Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Late Xmas Gift For Me!!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008
You never want a man to lose his job, but I have to admit that this makes me really happy. Besides this fool is being paid $5 million to NOT coach this team anymore. Forgive me if I don't shed a tear.

The last half of 2007 has been terrible to sports in the Baltimore/Washington area. Everyone knows Maryland basketball and football suck donkey dicks right now, but the Ravens' 5-11 season to follow its 13-3 season from last has to be the most disappointing and baffling. I've never been a huge Billick fan. I'm glad he's gone.

Now, if we can only work on getting Gary Williams and Ralph Friedgen to gracefully bow out.

A Raven No More: Brian Billick Fired!

Baltimore's season started with disappointment, which was followed by shock, depression and the numbness of failure. Fortunately, the team's abysmal performance was punctuated with two positives: yesterday's scrappy win over the lifeless Pittsburgh Steelers, and today's news that Brian Billick was fired by owner Steve Bisciotti.

I was afraid that yesterday's win would give Billick a new lease on life. Fortunately that was not the case. The firing comes only a year after Bisciotti gave Billick a four-year extension. Smooth move, buddy. Whatever, it's your money.

This is the most exciting thing that has happened to Ravens fans all year, which says a lot considering the year ends today. The team now needs to hire a new head coach and a new offensive coordinator. Both are desirable jobs, the latter even more so now that Billick is gone.

Even though Billick's final season was the most disappointing season in franchise history, the legacy of Billick is markedly more positive. He embraced the swagger that has made Baltimore's defense such a unique force, and he brought the Lombardi Trophy to Baltimore. Sort of. Everyone knows Ray Lewis won that trophy pretty much by himself, but at least Billick didn't get in his way.

Billick's tenure lasted longer than most marriages. It was a good run, but it was time to go. Thanks, Billick. Good luck in your next job. I'm sure you'll have more than one suitor. My advice? Pick a team that already has a good offense.

Source: Blogimore Ravens


jameil1922 said...

now if only the Panthers can get rid of John Fox. I'm beyond tired after these last 2 seasons. WIN GAMES!! ugh. finishing under .500 is ridiculous.

Mr. Jones said...

Ummm...7-9 >>>>> 5-11. lol

Plus we went from 13-3 to 5-11 in 1season, so...I have extra reason to bitch and moan.

In the Panthers' defense, John Fox was their 3rd choice for the job. Dungy and, I think, Spurrier turned them down first, right?

yet another black guy said...

why are sports fans so damn impatient lol?!

Mr. Jones said...

IMPATIENT??!?! Billick was there 9 years, Gary has been here 19 years and this is Ralph's 7th year. I've been plenty patient.

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