Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Weekend Recap: Baseball, Liquor, Club, Regret, Liquor...Tuesday

Tuesday, June 19, 2007
Much of the weekend was spent traveling up and down I-95 between Baltimore and Aberdeen.
The company for which I work owns a youth baseball facility (It's actually one of the best youth facilities in the country...see pic at left) in Aberdeen, Maryland.

We invited a bunch of kids from Boys and Girls Clubs throughout the mid-Atlantic to participate in an essay contest explaining why they want to be like their Dad or father figures. We picked winners and invited them and the father figure about whom they wrote to Maryland for various baseball related festivities. I actually administered the program, so I had to be there.

It was cool to see kids and their Dads, but bitter sweet for a kid like me who has never experienced that type of thing (or much of anything for that matter) with his Dad. All went well.

In the middle of traveling up and down I-95, I did some partying.

On Saturday, I went to Pazo again. Love that place. Love their drinks more.

On Sunday, I made the mistake of going out with my ex...for a little background go here. We met two of my buddies at Be Bar Lounge at 9th and N Streets in NW DC. Anyway, I drank...a lot. I still couldn't loosen up and enjoy the experience. I got annoyed and was ready to go. Since I drove, he had no choice but to leave with me. We fell asleep in my car at the parking lot where he parked. At 3am, I was awakened abruptly to his ringing cell phone.

"Babe...you ok?", he answered in a sleepy/half-drunken voice while gathering his belongings and exiting my car. My heart sank. He used to ask me the same question in the exact same way. He walked over to his car and turned to me asked, "You good to drive?" I nodded and proceeded to pull myself together. I refused to acknowledge that I was not ok and certainly not ok to drive. I pulled off and began my long drive home. 35 minutes later I arrived home all depressed and shit. I made one last drink and sent a email message to my boss alerting her that I wasn't feeling well and shouldn't be expected in on Monday before passing out on the sofa. I'm not sure why I'm not ok.

Monday ended on a much lighter note.

I was scheduled to work at J. Crew from 6pm until like...2am to help with
summer roll out. Well, as I was walking in, my manager was walking out. She was fired. We ended up only staying until 10pm for roll out. We met her for drinks at The Brewer's Art. A really expensive resturant above a much grungier, darker, cheaper basement bar/brewery. It's quite the juxtaposition. Anyway, a few J. Crew coworkers and I arrived and the former manager was already pissy drunk. We got the scoop on why she was fired and had a few drinks ourselves...they sell a 7.5% abv brew called Ozzy for $2.75!

The highlight of the evening was observing the usually refined former manager screaming at the top of her lungs, "FUCK J. CREW!!!!!" and "J. Crew can suck my asshole!!!" Good times.

Now, it's Tuesday.


ReddMann said...

thats a lot going on for a weekend. ive heard that BeBar is now the only spot worth anything in DC... can't say I miss that at all.

yet another black guy said...

dude, you must stop hanging with your ex. all it does is make you sad and you don't need that. maybe he knows, maybe he doesn't, but it's too much for you to deal with too soon. you just need to distance yourself amicably.

Cocoa Rican said...

I agree... ex-hanging can be hard - especially when there's still some feeling involved (concious or unconcious)...at any rate, I experienced what you felt recently and all I can say is absence makes the heart get better. If you're not going to be together, get a new circle of friends. Hey, if it's meant to be, he'll be saying those magic lines to you again and if it isn't then you won't have to witness him saying them to someone else. Keep your chin up pa!

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