Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Obama wins big. Hillary wins, barely.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Another Tuesday, another democratic primary in states that no one would really give a shit about otherwise.

Last night, Hillary Clinton raised a few informed eyebrows by going into Obama's Chicagoland stomping ground and winning the Hoosier state. It was a 2-percentage point victory, but at this point (and with her delegate count) the Clinton camp will take as many wins as they can get however they may come.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Barack romped in North Carolina. What's most impressive about his victory isn't so much the fact that he won -- an Obama victory was expected there -- but that he mollywhopped his opposition. He beat Hillary like a drum to the tune of a 14-point victory.

Hillary should have saved herself the embarrassment and bowed out weeks ago. It seems she's just trying to hang on to make some point unbeknownst to anyone other than her.

She out of the pledged delegate race mathematically and she's losing superdelegate support left and right. The only way that Hillary Clinton can now win is to overthrow the (populist) interests and the votes of the voters and that's not something the democratic party needs to allow to happen months before a general election and after 8 years of Bush.

She needs to be selfless and realize that we're not just running for the White House. From low-level local administrators to the US Senate, the Democratic Party needs attention, money, effort, a will, and as long as Hillary Clinton stays in this race, moves all of the resources and attention towards the Democratic race, she does major harm to the party.

Just give it up, Hil.


Cocoa Rican said...

Hmmm…I disagree Warren. See, just two years ago, if you had asked the majority of folks out there who Obama is they would have looked like deer caught in the headlights. He’s a virtual newcomer – with less than four years as a U.S. Senator. Although he’s a wonderful orator, his recently severed relationship with his pastor of TWO decades, left me – and quite a few other Americans – perplexed. Let me get this right…he’s your pastor of 20 years, he has always had these ideologies and is even purported to be one of your close personal advisers…shoot, he even married the Obamas in ’92….but now he’s too out there? Wright hasn’t said anything he hasn’t been saying for 20 years…why drop him now? Could it be that now the American people would call to question why, with such differing personal opinions, you could sit through 20 years worth of sermons and teachings? One thing that I have to respect about Wright is that he’s a man who has stuck by his word – 20 years ago and today. He hasn’t backed down from anyone and now he’s saying a really thought provoking thing….Obama will say anything to get elected. Well, at a time when America is awash in Obama’s glowing dream sequence of racial unity, we’re left to ask, who is really telling the truth today? You know, Clinton may be a cold-hearted bitch that’s been cheated on longer than Obama’s been married, but better the devil you know. She’s been there…with eight years in the White House she’s seen first hand what needs to be done. She fought for healthcare reform when America was too well-off to give a shit who had coverage. She’s been labeled all the things folks label women when they’re strong, intelligent, determined and driven and I feel they are all admirable qualities for the President of the richest nation in the world.

The only analogy that comes to mind is that of America as owner/parents with a Rolls Royce automobile. We have the choice of giving the keys to our treasure of a vehicle to someone who’s been driving most of their adult life, has driven in a professional capacity for eight consecutive years and now leases a Rolls of their own OR we can give our teenager, with four years of rides to school in his Nissan, the keys to the vehicle. Don’t blow it…turns out we’re not insured.

Mr. Jones said...

See, just two years ago, if you had asked the majority of folks out there who Obama is they would have looked like deer caught in the headlights.

Here's where your ideological fallacy occurred. While all of that may be true, the people (thru popular vote) have spoken. Although you mentioned some very valid points, none of it will matter very much in November.

This is a numbers game now and she has been mathematically eliminated in a sense. The only way Sen. Clinton can become President is if the democratic party (by way of its super delegate process) totally discard the popular vote. My hope is that democratic party won't do that or else they'll have lots of angry (former) dems for the general.

At this point, we all need to rally behind Obama (whom we should really be referring to as the presumptive democratic nominee) and mobilize ourselves in droves in the fall.

Cocoa Rican said...

