Friday, February 15, 2008

People Poll Question of the Day

Friday, February 15, 2008
I certainly wouldn't consider myself an exhibitionist, but I can see how that mistake could be made. In my lifetime, I've had my fair share of fun in some interesting places:
  • on the shore of the Potomac River in Washington near Regan National Airport overlooking the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial (that was romantic....or at least not as raunchy as it could have been);
  • on a pier on the south shore of the Inner Harbor in Baltimore overlooking the Baltimore skyline (at least the view of skyline kept me entertained);
  • on a bench tucked away in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia (that was REALLY fun);

  • on a beach in Mexico while a storm was slowly approaching in the Gulf.
I should stop before you all think I'm some sort of freak and, besides, you all get my point.

Anyway, with that said, what's the wildest, most outrageous place you've ever had sex? And if you're common and conventional and prefer to stick to beds, tell me (and the rest of the e-world) where you think you'd like your first non-boring sexual experience to take place.

P.S. - This post was inspired by an e-mail conversation I had the other day with La Bella Vita, one of my absolute favorite bloggers in the whole wide blogosphere. I'm not gonna get into what she shared with me because, well, that's not for me to do. She can share if she'd like to.

But I will say this.

I'm particularly excited this weekend because after reading her wonderful blog for months, she's going to be in Baltimore on other business this weekend, but has carved out some time for us to meet! We're going to drink like a fish and eat tapas like Aretha Franklin would if she was told she had 24 hours to live. We should have a blast...with her crazy ass.


fuzzy said...

Ummm I think I commented on a post similar if not identical. I would have to say it would be a cross between the side of the parkway at dusk or on the stage at a local park's theater in the broad daylight.

Infamous said...

So I'm gonna seem like a slut but I've had sex in a crowded club before...alcohol is a helluva drug. Other than that, getting head while driving is always an adrenaline rush.

E said...

Well I'm definitely common and conventional..Rock tried to break me out of that by giving me head on his patio while risking his next door neighbor watching us. I was freaked out the entire time and he stopped when he saw that.

Someday I'm gonna not care and just do it in front of my driveway..:-) Yeah right.

WhozHe said...

On a moonlit night at the lake with one of my first boyfriends. It would have been perfect if I it wasn't for all the mosquito bites we suffered.

Mr. Jones said...

Thanks to you adventurous ones who ventured out on a limb and responded. I guess these other whores just talk a good game.

Humility731 said...

Interesting blog, I was hoping to get some ideas from your fellow bloggers. Now Mr. Jones I love you dearly, please dont try me. I had sex in the bathroom in high school during lunch, in retrospect I should be ashamed. I was a teenage being bent over a urinal in a pissy high school restroom. RECENTLY, I had sex on the hood of this dudes car, parked on the side of these apartments down the street from my house (it was only 10pm).

.....and I always give head while my man is driving (im trying to master giving head while im driving). It's routine for us, fasten your seatbelts, unfasten your crotch....

....oh and i did it at a party once...when I RSVP, i expect to cum *wink

That Dude Right There said...

This dude I used to talk to was a teacher. One night he had to go to the school to get his laptop that he left in his classroom. I road with him. After retrieving the laptop, we had sex on his desk in his classroom with the lights on and the blinds up.

Humility731 said...


Brady said...
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Mr. Jones said...

Funny that you mention that fateful night in front of that Greyhound Station in northeast DC. I was a sophomore in college. Sue me.

You know what tho...Nia was in the car watching, you and that other dude were there participating and I think we even had a few voyeurs but you don't wanna say shit about that, do you?

I was pretty cool. I did my gig. 10s across the board. The jury (and verdict) is still out on you.

Humility731 said...

You know what, I had left you a comment letting you have it. Somehow it didn't post.

But I just wanted to inform you that the verdict just came in ! I was found guilty of giving over the top amazing head and sentenced to a lifetime of showing your man just how good it is !

now play if you want

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

Hmmmmm...I had sex in a club too. Aaaaaaahhhh The Warehouse in the bx...the memories! LMAO.


Mr. Jones said...

Humility - Here's a tip. Take the advice of your blog handle and eat a bit of humble pie. And stop being so crass. You're supposed to have a class.

Blaq - So that was you that one time in the back of The Warehouse?

Franki said...

Oh my...what an interesting comment section you have in here. I would say my most exhibitionist sex was pressed, face-forward, nude against a floor to ceiling hotel window just a couple of floors above the lobby entrance and very busy street.

Mr. Jones said...

Franki - I'll have to try that!

TBone said...

I guess you guys lead a pretty interesting sex life. Getting head while driveing is pretty much the norm for me. Oh, I think the time my then dude was giving me head at the Burger King drive through tops all memories

yet another black guy said...

sorry but i plead the fifth on this one. and you're so wrong for that Aretha dis!

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