Friday, January 16, 2009

I've Got A (Cold) Date With Obama in Baltimore Tomorrow

Friday, January 16, 2009

Who: President-elect Barack Obama
What: Whistle-Stop Tour for Ordinary Americans
Where: War Memorial Plaza, Downtown Baltimore
When: Saturday, January 17, 2009, 4pm

I told you all in December that I'm not foolin with D.C. on 1/20 and I meant it. The inaugural balls are tooooo expensive (in any economy, but especially the current one), the swearing-in ceremony requires tough-to-get tickets that I couldn't get from my elected officials, the MARC -- the commuter train service that connects Bmore and DC -- has been sold out for weeks and on top of it all it's REALLY, REALLY cold outside. I'm just not doing it. Period.

Luckily, for me at least, the inaugural committee, by concocting this Whistle-Stop Tour for Ordinary Americans Obama is doing in Philadelphia and Baltimore en route to Washington, will allow me to get my fill of Obama without much drama.

Don't get me wrong, this will be no walk in the park:
  • "It's gonna be maaaad crowded", says our splendiferously ghetto (and allegedly criminal) Mayor Sheila Dixon. Ok, that's not a direct quote but her office did announce that the city is expecting 150,000 people downtown for this event.

  • It's been cold as fuck all week. This morning when I came to work it was 12-degrees outside. It will still be plenty cold as temps are expected to be in the teens when his train arrives at Baltimore's Penn Station.

  • There will still be hours of standing and waiting. My friends and I are planning to be downtown around 11:30am to wait for Obeezy's arrival scheduled for 4pm. We don't wanna be relegated to the overflow area several blocks away at the Inner Harbor. If I wanted to see this on video monitors, I'd stay on my damn sofa.
In the end, I'll just be able to hop on the Metro to return home opposed to having to negotiate shitty DC traffic and a 45-minute drive back home and more importantly, I just can't bring myself to allow sub-freezing temperatures to interrupt my date with history.

So, tomorrow I'll be cold and tired and cold and frustrated and cold and tired of standing, but at least I'll have pictures and the memories of a truly historic event to keep me warm.

I'm excited. This is exciting. Obama's coming! Yay!!!!


dickspot said...

I've been waiting for Noon E.T. Tuesday for eight years...since W was sworn in as Mediocrity-in-Chief.

It will be so wonderful to have a President with intellectual vigor, innate dignity, and calm judgement.

What a glorious day for America. I've heard some estimates that the Park-Service is anticipating 2 million people on the streets of D.C. on Tuesday. I can't believe that's true... or possible.

The outpouring of enthusiasm does, however speak to our Nations Hopes and Possibilities.

Bombchell said...

i cant wait to see traffic pics, i imagine a standstill, sure ill prob be dissapointed =/ lol

but ill be watching it all on tv, and pics on blogs

PRIMO said...

The traffic is gonna be horrible.....

Hell it already be horrible and I'm like 45 minutes away from DC.

Wish I was going...Ill be watching it on TV.... You should definitely post your pics tho id love to see em.....

deonte' k said...

Lol.. U r a trip boy lol.... but ur right. I may go on tues. I don't know. I live right next to the metro so I know it will be a mess lol... but I may just go stand in the cold to see him. ;)

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