That does it Warren...I'm voting for McCain! LOL

Mr. Jones said...

Damn, you are on it today. LOL.

Seriously vote McCain and I'll chop your dick off and feed it to you in tiny pieces.

I'm kidding...kinda.

I'd become an ex-pat before I lived in a country that John McCain controlled.

YoungBlack&DL said...

Cocoa Rican I personally think anything is better than the cock head, dumb as a door knob, drunk driving, driver we have at the wheel now. I refuse to have Gramppy Joe, to drive me either. I think he needs to drive the side streets and stay of the main highway. I wouldn't want him to have the keys to the Royce either.

Although she has been driving most of her adult life, she wasn't driving those eight years, she was merely just riding shock gun, in the passenger seat. As most people know, it's a lot different in the passenger seat, than in the driver's. So right now I am in support of the teenager, who is refreshing. He has the laws and the support and not just the driving department of his state, but every department in the country recognize his driving ability. I find that his experience in the Nissan, is just as valueable as the other adult driver, who has been riding in the passenger seat for eight years.

I think publicly, to save the damage, that the media, and unfortunately Reverened Wright did. I think he had to seperate himself, from all of that. To try and get the make to the issues, at hand. I really don't think, that is how it is behind close doors. I just think he did what any politician wouldn't have done what he did. Just because he doesn't agree with his pastor on every view and point, doesn't mean he wasn't getting spirtually fed. Do you agree with everything, your friends says and believe?

I don't know anyone who does. At least we know he was truly going to church. All these Republican talking about conservative values, yet I never hear about them and their true religious practices.

Now Reverned Wright, didn't say anything, that a lot of black Pastors preach on. I think those clips were taken out of context. I think that a lot of it was true.

Now back to Mr. Jones, I think she is preparing to grace out soon. It just felt that way in her speech last night. However you act like she doesn't have any support. Hillary still has a lot of major support. I do think she is going to loosebut I think it's that support she still has, that motivates her to keep perservering forward.

YoungBlack&DL said...

Sorry I menat Coke haed, not cock head...LOL

Mr. Jones said...

Cock head, eh? Freudian slip much?

La said...

I have nothing of any kinda value to contribute (as my thoughts on this Hilary bitch are well known) except to say that everytime I see the word 'mollywhopped' it makes me giggle like a 5 year old... I'm doing now. lol

Anonymous said...

I take issue with Jeremiah Wright for several reasons:
1) As a pastor/reverend you are supposed to be a rep for Jesus Christ. Jesus came here to redeem, not condemn. Jesus came here to save, not destroy. Jesus was born and died for all of humanity...not just the Jews. So why does Jeremiah blame whitey for everything...AIDS, 911, and the destruction of the black man...and why is he screaming and ranting and raving from a pulpit - in a very un-Godly manner? He sounds more like a person who has gone mad from the effects of rabies to me. He's not a Reverend or a Pastor...he's a fool. Further, while he was providing marriage counseling to a couple through his "church", he wound up stealing his current wife from her then husband. That makes him seem all the more like a douchebag to me.
2) OK. So Obama claims he wasnt present at the sermons, and he had no "idea" the Rev was such a psycho...OK. So then why would the Rev come out and further damage Obama's rep? What good could that possibly do anyone? If I was Obama I would pick up the Barack phone and tell Jeremiah to hop off my nuts. Jeremiah is having a 1 million dollar house built for him by his congregation in the suburbs of Chi-town...with a 10 million dollar line of credit attached to the house courtesy of the congregation as well...sounds all KINDS of fishy to me. But whatever. As I have stated many times before, when you have people in your own "camp" who will bring you down, it makes whitey look completely benign and in actuality, by the looks of this campaign, whitey is more supportive of Obama than Jeremiah Wright. Isn't that ironic?
3) Re: the above...I used the term "whitey" not to make this a color issue, more as a demonstration of how sick in the head Jeremiah Whitey, I mean, Wright is...sorry, but AIDS was not created as a means to destroy the black man. Two of my uncles died from AIDS. One was gay, the other a heroin user. Both were of Irish descent. AIDS is what it is, but it certainly isnt genocide. Condoms are free and can be bought so I dont want to hear no BS. 911 was self inflicted? Jeremiah needs to go to the Middle East and stay his azz there with the rest of the terrorists if he thinks America deserved 911. He should take Al Sharpton with him.

