Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday Morning Office Randomness

Thursday, May 29, 2008
My office entertains the fuck out of me sometimes. I was in the kitchen grabbing coffee this morning LOL'd at the following:

Our receptionist noticed that someone had been drinking her milk, so she wrote a nice little message on the bottle.

People often put freebies out on the table for people to take. This is a book that someone wants to get rid of. If you can't read it the Post-It note reads: "Please take me home - I'm interesting!"

I'm gonna wear that Post-It on my forehead next time I go out to a bar.

This is a threatening note that was left on the microwave a few months back. The last sentence is what really got me. If you can't read it b/c it's too on it.


La said...

hahahahahaha! I wanna work at your job, lol

The Pew View said...

This is sooo funny. But I think each corporate setting has their own set of unique characteristics - i know mine does. So, my friend, you're not alone in this AT ALL.

Bullet Proof Soul said...

LOL. Do we work at the same place?

That Dude Right There said...

I'm going to come to your office one day and just sit and watch what goes on.

Mr. Jones said...

La - No, you don't.

Pew View - Corporate culture??? I thought you were collecting SSI.

Bullet Proof - Haha. I wish. Unfortunately, I'm the only black male on salary.

TDRT - You'd get a kick out of some of this shit white people do on a regular basis.

fuzzy said...

Wait, I just put a bottle of cherry coke in the fridge at work, the bitch better be there when I get ready to check out!

yet another black guy said...

I'm gonna get that t-shirt printed up for my Chicago trip lol

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