Monday, June 9, 2008

What type of fuckery is this???

Monday, June 9, 2008

I wish I could call this a hypothetical, but I can't. What's your take on the following situation? There are questions at the end of this post I'd like you answer.

You receive an invitation to a party and an "after party". The person who invites you suggests that you bring an overnight bag. You already know what's poppin' off when you get there.

You accept the invitation and arrive at the party, start drinking and feeling nice. The person who invited you is starting to become a little "touchy feely". The touching evolves into straddling and plain view of other party-goers. The straddling and kissing evolves into...well, let's just say you're glad you remembered to pack your magnums.

You drive to the house where the person who invited you to the party in staying. It's 3:30am. You're tired and drunk as fuck, but you're horny as hell and hard enough to cut diamonds (or wet enough to have some public safety concerns due to potential flooding) and you're trying to get it poppin'.

You go to take a leak and a quick "wipe me down". You return to the bedroom...this person is alseep. You're kinda blown but recognize that it's late and that some people can't hold their alcohol well. You follow suit knowing that there's always tomorrow.

After sleeping for 4 hours, your dick (or poosay) wakes you up at 8am. Your internal alarm clock must know you have unfinished business to attend to. You inch closer to you host. You pull back the sheets and slowly pull off this person's form fitting undies to reveal a nice supple, pretty, yellow ass that you had been admiring all night long at the party.

Your little buddy instantly knows the deal.

You inch closer and closer to your host. You grab this person by the waist and pull them closer to you. Your hard dick is pressed up against that pretty ass you just unveiled. That pretty ass pushes back. You pull yourself out of your boxers to get some flesh-to-flesh action. That pretty ass pushes back again.

Your little buddy inches closer and closer to that coveted pleasure tunnel. You think you're about to start your victory lap, then out of fucking no where your host pulls the plug.



I'm tired.

It's too early.

I'm not fresh."

Excuse the pun, but you've gotta be fucking shitting me.

You invited me to stay the night with you. You kiss and straddle and grind on me for half the night. You deny me last night. You throw your phat ass back on me this morning while I'm holding you for 20 minutes or so. You're all into it, then suddenly when I'm ready to stick it's too early and you aren't fresh???

You pretty much take this one as a loss, roll back over and go to sleep for a bit before waking up a couple of hours later showering and heading out without really saying much other than 'peace'. You don't call to follow up or to let this person know that you got home safely like they asked you to. You didn't comply not to be spiteful, but because you just got caught up doing other stuff.

Although it's only been 24 hours, you decide not to call or email to follow-up. You plan to not even mention what happened two nights ago and just play it cool when you finally do speak with this person again. Essentially, you learn your lesson and move on.

Was I wrong for expecting this person to put out? How would you have reacted in this situation? Was my response appropriate or not? Do you agree with my planned course of action?

Discuss, bitches.


bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

O SHIT!! LMAO. Naw you're not wrong for responding the way you did. Now what you are wrong for is turning back over and going to sleep. I would've stood up, got dressed and chuck'd tha duece! LoL


Nia said...

Well...I can certainly understand your frustrations but you also have to look at his side. He very much could have had every intention of being physical, but when alcohol is involved things don't always go according to plan. It just wasn't the right situation for him which is understandable. And you definitely don't want to make him feel obligated. Chalk it up as a loss and try a second attempt, but monitor his alcohol consumption next time. There's nothing worse than getting drunk and horny and the dick you have access to is completely useless.

Mr. Jones said...

Blaq - You silly. LOL

Nia - Or, in the case, the ass. I hear you, but I'm not sure about a second try. Unless he comes to me.

Oh, and this isn't segway guy, btw. Does that change your opinion??

La said...


Your response was quintessentially you.

I probably woulda done the same thing. But... I am you (with a poosay, LOL)

I'm sure that there were other facotrs involved that you have to take into account... I am also sure there were ways around ALL of them.

Mr. Jones said...

La - Don't you just love typing "poosay"? It's soooo much more fun than typing "pussy". Such a harsh, jarring name for something which from what I understand is soft.

As for these "other factors". Getting up and showering would have done the trick.

Darius T. Williams said...

Hmmm - well, I don't know Mr. Jones. I guess I'm a bit different in these types of circumstances. I think I would have come to the party - but I would have known my limits and there wouldn't have been any invitations to accept for afterwards. I would have simply gone home and relished in the fact that it was a good party.

If dude wanted some sex, it would have to be worked for - just coming to a party isn't invitation to sex.

But that's me. So it's hard to answer your questions because I would have been sleeping in my own bed and wouldn't have been upset when we didn't put out.

Mr. Jones said...

^^That's understandable.

I suppose I should mention that there was LOTS of build-up to that night. It's not like dude just said...come to this party. I was assumed it was hunting season.