WHile we are on the subject of birds of a feather...the Clintons had their own shady dealings with enough shady people who I am certain shared many an intimate meal with a nice bottle of chianti in the Clinton home before, during and after they occupied the White House. But the Clintons DENIED even knowing the same shady friends who helped them make big bucks ... the Clintons are dangerous people. They (the Clintons) never in a million years counted on the power of the internet - where people can do their own research and look up video footage of them from YEARS ago talking a whole lotta dookie from their lying Clinton mouths. She may be many things, but honey revealed her hand when she said she would OBLITERATE Irag if she had to. I do not want her finger any where near that red button when she is having a hot flash.
I am a woman. She is a woman, a woman scorned many times in the public eye. Any man who gets on her got damn nerves is going to get blown to smithereens. The Dalai Lama would not be an exception.

Whatever the case may be, Obama has my vote. Everyone else just got my two cents...feel what you must.

Mr. Jones said...

La - Mollywhopped. LOL.

Cas - I hear you, boo.

Kyon Saucier said...

I want Obama to win. Not that filthy Hilary creature. I don't trust that white women. How can any of us as she jumped on the racist bandwagon during this campaign. No Hilahump! Obama pou presidente Des Etas Unis!

Kyon Saucier said...

I want Obama to win. Not that filthy Hilary creature. I don't trust that white women. How can any of us as she jumped on the racist bandwagon during this campaign. No Hilahump! Obama pou presidente Des Etas Unis!

Kyon Saucier said...

Opps sorry didn't know that would post twice. LOL!

Cocoa Rican said...

** Write this down **
In the end the superdelegates will side with Clinton; the greater battle must be won and that is the November election. Clinton is qualified, prepared and positioned to cream McCain.

Cocoa Rican said...

Let's see..."I don't trust that white women." [sic] Sounds like if Hill is a racist she has some company....LOL

dessex said...

man....we are one step away from making history. I got respect for the Clintons, but our time is right now....Barack is fresh, intellgent and capable of leading this country. Can't wait till nov.

Kensilo said...

A love a back and for democratic battle that these two gives us. It keeps thing lively and interesting. Which is ok with me cause I really did not want to see a full blowout winner to be successor to the presidential seat. To be honest I like Obama and Hilary and the battle both of them are bringing to the table. Hope it keeps going for a little bit more.

Anonymous said...

Kyon Saucier
So, you don't want Hilary in the office because she is a filthy white woman? Wow!!! You sound so classy, so evolved as a human being...I am flabbergasted by your brilliance...but you should know, wherever there is a filthy white woman like Hilary Clinton there will always be a filthy black woman like Winnie Mandela. Filth and stupidity erase color lines. Reading Is Fundamental. Read more often. Lest you be mistaken for an illiterate black man...

Omar Ramon said...

hmmm fiesty folk...

anywho, I dig Hil as an experientially qualified prospect for leader....i dig Obama as a motivational speaker... I dig cocoa rican and mr jones as as eloquently provocative blogopians.

I am not an adequately informed voter as I make little effort to research anything concerning politics...therefore I will close with this...

I kool-aid grin when people say mollywhopped ...

also, I would do it to Obama.

Thank you.

Mr. Jones said...

Kyon - I'm a fairly strong Obama supporter, but my reasons for not wanting Hillary to get the nod dont include her race or gender. To each his own, I guess.

