Saturday, June 9, 2007

"You have no new messages"

Saturday, June 9, 2007
Few things in the world are more disappointing than hearing those words from your voicemail when I'm expecting your call. "You", the voice says mockingly, "have NO new messages". It seems to become more and more snide each time I listen to it.

It's 3am and its been 2 days since we've spoken. When will you call? Why won't you call? Are you ok? How did your meetings in London go? Why haven't you called? You've been on my mind all day. Sleeping in an empty bed is no fun. You know I worry.

At this hour, I should be on some sort of emotional high. You should be here. Instead of grining from ear-to-ear, I'm blogging and watching Tivo'd episodes of 'The Practice'. You should be here.

Herein, intercontinental travel is offically banned. I don't know what's going on in Brixton and I have no new messages.


Nikki said...

Aww... and you would've had no comments, but "I am HERE!"

yet another black guy said...

time to do you son. it doesn't take two people to live one person's life. i'm sure there's someone out there who will treat you the way you deserve.

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