Friday, April 11, 2008

R. Kelly and Da Brat: D-Listers Gone Horribly Awry

Friday, April 11, 2008


j_shanlin said...

oh my god.

Anonymous said...

Wow. That is all I can say.

Mr. Jones said...

Da Brat looks really bad, but that R. Kelly gold plated shit on those naps is an absolute abomination.

I guess he was channeling Sisqo or something.

Mr. Jones said...

His shades look hot though.

YoungBlack&DL said...

I don't think DaBrat, looks all that bad. Well, at least hair wise, she doesn't look that bad, the outfit is another story. I think it is a great change from those little girl plats she rocks all the time. At least she is trying to go for more of a lipstick lesbo look. Not successful entirely, but A for effort.

Ronald is another story. I mean I think he is a musical King, but I've always said, the boy just isn't right. I swear I think R is chemically unbalanced. I'm sure I know where this look is inspired from. The story of the man with the Gold Midas touch, where everything the king tuns to gold. He feels he has it, therego gold nappy braids.

Although, this might be hotter on a light skin brotha.
Mr. Jones, you could definitely rock this look, and look good in it too.

Mr. Jones said...

"Mr. Jones, you could definitely rock this look, and look good in it too."

You're joking, right?

E said...

Okay...I'll assume you wrote the WTF on Da Brat's outfit...:-) Cause WTF...she looks drunk. But I just saw Civil Brand a few days ago where she was a hard core prisoner and she looked better there.

RocaFella07 said...

My eyes hurt.


YoungBlack&DL said...

No I was not kidding. I think with your skin complexion, it could work, sorta, kinda, maybe.

Red bones can pull off the blond, light look , better than some brown skin and chocolate complexions. Gold is a little more masculine, in my opinion than the golden blond color, therego yes you could pull it off.

I guess we are a little too uptight, to try to rock it. But I stand by my statements, like I always do.

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