimately we won't be around to talk about it when it's finally here...

Mr. Jones said...

Nia - Good point. Cus I'm still partying like it's 1999.

LA - Interesting points. Love your blog. Everybody...check out her blog.

AXE - That's just because you're into your porn collection. Don't try to play me. lol.

Promiscuous - I just want to point out, for the record, that this lush posted this drunken rant at 7:41pm. Some of us are just getting in from dealing with rush hour traffic. I hope a happy hour was involved in this inebriation, sir. lol.

Cocoa - You;re right. We won;t be around and I wouldn't want to either.

WrkNProgress said...

Very Interesting, there have been signs since I was born, Our grandparents have been telling us the end is near every since I can remember.

So My answer is--Maybe, Lol.

Seasons best to you.

That Dude Right There said...

"Grandma, can I ride my bike one more time" as said by Adell Givens on Queens of Comedy.

yet another black guy said...

armageddon is about 35 years too late then.

Mr. Jones said...

wrknprogress - Same to you. Thanks for stopping by!

TDRT - You silly.

YABG - So are you.

One Man’s Opinion said...

A lot of this stuff is fore told in the bible. He needs to sit down and shut up. No offense.

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