Monday, March 16, 2009

Ohhhhh, so THIS is how BET is staying afloat.

Monday, March 16, 2009

There isn't too much (read: anything) I tune into BET for, but when I saw the trailer for the network's [sarcasm] fresh and unique [/sarcasm] scripted reality concept called 'Harlem Heights', I decided to set my Tivo to record a couple episodes.

The show, which according to its website "features a diverse cast of eight young adults who share common goals as they make the post-college leap into adulthood, finding love and success in the big city on their own terms", is pretty boring. It's basically 'The Hills' meets black people and New York City.

The eye candy is what makes it worth the Tivo disk space.

Meet Harlem native Jason; he's the pick of the litter. He's very Uptown and there's something about Uptowners that do it for me.

Thoughts? Comments?

More pics:


bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

He's cute.


Mr. Jones said...

^^Yeah, I'd munch.

Jamar Herrod said...

Sighs@BET. I was pondering about this show myself and wondering if it was worth watching. I havent seen it yet but I'm sure I'll get around to it. She would always equate the white reality shows with black invented ones even when the black ones may not be the best? I'm not dismissing either show because I love the Hills but I'm just curious of how we evaluate these television shows.

YBandDL has got Chris Brown's back said...

Yeah he's hot, I think that pic of him outside the tattoo store is not the best, but he could get it, if he wanted.

I'm always a sucker for the yellow boys... I like his big noes.
He looks like he would have a really red dick, don't he?

Anyway, I'm not really a big fan of BET like that, I actually have thought the unscripted series like Harlem Heights and Baldwin Hills were horrible on BET, just like the Hills and Laguna Beach on MTV.I want either true reality telelvision or true scripted shows.

However recently I have gotten into the third season of Baldwin Hills and probably will get into Harlem Heights... I just keep missing that one.

I feel this a result of nothing good to watch on tv this season.

kennyking78 said...

Yeah, he definitely looks really New York-ish to me.

Not sure I will get into the show (read: not even planning on it). I never got the whole, Hills/Baldwin Hills/The City/Harlem Heights thing. Either give me completely scripted or The Celebrity Apprentice (as long as Joan Rivers is still on).

PRIMO said...

Yes!!! Me and Me and my bestfriend already got into over that one. He's the only reason I watch that show I love the way he talk! And he looks a lil Spanish to me.....

The things I'd do....

Jon said...

"He looks like he would have a really red dick, don't he?" LMAO @ YBandDL

I like "Harlem Heights" a lot, especially since I frequent some of the places they show and recognize a lot of the background shops/restaurants. It has even more of an Uptown flavor by having Jason on the show. I can say a lot of things that are bad about BET, but I enjoy this show along with "Baldwin Hills".

Now, I don't know if you guys have seen the rest of the cast, but I'm really feeling Pierre. He's kinda quiet, but he has a cool demeanor.

Thanks for bringing this show up Mr. Jones...I was beginning to think I was the only one watching it! (lol)

Jersey Brotha said...

As Johnny Gill sang, my my my! LOL

Corey Keith said...

Um... I am still not going to watch this program.. and I am laughing at Ms. Badu's mug in the post below...

La said...

He is hands down the reason I watch the show. He just kinda does it for me.

E.Z Street said...

He's why I watch! The bitch in me loves how he is with his daughter too. You got taste cat daddy!

Daniel said...

i never saw this show...but i may watch now...he's cute...

and i LOVE HARLEM...its my second home.

thegayte-keeper said...

I suppose....

Darius T. Williams said...

LOL @ munch!

Mr. Jones said...

**high 5** @ you all (except Gaytekeeper who is clearly unimpressed) fawning over my find.

Dr.Friday said...

He is quite attractive. However, he seems a lil short for my tastes. I like to eat shrimp, not date them.

Once again, another regurgitated MTV show in blackface. How original!! Another gripe about this particular show is how there are no LGBT characters on the show. I mean how realistic is that. Harlem without the gheys or the dykes. Impossible.

Mr. Jones said...

@ Jamar - Welcome to the site. Like I's worth checking out at least once. I mean, I wouldn't be waiting with baited breathe and high anxiety for it, but if (when) it's on marathon, give it a whorl.

@ YBDL - You a fool, boy. The yellow ones get me too!!!!

@ Kenny - It's not so much that he's a New Yorker that gets me. He's from Uptown. It's a different breed.

@ PRIMO - YOu can do alllll those things...after I'm done. LOL.

@ Jon - No prob, bub. Pierre looks like he could be cute, but he's far too much of a bore for me. Like, he just seems VERY uninteresting. LOL @ him being homesick in the most recent episode. THE DUDE IS FROM TRENTON!!!

