Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer '09 is not a good look for celebs; claims another famous life. RIP Steve McNair

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Rest In Peace

Steve McNair

1973 - 2009

I honestly wish we could fast forward through the remainder of Summer 2009. It just keeps taking far too many lives for my liking. After having already sealed the fates of Harvey Presnel, Billy Mays, Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon, and, of course, Michael Jackson, this season struck again on Saturday claiming the life of former NFL QB Steve McNair.

Though the details are still VERY much sketchy as Nashville police are working the active crime scene, officials are calling this a murder-suicide. Regardless of what happened and how it happened we lost one of the good dudes yesterday. Despite playing for the much hated Tennessee Titans before signing with the Ravens for the last year of his pro career, I always had a soft spot for Steve and the work he did in undeserved communities in Nashville and then Baltimore.

This really hit me and certainly made me feel some kinda way. Anyway...R.I.P., Steve. Thanks for everything you brought to the table.

For continuing coverage of this story, click this link.


deonte' k said...

Yes RIP Steve. Sad news!

Mr. Jones said...

Yeah man. Cheating on the wifey and all aside, McNair was a good dude. He did some really good work in low-income communities in Bmore while he was here.

So tragic.

Dr.Friday said...

This is such a sad and shocking event. I always liked Steve McNair as a football player. He was such an amazing talent and a great competitor. May he rest in peace.

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