Friday, July 17, 2009

Bishop Rev. Dr. Barack Obama, D.D. to the NAACP: "Chuuuuuurch"

Friday, July 17, 2009
To commemorate its 100th anniversary, President Barack Obama yesterday addressed the NAACP in New York. I won't rehash his points but the crux of his argument was this: It's not just the government that should take more responsibility, but individuals who should also take responsibility.

It was a fine speech, but I have to admit Evangelist Obama was a little spookier than usual. He starts going off at 24:30 and by 27:00 I was ready to toss a lil something in the collection plate. I'm just sayin...

Copies of yesterday's message were available as folks exited the sanctuary, but I found a freebie on MSNBC. To watch the revival in its entirety press play on the video.


Dr.Friday said...

Yea......President Obama can change into Rev. Dr. Obama real quick......

Mr. Jones said...

Didnt he tho! LOL.

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