Cocoa - I'll write it down only if I get to tattoo it to your forehead when it doesn't happen. Deal?

Cocoa - Yeah, but I haven't heard that talk from Kyon before. maybe he misspoke. Perhaps he'll retract that today.

Dessex - I'm with you. And again...congrats on graduation!

Kensilo - I hear you, but this shit was fun and cute back in January and even March. It's May and it's still dragging on. Pick someone and get behind him or her already.

Caspar - I feel you, but this is new language from him. Give him a chance to reconsider what he wrote.

Omar - Awww...thanks, hon.

That Dude Right There said...

I'll be glad when this shit is over because it's getting on my last fucking political nerve.

I'll put it like this. I voted for the candidate that I support when I voted in the Georgia primary. And I will vote for the democratic candidate, whoever that may be, in November.

One thing I will not do is bash one candidate or praise another. Why? Because they all can have promises and plans, but ain't shit happening till they get in office and face the reality that is Congress and the Supreme Court. Those are the 2 entities that really matter.

That Dude Right There said...

And why the hell should Hillary give up the race? Giving up is un-American to say the least! I say that they both fight on until one of them is defeated!

Mr. Jones said...

TDRT - Due respect to Congress and to the SC, but the executive branch ain't nothing to shake a stick at. The President usually handles Congress most of the time. And on occasion he gets to pick a justice, his politics will transcend his presidency.

TDRT - I hear you, but this is what American politics is about. Concede for the good of the party. Unless something crazy happens at the convention, she's finished and she knows it. Voters do, too. Obama has the lead in pledged delegates, more and more superdelegates are switching from Hillary to Barack everyday (another high profile one just made the switch yesterday) AND voters are losing confidence in her as evidenced by the lagging financial support.

If she keeps it up she's gonna anger party elders. People don't forget when you fuck with the party.

Kyon Saucier said...

I use filthy as a term of disklike that has nothing to do with her race. If anyone makes me mad I call them filthy. So that is clarification numeral une. I never said I do not want her to become the president because she is a filthy white woman.

Why don't I want her to win? It is this simple. She is part of the Euorpean descended dominated power structure of this country which is one of the many wrong things about the US. After all we have endured and other people of color have endured at the hands of American Eurocentric Neocolonial US Policy both foreign and domestic, a Black Man in office would be an extremely welcome change. SIC a real brotha not no neo con handpicked fool who wants to beg from the scraps of his "masters" table in exchange for shuffling about. Yeah I went there because that is what some of those guyz do.

Maybe just maybe if Obama wins we will stop meddling in non European countries as much as we do for thw rong reasons... How many dictators have we propped up who murdered hteir people in cold blood while we gave them cash, weapons etc.. I could name a few Saddam, Mobutu, Surhato, Musharaf, the Shah of Iran, the Taliban when they were fighting the Russians. Geez and some of these are people who want to kll us now...Hmmmm. Partially because we proped up those corrupt rulers of theirs. Of course no we would never do such a thing in a European COuntry. During the worst carnage of the Yugoslav wars we did not a whole hell of alot to tell Serbia to stop their genocide of the BOsniak Muslims. We moved only towards the end to defend the Kosavras but tby then much of the damage had already been done. I would like to believe such double standards would stop if Obama became our leader.
Maybe with a man like Obama in power Rwanda like situations would really be paid attention too. One million people dead in three months and this woman's husband could not even get his admins' act together enough to call what we all watched on tv to be genocide . We watched people being hacked to death on tv floating down rivers and said nothing about it! Give me a break. With Obama in power at least some kind of pressure would be put on governements like that.

Even now with all the talk about Darfur the SUdan flouts their genocide right in our faces daring us to save those people meanwhile this admin is playing war games in dessert where the people that really suffer are the IRAQI PEOPLE whose country we've fucked up! War games which Hillary voted for. Hmmm.... Obama voted against that war didn't he...? Yeah he did.

