Monday, July 20, 2009

Chris Brown, I can forgive you for whoopin' Rihanna, but this lisp...

Monday, July 20, 2009


yet another black guy said...

Not only does that seem exceptionally scripted (how many times before has he EVER mentioned spiritual advisors, etc - NEVER) but son actually said, " I axed myself many times how could this happen."


PhlyyGirl said...

Lisp?? LISP??? I ain't notice that shit past the shirt. THAT'S what he should have been apologizing for.

Mr. Jones said...

YABG - I know...he cant talk for shit. LOL.

PhlyyG - I know, I know. I was gonna go in on it, but I thought it was his unrequited ode to MJ, so I let him live.

thetruth said...

And hes gon have the nerve to not even rock that fly ass top right!! ugh its so nice but not on him!

and is it me or as he aged he did not get cuter?

nonetheless too late to apologize after 163 days of silence and partying n such! real sincere chris!


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