Wednesday, February 25, 2009

President Obama: "We will rebuild, we will recover, and the United States of America will emerge stronger than before."

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

President Obama last night in his first address to a joint session of Congress called for expensive new government efforts to address energy, education and health care. The President warned that though he understands the frustration of the American people, more federal bailouts are sure to come.

While Mr. Obama didn't totally abandon the 'doom and gloom' rhetoric for which he and his administration had been criticized in recent weeks, it was obvious he made a point to sprinkle in a little F.D.R. we-only-have-fear-to-fear-esque hope and optimism. With strong and often impassioned words the President asked Americans to believe in his ability to guide the country through this mess we're in and reminded us that better times are ahead.

Click here to watch the President's address in its entirety.

My thoughts:
  • Though I think that given the circumstances he has performed swimmingly thus far, President Obama last night showed that he's still green. First, he couldn't locate the First Lady's box in the House chamber, then he interrupted the Speaker as she called the session to order. Those are things he should know. Last night was not his first rodeo.

  • The speech was rousing at times, but he stumbled and stuttered more often than he usually does. I cant really blame him too much for that though. None of us have ever performed under lights that bright before.

  • Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton looked better than usual. That pink suit she wore was at least somewhat feminine. I love how the President handled her. He gave her ass a peck on the cheek, said "thank you" and kept it moving.

  • Speaking of keeping it moving...LOL @ Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. for thinking he was gonna get extended convo from the President because they both hail from Illinois. Obama quickly blew by his ass. I don't blame the President one bit. He should stay as far away as he can from the potential mess that could erupt as the Blagojevich investigation continues.

  • President Obama's agenda is a bit too far-reaching for my liking. I know that without successful individual parts the broader goals of his plan will never be reached, but let's be honest here. In any other economy we'd be slamming the man for being far too ambitious.

  • The First Lady of the United States looked simply sensational sitting in her box. She's very hot/cold with her looks, but she was definitely on it last night.

  • Nancy Pelosi really needs to control herself and realize that she's the goddamn Speaker of the United States House of Representative and not a high school cheerleader. I know she's giddy about not sitting behind George or next to Dick anymore, but damn! She was far too excited.

  • Biden was appropriate.

  • I love that we have a black President and all, but I'm not sure how I feel about the POTUS dapping up lawmakers on the floor like he's greeting n*ggas from around the way on the local basketball court.
Your thoughts?


bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

A little too ambitious...? For a liberals? Naw, it's appropriate. LoL. I'll wait to see the other comments...


Anonymous said...

"he interrupted the Speaker as she called the session to order."

I think he was trying to end the applause. Everyone clapped for at least 3-5 minutes. Like you said, this wasn't his first time in the chamber, but I wonder if they clapped as much without the cameras on them?

"President Obama's agenda is a bit too far-reaching for my liking. I know that without successful individual parts the broader goals of his plan will never be reached, but let's be honest any other economy we'd be slamming the man for being far too ambitious."

Very true. I took it as he was positioning himself for a successful second term based on his proposed budget.

He knows he's being scrutinized from every angle but I think he did exceptionally well. Did you notice how everyone followed the speech in their programs? Do you know if he read from a teleprompter?

Mr. Jones said...

@ Blaq - Still made that ole Johnnie boy was sent packing back to the Senate, eh?

@ Sean - Nah...he either forgot or didnt know that he didnt get to speak next. He even turned back to Speaker Pelosi to apologize. She replied: "You're doing fine. Let it roll."

Yeah, I noticed peeps kept looking at the program. And yeah...he was reading form a prompter. Those glass on black metal poles things on either side of the Speaker's rostrum last night were teleprompters.

dickspot said...

Lots of points, MJ.

I missed the speech. I was throwing down in some sweaty smoke filled back rooms on Bourbon Street. Best damn Mardi Gras in over a decade. New Orleans needed it. Hell, I needed it....LOL.

I have no problem with the daps.... W was giving "proper" handshakes while ripping up the Constitution he Swore to defend and using the pieces as toilet paper.

You realize all of your points are esthetic quibbles except for his far-reaching agenda ? And THAT, of course is why we just had our biennial national election. The Dems won. It's OUR turn.

How 'bout some comments about Slumdog Exorcist Booby J ??? The grumbles here in Louisiana are getting louder................

