Monday, February 11, 2008

Obligatory Grammy Picture Post

Monday, February 11, 2008
In this post I ask various random questions about the presenters and performers of and the 50th Annual Grammy Awards.

Is it me or does Aretha get fatter and fatter
time I see her?'s not me.

Why is Prince's tiny ass more man than many men will ever be?
Stilettos and all.

When did Alicia Keys suddenly become stunning and
completely un-dyke-esque?

A Grammy for 'Umbrella', eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh?

John Legend's Inner Thoughts:
Why am I backing this Fergie bitch up?

I'm a grown ass man.
Why does Cirque du Soleil scare me?

Silver metallic though?

Why is he so entertaining for all the wrong reasons?

Am I the only person who thinks Beyonce needs
to take a Jill Scott-esque break?

What in the hell is Cher wearing?

Speaking of Jill...yikes!
And why do those damn tits look so damn massive?

Am I the only person who is REALLY happy for Amy Winehouse?

Who in the hell let Solange's D-list, tacky ass in and why
is Beyonce wearing her senior prom dress?

Did Chris Brown think the carpet was his date and that they needed to match?

Why is Nas ALWAYS trying to make a statement?

Kelis is the shit, isn't she?

What is Tina doing?

What is wrong with Cyndi Lauper?



E said...

Oh my gosh...some of those pics are horrid. Aretha does seem to be getting bigger and bigger. And the outfit Tina (Turner) had was all kinds of wrong for her. I take it she was trying to do a quarter shimmy.

Rock was really happy to see Amy Winehouse perform even though it was via satellite. It was cool that she won a few Grammy's but with all her issues, it makes one wonder if she'll meet an early demise.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised at Nas...that tee shirt is a bit out of line.

Darius T. Williams said...

You're so on point w/these questions. It was just okay...could have been better. I have a few things to read Aretha and Tina on...

jared said...

what about Fantasia and her Cruella-esque platinum sides and back and jet black top spiral curls that cascaded down the right side??? I LOVED IT!

Humility731 said...

Nas shirt was extremely inappropriate on so many levels, that I cant even begin to comment. I think Aretha needs friends who love her, because she obviously doesnt have any. Amy Winehouse almost lost her behive on her head and seemed so out of tune with what was going on. Her eyes kept wandering. Tina...poor Tina...she was more like paddling down the river

That Dude Right There said...

I guess I should be glad that I didn't see the show. The ONLY part I saw was Tina Turner and Beyonce and I was wondering what Tina was doing when she picked up her foot. But to be 68 y/o, she tore the stage up!

Mr. Jones said...

E - You're right. Some of these are a mess. Not a quarter shimmy though. lol.

Captain - Agreed.

Darius - I'm already the best. How can I be better?

Jared - Yeah, leaving her off was a concerted effort. She was good awful.

Humility - Long time no blog from. Amy's beehive is more like a bird's nest. That thing needs its own country code.

And you're right, poor Tina was paddling down that river..against the a sinking ship. Yikes!

kiemie said...

I am happy for Amy Whinehouse and i agree with everything you said. I love Aretha, but she looked like a sausage that bursted at one end.

RocaFella07 said...

I'm surprized Ms. Franklin hasn't been in the hospital yet! I'm glad Tina Turner performed...Still HOTT after all these years!!


Mr. Jones said...

Kiemie - Yeah...Aretha = Hot Mess.

Roca - I don't know if I'd go that far re: Tina. She was on the stage, I didn't see too much performing though.

yet another black guy said...

people still watch the Grammy's?!

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