Thursday, May 31, 2007

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Thursday, May 31, 2007
I’m often appalled at how selfish and disconnected the wealthy are. This exchange between these two inconsiderate, selfish, spoiled, self-serving bitches really pissed me off.

Today’s muse is a conversation I overheard while folding clothes last night at my part-time job. I work at J. Crew, which should give you an indication of the socio-economic situation of the customers with which I interact. I should also mention that I work at the downtown Baltimore location which is directly opposite the global headquarters for T. Rowe Price and Legg Mason, two of the world’s leading finance firms. PwC, Ernst Young, Reznick Group and a bunch of other financial, law and engineering firms are in the immediate area. Throw in its proximity to Johns Hopkins University and Hospital, the University of Maryland Hospital and graduate schools, multi-million dollar waterfront properties and lots and lots of Inner Harbor tourists and, well, you get my point. Two fairly young, but obviously professional women walk in.

Below is a paraphrased version of the conversation that ensued:

Girl #1: OMG, did you hear about what happened to Liza? Her house burned down and she’s staying in a Red Cross shelter.

Girl #2: Yeah, I feel really badly for her. I heard the office was taking a collection for her and her family.

Girl #1: I heard. I decided not to give though. (hold up a $250 cashmere cardigan) I don’t have extra money.

Me: (Looks up at her)

Girl #2: I know what you mean. People get themselves into situations and expect others to bail them out.

Me: (Looks at her)

Girl #2: (to me) It’s the truth.

Me: (Stares silently. Continues folding)

Girl #1: Now I feel bad.

Girl #2: I don’t. Isn’t there a Banana Republic nearby?


yet another black guy said...

i..i...i'm speechless.

terpFAN said...

no way ... lol ... but i shouldn't be surprised

Dayne Avery said...

hmmmm have to give them a little credit even though that convo was disturbing. Those girls said aloud what many people think but arent bold enough to say. You should have thrown that $250 cardigan at them....just joking.

Anonymous said...

dumb hoes

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