Sunday, December 7, 2008

Marcus Patrick really needs to give up this whole pretending to be straight thing.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

There's only so many excuses I can make to defend this man's supposed hetro status. Let's run down his resume: he strips often in front of majority male crowds, he posed fully nude for Playgirl magazine and its notoriously gay following (see pic about for visual proof) and now he's doing whatever this is with B. Scott.

Bwhahahaha @ him still holding on to that girlfriend/fiancee of his.

Note the erect penis during the lap dance toward the end of the video. In what world does a straight man get aroused by a tranny and allow said tranny to perform a lapdance...on the internet?

Speaking of androgyny, I just don't get the guys who's into that. The only hybrids in this world should be on the road and made my Toyota.


Ty said...

Too funny. I really haven't been following him but any man who strips for other men "only for money" raises suspicion. What else will you do "only for money"? Then, at what point, have you crossed that line. That is, if there is a line?!? hmmm....

PRIMO said...

I Agree 100%. The Nigga Is Fine Tho.

fuzzy said...

I do agree that it raises much suspicion! Ummm and I am so gonna get kicked offa this computer at work if I open one more blog with a dick showing! lol It was a nice pic though...

Mr. Jones said...

Ty - Yeah...the whole stripping/touching/dancing with men thing is tough to defend. I just wish he gets it over with already.

Primo - He's easy on the eye.

Fuzzy - You got some nerve, Shaft. Those semi-x-rated photos of yours almost for me in a whole heap of trouble at the office.

Mr. Jones said...

Why can't I stop coming back to this post tho? LOL.

Joey Bahamas said...

He's a cutie. I get life. I mean but what if he is straight. Maybe he's just comfortable. Waht kills me is that GLBT people need more str8 men who are comfortable with us and themselves, but if we think those men are too comfortable it becomes a witch hunt. I live...and that pic is ovah.

I like androgyny...I get called a lesbian all the time because of it LOL. I think it can be sexy, it's a mind-fuck, it turns the world on it's head and that can be attractive and interesting. Just my take...luv!!!


BPS 3.0 : Dallas said...

B is a mess. I go to the "sight" regularly. I said it right, B is just that. LOL!!

Yeah Marcus states that he is the gayest straight guy on the planet. But like most say, a dick doesn't lie because it has its own mind.

D.LavarJames said...

I LOVE MARCUS PATRICK!!! Gay or Straight, but preferably gay!

and I have that Playgirl Magazine too, and those pics are HOT to death!

Cocoa Rican said...

absolutely love this man...he is so beautiful. hey, who gives a hot shyt? any one of us fuckin' 'im?

Anonymous said...

Joey Bahamas wrote: "What kills me is that GLBT people need more str8 men who are comfortable with us and themselves, but if we think those men are too comfortable it becomes a witch hunt."

I agree 100% with Joey. If Marcus' dick got hard during the lapdance with the tranny, he could still be straight. As long as they didn't have sex, so what?

One more thing, it SEEMS that Marcus' dick got hard during the lapdance, but maybe it didn't. His penis is large, even when "soft", judging by that first picture. Maybe it just LOOKED like it was hard through his underwear. We don't know if it actually was hard since we don't see his actual naked penis, we only see the shape of it through his undies.

Mr. Jones said...

Anonymous - You're reallllllly reaching, buddy.

First, the dick was me, I know one when I see it. Second, I've never not once met a straight man who would let B. Scott do the things they were doing in that vid-yaw, let a lone get hard from it.

Mr. Jones said...

DEAD @ YouTube snatchin the vid.

Oh, well.

I'm sure someone else re-uped it, but Im not searching for it again.

Anonymous said...

geaux to the to see it... i was tooooo outdone when I saw this one. I mean money is money, but this takes the cake!

That Dude Right There said...

What the hell was the point of that video??

Bruh L said...

Why would how Marcus chooses to identify
himself worry/bother any of you, who seem
to be? Because he is incredibly attractive,
and seemingly comfortable in the presence
of SGL peeps, he MUST be gay himself. There
really is no winning with some of "US". If
he derided and shunned gays, then he'd be a
homophobe. Since he is cool and ok, when in
our midst, he is a sho-nuff closet case. We
often create our own burdens, with the way we
think.....but quick to point out how others
think about us, as we see it. Quit worrying
about who ELSE is gay, and focus on your own
life and living it. If you are gay yourself,
would Marcus being gay make you feel better
about your own sexuality?? If so, why? This
is 2010, not 1975. You should no longer need
a "role model" to enable you to feel good about
Self. If you don't know by n-o-w that you are
worthy, and deserving of a spot on the planet,
you never will....makes no difference if you
like dick and manholes, or not. The only ones
worth your concerns are those who deride homosexuality publicly, while being knee-deep
in it privately, especially if they are politicians. Hypocrisy like that should be exposed.

Peace n Luv

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