Saturday, October 3, 2009

At this rate she'll be doing bumps with Kate Moss in no time.

Saturday, October 3, 2009
Meet Diva Davanna, a too grown 9-year-old runway model. I'll be honest with you all I don't have a daughter but if I did I'm not so sure I'd want her to be doing all of this at 9. Let me be clear here: She's definitely doing her thing. I'd just rather her develop breasts and have a period before she learns how to be haute on the runway. I'm just sayin'.


YBandDL Bad PYT In the Closet at Hearbreak Hotel said...

It's no fun if you don't say anything, huh? Well I have a lot to say, and first it's Jonesy I hate you for posting this you evil Mother Fu(Shut cho Mouth)

After watching this video, I have been watching Miss Diva Davanna, for like over 45 mins on Youtube, I cannot get enough...First of all, I agreed with you at first...this is too much for a 9 year older, she is going to go around thinking she is just too grown...

That is until I watched the full clip of her on Tyra Banks show, and I realized, that underneath this on stage persona, and the fierce walk, she is still a little girl. When she comes out crying, because she is scared to talk to the audience and Tyra Banks, and she climbs in Tyra's lap, you realize she is just a little girl. It gets me thinking, like all child prodigies, and that's what they are calling heron Tyra, and child prodigy, is she really doing it, because she wants to and loves it, or because she has adults behind her pushing her to do it.

Anyway I love all the clips. I especially love the one where she is in a Diva battle, with obviously older women and uh I'm guessing Gay men in Drag or Transsexuals...because the huge venue is called the Latex Ball, and the audience is filled with huge Queens...I love how she is 9 years old in a walk battle with 20 and 30 year olders. Love it, and she one. I love how she is the main attraction in every fashion show and hair show. And the newer videos always have her entrance as, "Fresh from the Tyra Banks show, and ANTM appearance DIIIVVAA DAVAAANNAAA!!!!"

I love the fanning move she does. I hope at 12 and 13, she really can start to be a super model, in real haute couture lines...and not just black fashion shows and gay shows. I think she actually has the talent. You know minus all the twirls.

I mean the gays love the Divas, even the mini her coach calling her the real life Mahogany and a little Diana Ross!!

I have to say though the outfits with just the spandex one piece bikiniesque like in this video makes me uncomfortable, and I get nervous that out there is a little to catch a predator pervert looking at her in the wrong eyes...and there might be a future Jon Benet vibe to this!

Daniel said...

I personally have no problem with it....i mean, both her parents are STILL in the picture when she does it...and she and her twin sister both are still in school. The fact that she still sees it all as fun is what makes it all what it is...she walks and then she goes home.

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