Monday, January 1, 2007

A Note on Blog Etiquette

Monday, January 1, 2007
Dear Reader:

Do not assume that you know everything there is to know about me simply because you read my weblog on a regular basis. Remember, any judgements you make will be based on the information I have provided you. I do, however, welcome whatever opinion you form on me as a person, or my life as a whole but remember, you are a guest. This is my house.

If you have a real life relationship with me, remember that communication is very important. View this weblog as an online journal, no less sacred than a diary hidden between my mattress. Let me know that you read this site, especially if I didn't tell you about it personally. This is my outlet and I may not want you to read certain things I might write about you or others you care about, in order to spare your feelings or avoid drama. By reading this you agree to never relay any information you gather at their site to others.

Ex-friends, lovers and estranged family members who have been cut out of my life should refrain from reading this journal. If our relationship has ended, there is no reason for you to get daily updates on my life. If you simply can't help yourself, do it quietly, and never repeat what you read or use it to hurt me or so help me God...

My best always,

Mr. Jones


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