Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm not foolin' with DC on 1/20

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

So…I've officially ruled out doing the whole 'go to Washington for Obama's inauguration' thing I was considering not too long ago. It's not that it'd be difficult to do or anything. I live a short train ride away and could stay with my buddy who lives just minutes from the Mall. I just don't feel like dealing with DC’s security shenanigans..

NW Washington (especially along Constitution Ave.) is already a fortress and will be even messier that day: roads will be closed, traffic will grind to a screeching halt, the Metro will be filled to capacity, cops will be walking around (and riding horses) with big ass black guns. I had my fill of that when I did the Times Square on New Year’s thing.

I'm not in the mood for all that.

For those of you who don't know, DC is already a damn fool during rush hour on a normal day. On 1/20, Secret Service and US Military officials initially projected as many as 4 million visitors. Now, they're expecting just about 1.5 million, a more modest number, but still more motherfuckers than I'm willing to negotiate my way through.

I'm never been one to take well to cops with guns telling me I can't walk down a street I walk through regularly or waiting for hours at a Metro station to buy a fare card when I already have one. I'm just not down with that shit.

Obama's still my man, though. I wish him well. Its just that my black ass will wish his black ass well from afar. He'll understand.

Although, I have to admit I'll probably make it to his pre-inauguration day event in Baltimore. The woman who runs our office is such a politico that I'm sure she'd let us go.

Good luck to those choosing to brave the District next month. I'm with you in spirit.


La said...

I can't fuck with it either. I would like to be there, to witness history and all that, but I'ma have to holla at history on the flat screen, lol. That traffic, the crowds, and just the general sense of foolishness will be far too much for me.

dickspot said...

This Inaugural will be historic on so many levels.
I know a number of people who are going. But like you, Mr. Jones, I'm staying put.

T.V. will be the best seat in the house (I thought about watching it on Fox News... y'know, just to
I'll watch NBC. Also, you NEVER know what the weather will be in D.C. in January sometimes its glorious, sometimes its wet and miserable.

It is building up to be a logistical nightmare for all but the "best connected." Cars, buses, campers, vans..... where the HELL are they all going to park ?

I'm just thrilled I am here to witness it in any way. God Bless America.

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

I laughed when you first thought about it and I'm laughing at you now that the thought has gone away. No things. Like La, my Flat Screen will do just fine.


That Dude Right There said...

I'm going!!! Right into my living room to watch it.

Keith Jones said...

I feel ya, its going to be a mess downtown on that day for sure. I'll be in the crowd though, I only have to walk 3 blocks down to the bus ride downtown which normally takes about 20 mins on a busy day.

deonte' k said...

I feel u man. Plus I gotta work so I won't b able to go anyway lol.

j_shanlin said...

you are damn right! My stupid ass parents are going to the damn inauguration and volunteering!! I was like "Hwhat?"

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