Sunday, January 25, 2009

Queen of Soul (Food) Unhappy with Performance at Inauguration

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wearing the most ridiculous hat I've ever seen, Aretha Franklin performed an absolutely brutal rendition of "My Country 'Tis of Thee" at last week's presidential swearing-in ceremony. The famed singer recently sat with CNN's Larry King and explained that she was ecstatic to participate, but was not happy with her performance. After taking a second look at the footage I can see why.

Here's what Aretha had to say in her own words:

King: One thing, with your magnificent voice, is it hard to sing outdoors?

Franklin: It depends on the temperature. Yesterday, Mother Nature was not very kind to me. I'm going to deal with her when I get home. It, by no means, was my standard. I was not happy with it, but I just feel blessed because it could have been five above zero or five below zero like it is in Detroit.

I was still blessed to be able to pretty much just sing the melody, but I wasn't happy with it, of course.

King: It was great to listen to.

Franklin: I was delighted and thrilled to be there. That was the most important thing, not so much the performance, but just to be there and to see this great man go into office -- the promise of tomorrow coming to pass.
At least she's honest after all these years. Oh, and good for her for being able to put a poor performance aside and still appreciate the honor and the moment. If you're interested, here's video of the Larry King interview:


bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

I'm going to slap you silly with a frozen drumstick for that picture!!! ROTF! You wild Jones.


Losojosnuevos said...

Mr. Jones, you are not right. I love the pic, though.

dickspot said...

LMAO ........ this should be Satirically Speaking .... LOL.

The hat WAS egregious. I do have to say .... the chicken-leg microphone you added......LOL. The WORST hat on the podium was Dude with the bright red fedora on the left of the stairs near the top. A red hat.

Damn Tacky.

BPS 3.0 : Dallas said...

I admire her honesty but that picture is dead wrong. LOL!! To the left....

Mr. Jones said...

Blaq - What I do? I didn't photoshop it, I just stumbled across the pic. **adjusts halo**

Loso - Sometimes its good to be wrong. LOL.

Dick - Yes, that fadora was god awful. Red is such a tricky color. He was prolly a fag though. More than likely. LOL.

BPS - She know she wanted to eat that mic like it was a drumstick.

kennyking78 said...

OhMyGosh... see, I knew I was not the only one to think that she was REALLY wrong for that particular rendition... not only her lead vocal performance, but I was thrown off by that terrible backup track!!!

She was an appropriate choice, but I wonder what Patti Labelle was doing? She would have sang ANYTHING no matter how hot or cold!

deonte' k said...

LMAO @ "the most ridiculous hat I've ever seen"

deonte' k said...

O shoot wait!!!!!!! I didn't notice the chicken leg in her hand LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

Cocoa Rican said...

Decades in the industry and the bitch still can't get the fashion right....damn, damn, damn!

Lyrically speaking said...

You know, I feel she had no excuse, I noticed her voice sounded terrible as if she had too much to eat or drink, that's too bad cause I don't think she'll ever have another opportunity like this one

Omar Ramon said...

hey i sent u a friend thingy on yahoo. didn't see aretha perform, and i'm almost glad . she isn't among those who've preserved her voice.

La said...

You are so, SO very wrong for that picture and the title of this post, lol

(That being said, she was a hot ass mess tho)

life said...

I knew re re was going to complain about the weather. She killed them with the First Sunday

Acoustic Soul said...

Is that a fried turkey leg or a fried chicken leg? Either way, I bet she woulda fucked that piece of meat UP!

LMAO @ Where did you get that hat!!!! It was adorable and different. He came for her! A MESS!!

Too much, too much, to much.

. . . drops the mic and walks away.

Mr. Jones said...


Harold Gibson said...

The hat was the joint. Every woman at my church was going bonkers over that head gear. And you was more than wrong dogging the queen like that. Now let me get off this floor and wipe the laugh tears away.

Mr. Jones said...

^^ Haha. Welcome to the blog, sir.

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