Friday, June 15, 2007

Random Musing

Friday, June 15, 2007
I like music...a lot. All different genres. Nothing too outlandish, but there's not much I wouldn't at least sample before deciding I didn't like it. I think the music a person enjoys is very telling about their personality.

I drive....a lot. I live' work and play in the 4th largest metro in the country behind only New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.The DC-Baltimore area is home to lots of stupid drivers. So, I'm either stuck in traffic at New York Ave and 7th trying to get onto 495 or Pratt and President trying to get onto 83 or stuck on 95 somewhere between the two or on the B-W Parkway...either way I'm stuck.

These are the cds in my current rotation in my car changer that help keep me sane.

John Legend - Another Again

Radiohead - Kid A

Meshell Ndegeocello - Comfort Woman

Coldplay - X&Y

8 Ball and MJG - Livin' Legends

PJ Morton Band - Perfect Storm

Amy Winehouse - Back to Black

Nas - It Was Written


Dub-B said...

I don't like comfort woman its too happy lovey dovey..I like angry Meshell...

Anonymous said...

There is no one better than Jason Upton.

life said...

What do you know about PJ Morton? He did a surprise performance at a place I was at one night wrecked the place.

Kensilo said...

I love John Legend! Is Meshell Ndegeocello cd any good??? Do u listen to Nickelback? I love their cd also.

Anonymous said...

John Legend's CD is called "Once Again"

Mr. Jones said...

dub-b...good call. although I wouldnt call Comfort Woman 'lovey dovey'. The content is much lighter though.

Life...he and his band performed at the 9:30 Club in DC a couple of months back. I liked them so much that I bought the CD right there.

Kensilo - John Legend is cool. I like the second CD better than the first. Meshell is good...try her.

D-Bo said...

Yeah man, Amy Whinehouse is a tight cd, i got it a couple weeks ago.

Carl Thomas got a new cd out now, and I was surprised that it's actually good, since he not on Bad Boy, but then again that's prolly why it's good.

iDLg said...

then for your music appreciation, check out my podcast, and get back with me..i'm kwel, if the mixes are too over the top..i would suggest you don't start wit raw hop bonus it is definitely crazy shit..
best regards,

yet another black guy said...

you GOTS to cop that Chrissette Michele! NOW!!

Mr. Jones said...

YABM - I actually just saw your response to this post today after I had already responded to your post about her. I think she's awesome.

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