Maybe the Muslim world will not be in arms against as much as it is with a president whose father is a Muslim and can therefore at least in some ways identify with the politics and cultures of Muslim nations. I just think Hilary is no good. She lost my respect some time ago.

Sorry that is just how I feel judge me if you must but it is how I feel.

And I never said I do not want Hilary to run for president because she is a filthy White Woman. I never said that.
In short I think A President of African Origin who is bi racial and I recognize that, would be good for this country in so many ways not the least of which has to do with our fucked up and often times evil and racist foreign policy!

SO nee-ner!

Darius T. Williams said...

I've been following this thread - just haven't commente d- but Cocoa has a point...them superdelegates, that's what we need to be looking out for. In the end it's all about who can beat McCain.

Anonymous said...

Kyon -

Many kudos to you for your clarification. And apologies if I came off less than patient.

I DESPISE the Clintons for many, many reasons. And I never really understood why so many folks considered Billy the first black President. Did you ever hear that expression? I have, from many people. "He's one of us". Why? Because he grew up poor in a single parent home in the South? Thats insulting to people of color!!!!!!! Hilary has lied on many occassions during this campaign (talking all that ish about dodging sniper bullets! Honey, please! Cocoa and I dodged more bullets on University Avenue in the BX as children so she REALLY needs to fall back with the nonsense). And if she is talking smack about all of this experience she has as a Senator and former occupant of the WHite House, my general feeling is she let her husband make a fool out of her on more than three occassions ... what is she going to let the Arab Nations do to her? She will either turn the Middle East into a sheet of glass with one of our own weapons of mass destruction as payback for what Bill did to her as a woman or she will just allow Our Enemies to do whatever they want as long as she is in power (like some women allow their husbands to do whatever they want as long as the husband comes home every night and pays the bills). The Clintons are liars. In the most diabolical sense of the word.
Barack is the American Dream. He comes from Christians and Muslims. He has been all over the world. His father was African, his mother American. Interestingly enough, Baracks Mom had ancestors who owned slaves. I cannot think of anything that would complete the circle of evolution more than if Barack Obama became the President of the United States of America - and I believe in my heart that he WILL be our next President. I get goosebumps everytime I think of it. This is the time for us to all witness a miracle - of people coming together for the greater good of this nation to elect a leader who will make so many wrongs, RIGHT. The struggle will not have been in vain if Obama is Our President. Further, I believe we will be respected by many more nations of the world if our Leader truly represented the people of this Country through his own magnificent heritage.

One of the many things the past eight years have taught many of us is that RE-RUNS SUCK (unless its Law & Order or The Odd Couple).
Its time to turn the channel folks. Change is good.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to thank the members of the Academy...

Mr. Jones said...

Darius - FYI...she lost 2 more superdelegates last night (3 in the last 72 hours). She now only leads that category by 7.

It's over for her.

That Dude Right There said...

@Mr. Jones-The president never picks a Supreme Court Justice. The president NOMINATES a potential justice! Get it right now!!!

In addition, Congress has more control over the president than vice-versa.

1. Although the president does have veto power, all is needed from Congress is two-thirds majority to overturn the veto. Ask Bush#2 how many times that's happened to him.

2. Although the President is commander-in-chied of the US Military, Congress has the power to declare war and controls the military budget.

3. Although the President can negotiate a treaty with another country, it must be approved by Congress by a two-thirds majority.

4. Although the President nominates justices for the Supreme Court, they must be confirmed by Congress. Granted that only 14 of 148 nominees have been rejected.

5. Although the President has the authority to appoint over 14,000 positions, they all must be approved by the Senate, albeit with just a simple majority.

I think that many people are fixated by the APPEARANCE of power that the President of the United States has. When all in all, it's Congress that's bending us over!!

And let THAT be the REASON!!!!

Anonymous said...

I rather have McCain. I can't have a black weed smoker in the White House representing me.

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