Mr. Jones said...

^^It sounds like you're presuming I'm republican, I'm not. And my whole blog is esthetic quibbles. What's you point? LOL.

I'm not sure why people this Bobby is ready to be penciled in as the Republican nominee in 2012. He's so not ready for that.

Anonymous said...

"I love that we have a black President and all, but I'm not sure how I feel about the POTUS dapping up lawmakers on the floor like he's greeting n*ggas from around the way on the local basketball court."

Mr. Jones:
I only saw the middle parts of the speech, so I wasn't aware of this, but you are right. I was in my barbershop this past summer and mentioned this same issue to my barber when Obama stopped by our home city. Some black "dignitaries" and community "leaders" were dapping Mr. Obama to no ends, and that's ok...on the street. However, its not ok when people are WAITING for to do a speech about national economic policy and health care. My barber agreed with me, but a couple of the cats said I was being too picky and to let "black people be black people". I laughed out loud so hard and questioned why a simple handshake was not sufficient. They said that Obama was like "fam" and that made it ok. Very thought provoking, I know.

I actually like Jesse Jackson Jr. and question if he was involved in the Blagojevich scandals, so I feel bad when media heads automatically assume things about him because of his dad. I don't think that's fair, but the media is like that.

Bobby Jindal doesn't connect with average people. His mind is already on the White House, although he's done NOTHING in his own state, which lets you know he's all about himself.

Jersey Brotha said...

My thoughts exactly @ Nancy Pelosi. I felt tellin her, Bitch, can you sit ya ass down??? At one point, she was already on her feet before Obama even finished his sentence. Sheesh!

dickspot said...

......... neither was Barry..........

PS: I know you're an Indy.............

One Man’s Opinion said...

You got to give the president credit for trying to live up to all of his campaign promises. This is a first for me.

Dr.Friday said...

I must admit that I enjoyed President Obama's speech immensely. While I was somewhat turned off by some of his lofty Ronald Reagan-esque rhetoric, the liberal in me was filed with unbridled optimism for the future of the country. I recognize that Obama will be unable to keep many of his promises. Yet, I am hopeful that pertinent issues like education, healthcare reform, the economy, and the "War on Terror" will be addressed. These issues IMO need to be on the top of the priority list for the Obama Administration. While I am anticipating a gutter fight between the GOP (The Party of No) and Obama, I am confident that the Democrats should be able to use their political muscle to get bills passed in short measure. In essence, I would suggest that Obama say "Fuck Bi-partisanship" and use the Democratic super majority to his advantage.

As for the aesthetic quality of the night, I was taken aback by the sight of a African American POTUS and a female Speaker of the House. Most Americans never dreamed of such a day. While Nancy's cheerleading was a bit over the top at times, I don't fault her for showing authentic emotion. The shots of the incomparable and enchanting First Lady Michelle Obama had me in a daze also. Something I noticed was the rather cold and quick handshake between President Obama and Justice Clarence Thomas. The tension and animosity between these two individuals is so apparent. Knowing Clarence's utter distain for light skinned black people, I am certain he was quite upset during the speech.

Finally, the GOP response by Governor Piyush "Bobby" Jindal was beyond embarrassing. The man reminds me so much of actor Jack McBrayer, best know for his role in Talladega Nights and in the show "30 Rock". As a proud Democrat, I was enthused to see another rising GOP "star" fall flat on their face. First Sarah Palin, now Bobby Jindal. If Piyush and Caribou Barbie are the future of the GOP, the Democratic Party has nothing to worry about.

Mr. Jones said...

Anon - I think you're right about Bobby. He's unimpressive. Period.

Jersey Brotha - Sheesh is right. You would think she was getting dicked down afterward and not Michelle.

Dick - First, he's President Obama, not Barry. None of us are his childhood friends. Second, Mr. Obama at least had the presence to feign what he may or may not have lacked in substance. Bobby cant even do that.

One Man's - He's already backed out of a few campaign promises.

Dr. Friday - I'll have to come back to read and respond properly, good sir.


Michelle dressed like she was about to do a strip show. All Barack needed to do was to set up the pole in the chamber.

Although I didn't vote this past election, I will say he is capitalizing on his celebrity status. I hope he knows what he is doing.

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