Friday, February 13, 2009

Re: Valentine's Day

Friday, February 13, 2009

A friend sent this to me today and I thought it was the cutest thing ever. It's sooooo something my cynical ass would write.

Wanting to share this with you all aside, I'm writing today to wish you a happy Valentines Day. If you have a boo in your life, enjoy your boo tomorrow. Don't forget to say 'I Love You'. If you don't have a boo in your life, don't acquiesce to self-deprecation. I hear it causes crows feet. Just enjoy yourself tomorrow.

I don't have a boo, but I have fluttering butterflies in my stomach to keep me company tonight. And I'm just fine with that. Though waking up next to a significant other tomorrow morning would be ideal, the guy that's occupying my mind at the moment is consolation enough.

Enjoy your weekend.


dickspot said...


Funny Post, MJ. (the Valentine, not your lack of a Boo...)

You so damn CUTE ! You must be turning them away........ speaking of which....what happened to your picture ? I found it to be the personality of your Blog. Not everyone can carry off patchwork madras.

Mr. Jones said...

^Hey. Thanks, man. I really appreciate that. I'm not turning them away as much as I'm just not meeting the ones I want. I met one that I think I want, but I'm not totally sure. We'll see.

As for the pic (or lack thereof), it's apart of my ongoing effort to make this place as not about me as possible. A few weeks ago, you may remember I wrote lamenting my new found lack of anonymity. Removing the pic from the homepage was the start of that.

Thanks again for the kind words. :-)

Anonymous said...

Cute....Do you have a follow button?????

Mr. Jones said...

^^sure do. Two sections down in the right column under the header 'follow me'.

Anonymous said...

You do have the OTHER followers tool?!?

life said...

Lol...I love this type of crap. I may have to snag this one.

Mr. Jones said...

^^have at it!! LOL.

Kyon Saucier said...


Mr. Jones said...

Peggy does look quite whorish with her lip rouge.

deonte' k said...

Hey u happy V-day! ;)

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