Tuesday, November 25, 2008

People Are So Effing Nosey, Man.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

As a preface to this post, I should mention that I’m having a pretty important meeting with the Deputy Director and Program Director of the organization I work with regarding a potential shift in duties here. After just weeks on the job, I was approached by the woman to whom I report about her need for someone to handle/take care of/oversee the operational aspects of her department.

She said, because of the current economy and the State’s new-found interest in justifying every single non-profit dollar spent, she needed to focus more on improving the content of the programming and less on running them. Most importantly, to me at least, she wanted to groom me to step into that role. Today is the day I “interview” for this position.

With that said, let’s talk about some nosey fucking people, man.

I walk into the office today looking a lil nicer than usual, not a suit, but a nice black v-neck sweater over a black button-up and plum tie with little black and white zebras on them (hey, I have a thing for J. Crew…sue me), some fresh grey slacks, and a good black driving loafer. I couldn’t even get my first cup of coffee before this chick (white girl that gives off Dundalk/who obviously gets too effing familiar with people she barely knows that works in the training department) comes into my workspace starting nonsense.
WG: Oooooooooo!! Look at you!! What are you all dressed up for? Hot date tonight?

Me: (visibly annoyed) Good Morning, -------- .

WG: Why are you all dressed up? Does your tie have cows on it? That looks expensive.

Me: Am I dressed-up or am I dressed to walk into a professional environment? These are zebras, not cows. I have site visits today. You know that.

[snipped to cut right to the chase]

WG: Sooooooooo, it has nothing to do with that meeting you have today with Linda and Jean?

Me: What? How did you know I had a meeting with Linda and Jean?

WG: Because I checked your (Outlook) calendar and it’s on there.

Me: Why?

WG: (realizes that she done fucked up) Ummmm, cus I wanted to see what time you were scheduled to come in today.

Me: I’m here every day by 9am. I’ve never NOT been here by 9am. You know I’m here by 9am…every day.

WG: I mean…I just…So, what’s the meeting about? You’re going out for the Ops position and you didn’t tell me?!? How much are they offering for that? What do you make now?

Me: That’s not really something I’m interested in talking about. I’ve got a ton of work before I leave the office this afternoon and I’m under a tight deadline for something for Margaret. I’ve gotta get started.

WG: (taken aback) Fine. Then, just tell me how much more is it than you make now?

Me: I’ve really got a lot of work to do .
Now…I usually don’t shed too negative a light on work-related stuff on here cus it can get you in trouble, but fuck it.

How dare she concern herself with my clothes and my money when she wears the same damn thing at least twice a week?!? There’s only so many ways you can style up that peach lace-lined cami with that black Cardigan and/or grey pullover, hon. Instead of focusing on my "expensive looking" purple J. Crew tie with zebras (that I actually got for free), you’d be best served by trying to sniff out some bargains of your own instead of sniffing out my labels.

And then how dare her be brazen enough to think we’re familiar enough to talk about money. I don’t discuss salaries and such with people. Period. If you offered me a million dollars to correctly guess how much my Ma or my sister make, I’d be shit out of luck.

Hell, my dearest friends and I don’t discuss each other’s money. Take Nia, my good, good Judy Dench, for example. Nia and I tell each other some shit we’d only trust to the most confident of confidants. We talk ad nausem about the freaky shit we do in our bedrooms (among other things), but we’ve NEVER talked salaries. It’s none of my business what she makes and vice-versa. It’s tacky to ask anyone about their salary.

Ugh! Talk about starting my day off on the wrong note.

It's a damn shame I have to say this at 10am, but...Hoe, sit down!


La said...

I choose to ignore the stepping over of bounds by this vapid ass white girl and say...

You sound like you look so handsome!!! Knock em dead sweetie!

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

(You can thank me later for purchasing the Sweater and Zebra tie...lol).

DIE BYTCH@ nosey white chick with no coof (sp)!!!


Joey Bahamas said...

There are few things more worse than a nosey bitch with late fashions. I would've let that bitch have it. You know my parents always said it's impolite to ask people how much they make or how much they spent. It's none of your damn business...


jerzey_reality said...

People kill me thinkin they all "buddy buddy" wit u and jus ask wutever the hell want...like ur jus supposed to tell everybody ur business...ummm nooo

houstonmacbro said...

When people get THAT familiar I just give them 'The Look'. That is usually enough to send them on their way.

Jersey Brotha said...

Shit, I was over her from the part when she had the audacity to look in your damn Outlook calendar. How dare she!

Darius T. Williams said...

Must be something about non-profit cuz in corporate america - that shit doesn't fly - at all. Folks know better to come asking me questions like that.

It wouldn't matter anyway. I'm the payroll manager - I know how much everyone makes - lol.

BuddahDesmond said...

I would've laid her out with a hell of a read. She wouldn't be asking me no s&^% like that again. None of your business! Where do folks get the audacity to go there? Just cause you tell all of your business doesn't mean that you get to be up in mine. There are a few people where I work that operate just like that but they know not to go there with me. I will give the look and that will be it.... LOL!

Anonymous said...

TIP: Set ya damn personal appointments to private in Outlook...that way no one but you can see them. Thought you was smarter than that...

Lyrically speaking said...

Wow, she was asking too many questions, I would have been annoyed myself...lol, I was cracking up over the tie comment. Wow...miss you too Ty Ty, i'll be in NY in the spring, so right around the corner. By the way, stop by my page often, having a poetry contest soon :)

Love ya!

fuzzy said...

I feel you can ask anyone anything, but you have the option whether you wish to answer. I'll tell you in a min if anyone were to ask, I'm just open like that...

ThisMightBeMe said...

You handled that a lot better than I would have. I can't stand the tactless.

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