@ JB - Tell me about it!!!

@ Corey - You a fool. I dont know what was going on with ya girl in that pic. Yikes!

@ La - You can't have him!! You have me. ;-)

@ EZ - LOL @ "the bitch in me..." I kinda like his interaction with his daughter, too. It's cool that he didn't run out on her and isn't just barely around. I like that. He's just 10s alllllllll the way across the board.

@ Daniel - Yeah, tune in. They don't give him as much shine as the other people, but he gets his, I guess.

@ Gayte - He cute and you know he cute. Stop frontin'. LOL.

@ Darius - Shit, I would. **nibble, nibble**

La said...

Aww that's true sweetie :)

OMG him with his daughter?! When they were eating lunch and he was telling her she could be anything she wanted to be? MA'AM. The bitch in me was pretty much done then too. I love parents (especially dads) who talk to their kids like they are people.

Jon said...

Mr. Jones:

I know what you're saying. Pierre's not in-your-face or really boisterous, but he has such a good attitude about everything. Its like he grew up in a small town or something; he never seems really jaded. Plus, the boy should be rocking some Ralph Lauren ads somewhere. He has a picture perfect look.

I was laughing at the homesick from Trenton thing...I was like, dude, just get on NJ Transit and go home for few hours! He's still good people though.

I thought much of yesterday's episode was incredibly boring though. The "dinner date" with Christian and that couple was putting me to sleep. Also, they showed Jason for like three minutes and then he disappeared. What was up with that? He has that whole Dipset appeal on lock. lol.

Mr. Jones said...

@ Jon -

Re: Pierre -- Exactly. What makes it really weird is that I've been to Trenton enough to know that any person from there should be really, really bitter and angry about having lived there.

Re: The Snooze-fest of a double date -- It was god awful and WTF is up with the other dude? Like, he's a straight up asshole! "Why didn't you go to a regular college?" What kinda of bullshit is that? And the other girl was an idiot for sticking up for him.

Re: Jason -- Dipset is right. Did you see that HIDEOUS blazer he had on at the Blacks in Arts thing? **shudders** It was god awful. Certainly something I can see Jim Jones wearing.

That's the thing with Uptowners. You gotta take the bad with the good. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I randomly came across a poster for this show one evening when I was roaming the streets of Baltimore (just Howard Street, actually, but that's neither here nor there). Initially, I thought it was going to be a scripted dramedy for some reason, so I decided to give it a gander OnDemand.

How disappointed I was when I saw that it is an "unscripted" series in the vein of all the other banal reality dreck on tee-vee. After ten minutes of that girl's introductions -- "This is ________, and he represents this archetype. This is __________, and she represents this archetype" -- I introduced my thumb to the exit button, which represented my emancipation.

BET is still awful.

Mr. Jones said...

@ La - Awww....Look at us liking people's humanizing qualities. Who woulda thunk it? LOL.

@tdh - BET is awful, the show is drab, but he's still a lil cutie. LOL.

Jon said...

Mr. Jones:

We seem to think along the same lines about this show. I thought that blazer was hideous too, but I didn't mention it earlier because I didn't want to seem like a prick. lol.

I've been through Trenton on Amtrak and have seen that neon "Trenton Makes, The World Takes" sign, but other than that, it doesn't seem that interesting. I heard the crime rate was bad for years, but its gone down dramatically. Pierre is very un-Trenton in the sense that he seems removed from the destitution there, but I find that refreshing. He's just a really NICE guy, a side that African-American men are rarely seen in on TV. Either we have to be thugs, players, or athletes who can't form complete sentences.

That whole "real/fake college" tomfoolery was such a waste of time. It was a juvenile conservation that I wish had been edited out. You're right...that guy Lamar was a jerk and Ally should not have defended him.

I just hope next week's episode is more interesting. Evidently, the show is trying to pair Christian and Brooke together. I don't know if that's going to work.

Mr. Jones said...

^^The blazer was god awful. Stevie Wonder could see that. LOL.

Trenton is terrible. I'm surprised he wants to go back. **puts on kevlar vest and straps up**

I'm impressed that you know names.

That Dude Right There said...

He's cute fa sho, but not cute enough for me to watch this boring ass show again.

Anonymous said...

It should be illegal for someone to be dis FINE!!! I usually go for darker skin tones but Jason is too fine for words!!!

Mr. Jones said...

^^Another believer!!!!

ka-os said...

Yikes. He'a like a less ugly version of The Game. Mixed-race gone bad.


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