Saturday, June 9, 2007

I ♥ my BlackBerry

Saturday, June 9, 2007
Mankind should be embarrassed by how reliant on technology it has become (read: I should be embarrassed by how reliant I have become on technology). Think about some of the most basic tasks in our lives and think about how substantially different (and more difficult to complete) they'd be without technology.

With that said, I don't think I could live without my BlackBerry. In fact, I know I couldn't. It's become my lifeline. Honestly, its my primary connection to the world outside my head. I use it for everything...telephone, email, internet, calendar, calculator, AOL and Yahoo instant messengers, and GPS locater. I use it to monitor my daily caloric intake, check on my investments, keep up with the status of my bids on eBay...everything. Alerts and other emails from my banks, credit monitoring service, MySpace, and Facebook each come to it. Hell, when somebody replies to a blog entry I'm alerted by my BlackBerry. To be honest, office use aside, I don't really even use a computer anymore.

If I ever lost this thing, I'd be shit out of luck...seriously. I mean, I haven't memorized a telephone number since the days of 7-digit dialing (which ended in the mid-90s in my area), so all of my contacts would be gone (yeah, I can go to my computer and check my Outlook contact list, but who has time for that.) Nothing would get done b/c it handles my professional, social and financial calendars. I would miss meetings and dinner parties and bill payments. I'd be a mess.

It provides me with instant answers to any question I have...even triviality.

I ♥ my BlackBerry. I'm sure if I replaced BlackBerry with Treo, Sidekick, Pearl, BlackJack or any other smart phone device, this entire post could and would apply to many of you too.


That Dude Right There said...

Although I have flirted with the idea of getting one, I won't do it for the reasons that you mentioned. I DO NOT want to become dependent upon a device. Being dependent upon my mobile phone is bad enough.

LVEGAS said...

I know exactly where you're commin from I love my mac and have withdrawl symptoms when we're apart.
I don't understand how someone as intelligent as you can make such outrageously flippant (and offensive) remarks as you made to YABG's last blog.
I was just saying to him what a great guy you sounded but then....
I didn't want to reply to your 'addendum' as it is his blog and in retrospect I should have commented to you this way

Cocoa Rican said...

My Palm Treo is my friend with gives me fever sometimes... acts a fool....but it always comes together...and as you mentioned, it knows ALL... I'd be lost without it...but it's certainly time for an upgrade... just don't tell Mr. Palm about it cuz he may just bail out on me.

ReddMann said...

i have been Treoing for 3 years now and couldn't imagine life without it... and now i want the new 755 Treo in red in case anyone out there works for Sprint!!

El Alexander said...

Even though I don't have a Blackberry or Treo I still feel that way about my lil Sprint Toshiba, it’s my lifeline to the outside world… And just like Reddmann I want the new 755 Treo in red!

Anonymous said...

That is why I did not approve my department to get blackberry's. They are too addictive and people would get into their own little world, calling off work, instead of coming in the office to meetings. I had one...didn't like it. Too bulky. I see why successful people don't use them.

yet another black guy said...

i'm like that with my pc laptop. i'm thinking of getting a mac for design reasons. i didn't know the blackberries did all that.

i may have to investigate getting one. if i can do away with the pc laptop, have a blackberry and a mac....

damn, you just made want become more reliant. oh well, at least it ain't crack!

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