Thursday, December 11, 2008

Read this and wanted to share it. Hope someone benefits from the message.

Thursday, December 11, 2008
Failure does not prevent success. In fact, failure is what leads to success.

There is no failure, no disappointment, no mistake in your past that can stop you from taking a positive step forward right now. No matter how many times you may have fallen short of the mark before, success is closer than ever.

Each time you get it wrong, you learn more about how to get it right. Keep putting that growing knowledge and experience to use, and you'll reach your goal.

Every disappointment you've ever known is now in the past. The past is over and cannot hold you back.

Now is when you're able to move forward. Today you can take the valuable lessons you've learned and transform them into effective action.

Every step you've taken, whether it seemed to work or not, has brought you closer to success. Now go ahead and take the additional steps that will bring you all the way there.

-- Ralph Marston


Ty said...

I can use that right about now. Thanks for sharing.

Keith Jones said...

Wow I just wrote a blog about some issues and this helped. Thanks

Jersey Brotha said...

So very true!

deonte' k said...

Yeah this is so true man. Thanks 4 sharing!

Acoustic Soul said...

Thanks! Good looking out!

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