Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Uncle Sam, I like you my Mother's brother, but stay the hell out of my damn pockets!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm so sick of fucking paying taxes. I know that's one of the constants in life you'll never be able to avoid, but FUCK THAT!!! I'm mad as hell right now!

I just walked down to the mailroom at the office and noticed our pay stubs were distributed. Because I get paid the exact same amount every pay, I usually just grab mine, throw the unopened envelope in my top left drawer here and let them pile up. I opened it this time because I wanted to know how much personal, vacation and sick time I've accrued cus I'm thinking about getting away for a bit in a few. That was mistake #1.

I just realized that Uncle Sam's greedy ass takes $508.53 in federal and state taxes , Social Security (that I'll NEVER recoup a effing dime of) and Medicare...every fucking pay.


I'm not sure why I did this cus all it did was piss me off even more, but I crunched some numbers. That was mistake #2

The government takes roughly 25% of what I make bi-weekly in taxes. In total -- and this is what REALLY grinded my gears -- $13,224.64 is snatched from me annually in taxes.

I now know what getting butt fucked against my will by some big nigga named 'Tiny' in cell block #8 at Comstock or Sing Sing feels like. :-(

Here's a thought, Federal (and State) Government, maybe Americans wouldn't need freaking stimulus package, handout bullshit every quarter if we were allowed to keep more of the damn money we actually earn!!!

**walks away maaaaaad salty and slams the door behind**


La said...

I can't even bear to look at what my taxes are... between that and the ridiculously priced insurance that is automatically deducted, it's not wonder i take home damn near $15K less than what I earn every year.

Keith Jones said...

wow i thought i was the only one.

PRIMO said...

As keyshia cole's mom would say:


....That's a lotta damn money!!! They are taxing ya ass to death!

dickspot said...

Sounds like you're a Republican in the making.

Guess you never stopped to do the math about what it takes to have the highest standard of living on the planet. ( That's right. You and I, and EVERY American Citizen lives better than any other nation on the planet, per capita.)

Bet you were pretty PISSED after Katrina, weren't you ? I know I was.... well being from New Orleans and all................... We were PISSED at the SLOW government action.

That action costs money. Money tax-payers give into the central fund. Taxes are the dues we pay to live in the wealthiest, greatest country on Earth. A country, by the way, that is about to realize a precious Dream we never thought we would see.

So, sorry about your fucking $500.00 dollars.

There are people on the continent of Africa watching their 3 year olds DIE because their government cannot provide clean water.

Good luck with your blog.....................

BPS 3.0 : Dallas said...

Well let me let you all in on something. I suggest you move to a state where you don't have state taxes taken out of your check.

kennyking78 said...

Damn, I guess dickspot got you together real quick, didn't he? hahahahaha There was no need for all of that! hahaha

I feel you... we all know that we have to pay taxes, but when you sometimes stop and look at what is being taken you just have to have a moment...


deonte' k said...

Man uncle sam is no joke. LMAO @ slams door. ur too funny. ;)

Mr. Jones said...

La - I feel your pain. I'm really fortunate to have relatively inexpensive health insurance since I'm single. I suppose it does pay to be lonely.

Keith - Nope. He butt fucks all of us.

Primo - Gotta love the ghetto mommas.

Dick - You seem angry. Thanks for the well wishes. Oh, and I know you're new here and all, but I've stated my political affiliation here many times and its neither dem nor pub. Sorry to disappoint.

BPS - I hear ya. But, there are benefits to living in Maryland. I like it here. And if you're suggesting Texas, I could never.

Kenny - Yeah, not sure what that rant was all about, but I've never been one to disallow anyone their opinion. And I like slamming doors. It's therapeutic. :-)

Deonte - What's really sad is that the joke's on us. LOL.

dickspot said...

Me, Angry ??? Not at all.

"Cantankerous" perhaps.... certainly no more angry than beginning a post with "I'm so fucking sick of paying taxes." and continuing; "....FUCK THAT !!! I'm as mad as hell right now!"......... nope. Can't call THAT angry. What SHALL we call it ? ? ? Oh, I know....Petulant.

You come across in this post as a petulant five year-old who stomps his foot, folds his arms, and sticks out his lower lip because he can't have sprinkles on his double-dip ice cream cone.

I've followed this blog long enough to know you live a pretty nice life. You have friends, you travel, you're attractive and intelligent. You are being rewarded for your hard work in your career. (And let me reiterate, you live in the wealthiest nation on Earth.)

And yet on a regular basis you subject your readers with your "cantankerous" perspectives that come across as "angry". From the weather if it's a blizzard.. to metro escalator users...... to (most famously) your Angela Basset tirade about not being able to smoke in public places. ( A post in which you pointedly warned your loyal readers NOT to express their honest opinion on said tirade.)

I love your post. I've said so in the past and I meant it and still do. But if you're going to rant.... expect rants back. I made some excellent points in my comment and reiterate them now.

PEACE +++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Mr. Jones said...

^^Please don't turn this into a back and forth.

I don't mind your rants/dissertations/essays here. If I did, I'd just erase them. Like I said before, you're entitled to whatever it is you think about what I have to say. That's the gift and the curse of the First Amendment. We're entitled to whatever we want to say, but we also have to deal with the burden or the criticism that ensues. I'm fine with that. Really, I am.

