Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Meet Alex Stepheson

Tuesday, April 15, 2008
First, and let me be crystal clear here, this is the first, only and final time that the University of North Carolina or any of its auxiliaries will EVER get any play or mention on this blog. As a full-blooded Terp, I learned my ABC's at a very early age and fully understand and appreciate the "Anybody But Carolina" concept as it relates to, well, everything in life. I felt, though that this little tidbit was compelling enough to share.

Meet Alex Stepheson, UNC's sophomore forward reserve who happens to be gay. His being gay and playing sports isn't what's noteworthy or compelling about his story as tons of gay guys play sports. Hell, there's even an entire international federation dedicated exclusively to putting on the Gay Games every four years. What's interesting and admirable about his story is that the kid is openly gay and apparently doesn't really care if people know he likes boys.

Now, before you start thinking I'm some crazy stalking Stan I should mention that I found these images on TSR, a Maryland sports message board I've frequented for years. Apparently they come from his MySpace and Facebook pages. I didn't include them all, but you'll get the the after seeing the first few.

There was a thread asking if Maryland fans would accept an openly gay athlete aside from the overly obvious lesbos on the field hockey and women's basketball teams. The general consensus was an overwhelming "I really wouldn't give a shit". I'd obviously applaud any openly gay male athlete at my alma mater or anywhere else for that matter. I'm sure he could bang in the post and probably has a smooth follow through on his shooting stroke.

You know I had to slide at least one juvie joke in.

This is just another example that all the media controversy over how a major sports team would handle a gay teammate is ridiculous.


Cash S. said...

That's good to hear. He's cute too.

PRIMO said...

He is very attractive. But whats most attractive is that hes open and not giving a damn about it. He's Doing him and thats something i like to see. Hope he goes far.

Anonymous said...

He's definitely a hot piece. He seems genuinely happy in his pics too.

YoungBlack&DL said...

How wrong am I, that I'm mad he's dude is white. I mean seriously even the gay black basketball players are reppin' the dirty blonds, like they are the trophy prize.

I'm sorry, but I'm mad at this. Call me a hater all day, but this is some straight bull.

Is he more comfortable, being open, because he's with a white guy? Are people more exceptable of this, because it's a white guy and not some negro? This is what's going through my mind. Everytime I see a black athlete with a white female, I can't help but think of the Terry Crews character, in White Chicks.

I can't help but think; if it was a black guy at his side, would everything be honky dory? No pun intended.

Mr. Jones said...

I can't imagine that if a black man where by his side it'd make a difference. I'm as racially conscious as they come and I can't really find anything wrong with this.

Who he dates is a personal preference. Much like your decision to be a closeted homosexual is a personal preference. Some people thinks that's bull, too, ya know.

YoungBlack&DL said...

Touche' Mr. Jones.

I guess your right, who he dates is his preference and business. You are absolutely correct about that.

However for me I can't see this a some great step forward yet. For me and in my opinion I can't see him as a role model for future gay "black" athletes.

I see a gay black man, with what it looks like from that picture, majority white friends, with a white boyfriend. I would have a little more faith, if he was a gay black athlete trying to make it happen, with another black man.

Maybe I'm just hating, because on my server welcome page, there is a picture of another Black athlete reppin the white girls. Micheal Jordan, and his new 20-something white tenderoni.
I think we still have this white is right mentality. If we get a white person at our side, we will be okay.

I feel right now he is living in a fantasy world. I want to see what happens, if or when he plans to go to the NBA, if thats what he is planning on doing. For some reason I doubt it.

dessex said...

Boo Tar Heels, Go Duke. Stephenson is nice tho, I like his game, but its hard for him to get buckets cuz of Tyler

Bullet Proof Soul said...

I thought ABC meant, Anybody But Clemson, LOL!! I guess no one in the Carolinas can get love from you.

Let me just say, one, that this is my first time hearing this. Two, I am very proud of Alex, he is a new hero of mine. And "C", couldn't resist, he is a cutie. I could care less who he dates but he is making a statement. To be honest and I hate to say this, being with a white guy is probably saving him from too much grief. Heaven forbid he were with a black man. The black folks would go crazy over it. Yeah I could see the venom spewing as I type this, shaking my head.

Promiscuous X said...

Oh wow I mad im just catching wind of this lol. Dam shorty is type sexy and i'd definbetly holla. I think I need to make a trip to NC asap lol. I do commend dude for being a openly gay athlete....but dam he just fucked up my fantasy lol

Cocoa Rican said...

So let me get this right....there are no available brothas in NC? LOL

That Dude Right There said...

I'm extremely proud of the dude for being out, but that's all i'm going to say.

Darius T. Williams said...

Yea, I ran over these pics twice and then I was like wait - he's not w/anyone Black. Not that it matters, but it does. If it were two Brothas hugged up - it would so matter.