We were set all set to fuck.

I suppose you're right tho. I shouldn;t have assumed anything, but he shouldn't have let me take his panties off either.

Nia said...

LOL @ poosay and you discussing the texture of it. Moving right along...I figured it wasn't segway shorty though.

mp1 v.8.0 said...

I don't condone this, but it sounds like that's the type of situation that leads to rape. From what I'm reading, it sounds like the host knew what was expected. You knew what was expected. And they just flaked out. I would've been uberheated.

And there is no way that I would've went back to sleep. I would've wanted to call that person out, but I'm not confrontational. I would've got dressed and bounced up outta there and ignored the person for a while. I'm pretty sure they would've understood that I was no too happy with that series of events.

Mr. Jones said...

Nia - LOL. I'm working my way through my plan. I told you, by the end of the summer. I'm making progress...kinda.

And yessss @ 'moving right along'. Silly ass.

MP1 - Whoa @ rape. Remember that prison we discussed this morning and how I said I was not trying to go there?? Yeah...still not trying to go there.

It's funny because I've actually just got an email asking if I was ok and basically to follow-up on everything. I've reacted so normally.

I didn't even mention it. Not worth it.

Nia said...

LMAO @ not trying to go to prison. HA!

Datnfo said...

Well you could have look at it 2 ways, you avioded getting a shitty deal(he said he wasn't fresh), or you didn't wait long enough for them to clean themselves be for you

Well if there was some communication after that said night the 1st thing out my mouth would be I really didn't appreciated your bullshit the other night. So how are you going to make it up to me.

Because clearly yall both knew what was suppose go down at the "after party"

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

Next time you see him, just sit a Fleet and cup of coffee on his nightstand. That should convey the propper message. LMAO!!


j_shanlin said...

LMAO... This is Classic Jared.. I am known for doing shit like that...I'll let somebody eat my ass or something and then up and pull my pants up and leave....hmmmmmm... maybe that's why I'm still single.. Oh well!

Mr. Jones said...

Nia - Well, I'm not. LOL.

Datnfo - I like your logic, buddy.

Blaq - Not a Fleet and a coffee. That's a disgusting combo.

Jared - If that's your M-O. I'm surprised somebody hasn't snatched your cookies by know. I know if you tried that shit with me, I'd rob your bakery.

Curious said...

I have always believed that when a woman says no, that's it. No more questions, no "but it seemed like you wanted me", no "but you got my dick hard baby." I think, although I've never come across it, it would be the same for men. As soon as the other person says no, that's it. They have the right to control their body and no one else.

ShawnQt said...

You were entitled to feel how you felt, and react how you did, but unless you guys discussed it, then you can't really be mad.

WhozHe said...

Dude probably wasn't cleaned out, but he really was wrong leading you on that way.

I think your plan is cool, no one has times for kid games, this is a man's sport.

Anonymous said...

Maybe your technique is outdated.

Cocoa Rican said...

You shoulda bust a nut on that ass, spread it over his cheeks, pulled the sheets back up over him and rolled out. ::::I really need to stop role playing with BD...LOL::::::

Kyon Saucier said...

I dunno sometimes when I've drank alot and wanted to do the dew than all of sudden I haven't. I mean I know you were honry but is he not netitle to change his mind? I 'm not judging I am just asking. You were good though to follow his wishes and stop. Some males would not have.

Bullet Proof Soul said...

Wow. I agree with Cocoa, bust a nut on the ass, rub it in, shower, chuck deuces and be out. Hell grab a juice or bottle of water on the way out the door. Leave two pennies for a tip and drive.

That is just wrong. He set you up.

AcousticSoul said...

WOW! I can't say I've run into this type of encounter before, but it seems like he set the stage and then got chicken.

You do have to take a couple factors in to account tho:

1. There was alcohol involved so when he fell asleep it was probably the depressant of the booze had gotten to him.

2. When he said he wasn't "fresh", as you may or may not know sometime alcohol affects everyone differntly and he could have had some stomach issues, so he could have been saving you from a shitty deal or a unwanted painting, if you get my drift.

Yea, you got the right to be upset, hell I would, but don't hold it against him.

That's my 2 cents.

That Dude Right There said...

Bitch he said he wasn't fresh. Whether he was bullshitting (pun intended) or not, would have been enough for me to roll over and go back to sleep.

But I have to agree with Curious. When a person says "no", then you need to stop trying to progress. They are telling you "no" for a valid reason.

Nario said...

Lmao, wow you ain't even get no head? Damn thats a shame.....Don't go back unless they promise to swallow. IMO that is lame, but for future be that playa and state your intentions, I don't do signs I do real, brotha I'm tryn to slay something, get some nice bop and be out! But you were atleast genuine about it. Easy ain't always good anyhow.

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