Saturday, September 26, 2009

Shouts out to all the naive broads that still think Tyson Beckford is straight.

Saturday, September 26, 2009
On Thursday, Tyson Beckford and Kandi Burrus were the guests on host Andy Cohen's show Watch What Happens Live which airs on Bravo. Andy is a flamer and so is Tyson. You don't believe me, you say? Find me a straight dude who admits that he'd do Obama or "somebody pretty" like Will Smith or calls another dude "baby" and I'll find you a fatty who doesn't drown everything in gravy. I have to admit that I'm not exactly sure what Kandi's role in this, but she knows the deal.


Creole Boi said...

He was definitely giving butch queen realness with a twist that night. Somebody needs to tell him his straight card expired and its time to activate the rainbow one!

thegayte-keeper said...

I NEVER thought this man was straight...

deonte' k said...

He's a lady lol

YBandDL Bad PYT In the Closet at Hearbreak Hotel said...

O...M...G!! I was waiting for someone to post about this, I knew it would be you or Q. I thought this was the funniest thing I had ev-vah, when I watched it Thursday.

Even Andy was even thrown by his comments Jonesy! I believe his statement was something like "I can't believe you actually said you would Sodomize the President."
Which is what he was saying in so many words..."I would love to take control of that, him being the most powerful man in the world, and to take control that."...That nigga might as well have said...I can just see myself all of in that high yellow fatty, tearing it up, while in the Oval office, yelling whose ass does this belong to Mr. President!!!

I mean wow...what man calls another man pretty? I mean I don't think I know gay men that would say that...I don't know if I know women, who would make that exact statment. I mean, I really can't imagine a woman saying, "I wouldn't mind getting with someone pretty like Will Smith." I could see Handsome like Will Smith or Good Looking like..., or even Swag like..., but Pretty...really? Wow!

What gets me is how he starts this little answer..."I mean people think I'm been gay, but if I was..." And people are going to continue to think it.

Andy sure thought it. I mean that's why Andy set him up with that question. He knew what he was doing, but I don't even think he expected as juicy of a response as that!

Garçon Stupide said...

I'm sure boys across the globe are fantasising about what Tyson is clearly fantasising about.

Tyson and Will would make a more preferable pairing though.

Kyon Saucier said...

Tyson Beckford is bisexual we all know that this just proves that fact just that much more.

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