I mean, good for him. We're coming halfway. But let that have been two masculine every day basketball playing - urban looking - rough talking Brothas that are products of any hood you'd find in Long Beach, Chicago, Detroit, Memphis or Brooklyn, and yea, there'd be a problem.

Kensilo said...

Wonderful, gay and can play!! Great.

YoungBlack&DL said...

Thank you Mr.Cocoa and Darius to the T!

That's all I'm saying!

For a minute there, I almost was second guessing myself. Yall got me feelin' all bad about myself. That was a close call....but seriously don't get me wrong, I thik this is a step forward, for gay athletes, and there are many, that are on the low, trust and believe me.

However, like Darius said let his boyfried have been a rough brotha the hood, instead of a white guy and there would be a problem.

Look at his other black friend in the pics, he looks like he is getting with Becky and Mady, standing beside him, too.

Bullet Proof Soul said...

No there aren't that many brothas in Chapel Hill, NC especially openly gay ones. It is predominately white so that is why I can understand his situation.

Now had it been UNC-Charlotte then I would agree with everyone.

D.LavarJames said...

Jeez, I have no issues with whom he is dating. I don't think he LOOKED for a white guy, he started dating him because that's who probably had the BALLS to step to him. And there are probably black guys he could have dayed, but how many Black guys do you know that would be open on a college campus.

I can't believe so many NEGATIVE comments from GAY folks who know first hand what it's like to be discriminated against, so is that the new look? "Gay folks who discriminate back?"

Get over it.

Mr. Jones said...

I'm 100% with D.Lavar. Why is the race of the boy this kid decides to date such a big deal to you guys? We all say it's great that an athlete on a major sports team can be openly gay, but it's not ok that in 2008 this guy dates a white guy????

That seems a little hypocritical. I didn't realize interracial dating eas such a hot button topic.

That Dude Right There said...

^^^Interracial dating will always be a hot button topic! Believe that!

Mr. Jones said...

You're right. I just seems kinda hypocritical. The way I see it is:

We're happy that we're finally at a point that America is cool with an athlete's decision to be openly gay, but we're not happy that he decided to date a white guy.

I dunno. Makes no sense to me.

Aaron said...

I had the same initial reaction as some of these other commentors.
My reaction was one of frustration because while I admit I don't know this man's story or his history or his preferences or whatever but, when all I see is OUT AND PROUD black men who want to date white men its like "shtifuckdamn WHAT THE HELL?"

And i'm just being honest.


I might just be a hater because I find both him and his companion extremely attractive.

But he is out and proud but I guess that is all thats important.

RocaFella07 said...

He's so fucking SEXY!!...And, the fact that he's out and proud makes him SEXIER!!


E said...

I agree with D. Lavar's comments. I totally picture his boyfriend making the first move. I'm not sure how long Alex has been out and him being an openly gay player on campus is rare enough, but it would be rare IMO to have another openly gay black guy (especially there) come up to him.

Whoever zoomed who first, though, I'm happy for them both.

On the other hand, though, it will another historical day to see a situation where two openly black gay men playing b-ball in college or the NBA publicly profess it.

ThisMightBeMe said...

He is adorable.

Langston Baldwin said...


I have to be honest, I too was a little off set. As I was reading the article I was so excited and then bam here comes the prize.
*(sarcasm implied)

Don't most black homophobes attribute/ blame homosexuality on white folks? So the message get's lost and dismissed a little in my opinion.

It "TRULY" would have sent home a bigger message had his guy been black to the homophobic black community that brotha to brotha love is strong and exists in all spheres of life even sports. Well there is always Demarcos Majors, but then again I am not sure his type.

He obviously is attracted to white guys. Someone having the courage to step to you cannot change your attraction that easily regardless of race demographics.

Maybe I will start playing sports and then out myself with my not Black lover to the applause of every single black person in the WORLD. LOL

Great blog btw.

Anonymous said...

Is this article serious?? Alex Stepheson is not gay. I see him out in Chapel Hill... with girls... all the time. I even know girls that he has been with. Definitely not gay. Getting pictures from TSR I would not say is a good source. Everyone knows MD fans hate Carolina fans and players. They probably put those up as a joke.

Also... that second picture is just of his back. None of those pictures mean that he is gay. Maybe he is just comfortable and confident enough in himself to take pictures with whoever and however he wants.

And if he is gay (which he isn't) he definitely isn't out of the closet, so either way this article is wrong. :-)

Anonymous said...

Alex is not gay! These are stupid pictures he took before he went to UNC. If you know him or anyone who does you'd know, he dates nothing but women.

Anonymous said...

Alex went to my high school and i never heard that. at least one of those is from high school, and those kids do a lot of things that seem kinda gay to be funny. I don't believe it at all, and you need more proof than those pics before you come out with something like this.

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