BTW...I tend to like my sprinkles, my cigarettes and anything else I want when I want it and I throw fits when I don't get them. You're obviously entertained by my antics. Otherwise, you wouldn't come back, right? Remember that.

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

Hmmmmmmm@ $508.53. Cute. Mines is $807.41. Yup, ya gotta love Uncle Sam.

@Dickspot - I will not entertain the back and forth engagement that Mr. Jones offered you, however, as a registered Republican I find your comments not only comical but disturbing. I agree with your assertion that we live in the country with the highest standard of living on the planet. Conversely, I affirm that there are people who not only put forth equal effort, but also unfairly benifit from the hard work necessary that makes this country GREAT! Was I pissed over Katrina, yes. I was PISSED that the democratic Mayor of a city could not coordinate the evacuation of it's citizens to safer/higher ground with his Democratic Governor! Since you appear to be astute enough to take account of the gov't expenditures withheld from your check, I think you should've been more PISSED that monies paid DIRECTLY to you state and local governmets had been sooooooooooo poorly mismanaged. I know I would've... I also wonder to what extent your knowledge is of constitutional law but I won't go there.

I Sir, am a proud American tax payer and pay my 'fair share' w/out receiving a refund at years end. I find it INSULTING that the very individuals who do the most complaining with the biggest mouths, are the same ones who eagerly await their refund check in the mail between Feb and May annually!!!

Good day!


dickspot said...

( Hear birds chirping and flutes playing ......dickspot would like to respectfully and thoughtfully respond to bLaQ ...)

Its seems most have moved on to the most recent post so I defend my intellect and honor, bLaQ..............

I respect and applaud you coming to MJ's defense. That's what friends do. However I must make three points.

First: Ray Nagin is a lifelong Republican who only registered as a Democrat to win the New Orleans Mayoral race, his first campaign. That is why Kathleen Blanco hates him .....because he has always endorsed Bobby Jindal for Governor.

Second: The levees that failed in New Orleans in Katrina are FEDERAL levees. No state control exists over the Army Corps of Engineers. Like the Interstate bridge that collapsed in Minneapolis, this was a FEDERAL ,not state,lapse of responsibility.

Third: And this is where I'm showing the most respectful restraint for your tirade........ Your last paragraph is a complete and total non-sequitur.

My ENTIRE point in the first of my comments was that Mr. Jones was complaining TOO LOUDLY (as you have just condemned.....) Re-Read that last paragraph, bLaQ. You are condemning those who complain too loudly with the biggest mouths ..................... as I was doing as well.

My entire point was: We have it so GOOD here in the USA ...yeah it stings a little when you think about 15% of your income going to taxes, but stop complaining there are SO many other benefits to our life here. And to drive the point home I brought up the very real emergency of the lack of potable water for one fourth of the world's population.

Peace, Friend... I look forward to the respectful exchange of ideas in the future. LOVE TO MJ.

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

(As the mellow sounds of a harp reverberate in the distance, blaq would like to respectfully respond to his new found political adversary...)

Your intellect is noted my friend for I would not have engaged you had I not acknowledged you as a worthy foe.

Granted, I am not totally familiar with Louisiana politics, however, any man that will readily switch their party affiliation for political expediency is not a stable representation of either party. Mrs. Blanco's affinity toward Mr. Nagin is of no consequence to me. As public servents, it is their duty to the citizens to conduct themselves in a professional manor to ensure the safety and well being of their citizens.

We agree that the levees are the responsibility of the Federal gov't, however, the welfare of the citizens of New Orleans and Louisiana proper are first and foremost the responsibility of the local and state gov't. This point is evident by the simple fact that states are allowed to enact certain laws that are not practiced in other states (ie: Cali deals with earthquakes, Lousiana deals with hurricanes and Mass deals wit snow storms). Although I agree that the levees failing is a federal issue, the poorly managed evacuation of the states citizens is soley the fault of the city and state gov't (Not withstanding a timely declaration of a state of emergency by a sitting Governor).

I don't make 'tirades' pa and I futher assert my conclusion is sound. Whereas I agree there is a fine line with complaining about the amount of taxes we as individuals pay in taxes in comparison to those who don't pay their 'fair share' is objective depending on which side of the isle you're on, I contend that there are individuals (be they citizens or otherwise) who will cry foul having not pitched their pennies into the well. From this exchange comes a real and true question...

How do we level the playing field...? I am a staunch supporter of a flat tax (I'm sure an explanation is not necessary). That is the only way that everyone will pay their 'fair share' cause as it stands right now (and is evident by MJ's example), I pay MORE in taxes than he does. The way our system is set up now, I can pay 29% while someone else will pay 15% but receive a 12% refund at year end reaping the same benifit.

As for the world population, my primary concern is the AMERICAN population. Ironically enough, Americans are the most benevolent people on Earth, yet we are made out to be the most thoughtless people.

I would relish the opportunity to engage you on world politics at some point. I think it would be a refreshing exchange of ideas.

God bless you and God Bless America!


dickspot said...

I Tried .................

I'm Out...........................

Darius T. Williams said...

Ha...I know what you mean. Imagine an almost 80K a year salary and the amount of taxes I pay. Ri-damn-dic-ulous!

Darius T. Williams said...

OMG - I just read the comments between you guys and dickspot. WHEW Warren - you's stirring up the controversy over here - wowzers.

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