Thursday, January 3, 2008

There is NOTHING posh about this look at all

Thursday, January 3, 2008
You all know I usually go off for Victoria Beckham. She's my heroine.

With that said, I have to admit she looks like she was on heroin when her and hubby Daaaavid (that how she says it...Daaaavid and the boys) were seen on New Years Day. The pale face, the vivid lip rouge, the black dress. Everything about this pic screams: CHECK ME FOR TRACK MARKS!

Not a good look, Victoria.

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mp1 v.8.0 said...

thta's definitely not a good look! she might wanna work on that.

Yo, site redesign in progress, huh?

Nia said...

I can't co-sign this look either. But she has David Beckham on her arm. That accessory trumps the entire outfit.

La said...

I love me some vicki. She's so damn lethal it hurts.

But this look? Notsomuch.

However I agree with Nia. There's only so bad you can look with David Beckham on your arm. I dont even like white boys but if I did... I'd want THAT one, lol

Kensilo said...

Did she dip her face in a paint can and said let roll with it.

Axe_Scorpio said...

She's lost her damn mind! This is da first tim dat I have ever seen her look fucked.

yet another black guy said...

eh, nothing crazy to me. but HE is rocking that trench something lovely! i want one now.

That Dude Right There said...

I just don't see anything special about either one of them. But i'm going to fix her a pot of chicken and rice. She needs it.

Mr. Jones said...

MP1 - I'm trying. I keep changing little things like black borders around pictures (that makes images look cleaner IMHO). I'm pretty much done though.

Nia - Touche.

LA - Daaaaavid. You gotta say it like that. Daaaavid.

Kensilo - Exactly. A mess.

Axe - Yeah. Everyone gets a pass though. She looks drunk in this pic anyway. Look how David has to help her keep her balance.

YABG -'s a hot coat.

TDRT - She's British not Spanish.

fuzzy said...

What was she going through? lol

kiemie said...

Yall didn't know the cadaver look is coming back in?

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