Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You can't make f*ckery like this up, folks. You just can't.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009
'Mrs. Jesus' arrested at car dealership, charged with fraud

By Matt Coleman
Story updated at 4:42 AM on Thursday, Aug. 13, 2009

JACKSONVILLE, FL – A woman came into the Coggin Pontiac dealership on Blanding Blvd. looking to buy a car. But how she tried to pay for the car is what caught the salesman’s attention.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office says Emma Harrison, 25, wrote the dealership a check for $67,768 for the purchase of a car, with the names Jesus Christ and Emma Christ on the account. The check was handed over to the financial manager for verification.

But when the funds didn’t check out, he called police.

Reports show that Harrison would sign the checks as Emma Christ, or even sometimes sign both Jesus Christ and Emma Christ.

Emma told police Harrison was her maiden name, and she was married to Jesus Christ, and Jesus was coming in next week to sign the paperwork for the car.

She also said the dealership called the wrong company to verify the funds. Police looked into Harrison’s accounts, and found that she had no money in any of her accounts, so she could not purchase the car.

When asked about work, Harrison told police she does not work, but she has a traveling website that people deposit money into.

She had three active credit cards in the name of Emma Christ.

Harrison was arrested on three fraud-related counts.


iDELLA*BELLE! said...


Darren Logan said...

You're right...can't make that kind of stuff up.

Mr. Jones said...

@ Della - LOL

@ Darren - I knooooooow. :-/ So sad.

RocGarden said...

Wow! She is eat up wit da dumb ass...

Dr.Friday said...

Ch..........@ this mess

DEAD @ "Jesus' wife" having a "traveling website that people deposit money into". People never cease to amaze me....

yet another black guy said...

She couldn't buy a decent wig first?

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