Saturday, December 29, 2007

New shit for '08 (revised)

Saturday, December 29, 2007
I made a few changes. I hope you enjoy. I've been thinking about doing something different to this blog for awhile now, but I'm just getting around to doing something. In between all that masturbation this past week I actually took time to write the XML/HTML code. See, my holiday break from the office was plenty productive. I really think the changes makes your whole experience here a little better. Because that's what I aim for this to be experience.

I think the blog looks cleaner now and is a little more interactive, a lot more functional and a little less amateur. I plan on randomly updating those '__________ of the moment' sections with some frequency. Those will probably be really random. What can I say? I'm a random guy.

Visually everything looks fine on my end. Let me know if you experience any technical/formatting issues. Also I'm still looking for ways to improve so feel free to leave suggestions, questions, concerns, etc. via email (see the new 'contact me' section in the left column) or comments.

Tell me what you think.


kennyking78 said...

I am feeling the changes now... what else are you working on... I love the font of your title.

Looking good so far.

Chet said...

So far so good. The change is good!

yet another black guy said...

i likes, i likes!

WhozHe said...

Looks great, a nice and refreshing look.

Kyon Saucier said...

Very nice very nice.

Ailed LittleKnight said...

Makes the blog look so lively!

Mr. Jones said...

Thanks guys. I appreciate the feedback.

nia said...

i really dig the new format. but something besides the white background would improve it.

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