Friday, October 3, 2008

The Low Down On The Vice Presidency and Last Night's Debate

Friday, October 3, 2008

During the campaign a Vice President is expected to support his or her principle at the top of the ticket and be a good running mate. Outside of that, much of what the Vice President does is very up-in-the-air. According to the U.S. Constitution, the VP is responsible for is presiding over the Senate, breaking a tie vote and hang around in case something happens to the boss. What VPs do often depends on who they are though.
  • Dick Chaney put real power into the job: major influence on the President and policy, in charge in the hours after the 9/11 attacks, he argued for going to war in Iraq and has been a hawk in the campaign on the war on terrorism.

  • Al Gore played a softer role -- more partner than power center -- and got big projects like re-inventing government and the internet, apparently.

  • Dan Quayle never got from under the shadow of doubt as he was inexperienced and unprepared.

  • The first George Bush had plenty of experience and weekly lunches with Reagan, but no one ever suggested that he made policy or wielded influence.
That leaves us where we are today. Joe Biden picked for his experience, clout in Congress and foreign policy expertise. Sarah Palin for her energy, conservative core, and dedication to reform. We got some really interesting clues last night as to what each candidate sees the job as being if they're there.

Sarah Palin said she will be working hard to be the point person on several issues: energy, the reform agenda, families and children with special needs. Joe Biden interestingly said he would be the legislative point man, that means getting stuff done in Washington and in Congress. Biden said he has talked it over with Obama and he will be in the room on every major decision.

During the primary campaign a lot of people were wondering if maybe the next Vice President would also be the Secretary of State or Secretary of Defense. Joe Biden last night said Barack Obama asked him if he wanted a portfolio. Biden said no, but it still seems unlikely the next Vice President will play a traditional role. We have passed the role of the Vice President simply sitting in the wings: the issues are too big, the egos are too big and the need for power is too significant; however, both of these candidates have been chosen for a reason.

This is probably more dangerous with Palin considering her relative lack of experience, but her profile on the McCain campaign, where she connects with voters, and her potential clout if she were to find her way to Washington is probably such that John McCain would seemingly find something creative and different for her to do.

After yesterday's debate, it's safe to say the next Vice President will not be the next Dan Quayle. Neither of those candidates is willing to simply wait in the wings.


Acoustic Soul said...

Wow! Look at you go. You gave me some insight to the position of Vice President. You really broke it down and went back in history. Good job.

BPS 3.0 : Dallas said...

I agree that the VP role is in a nutshell just a "waiting in the wing" position. However, the VP will have to get things done in the Executive office but what is of most importance to me is.....if in the event something happens to the President (coma, death, kidnapped, etc.) will the VP be able to step up in the role as Commander In Chief and lead our country.

Palin is not the best choice, period. Condoleeza Rice and Hillary Clinton have/had challenges in a leadership role in the White House. Palin is no where near either of these women when it comes to commanding respect and knowing how the White House operates. Nor has she shown that she can learn in a expeditious manner on how to run our country. She can't even control her own children so how is she going to control a country. Need I go on with her lack of concentration with the colleges she attended and never graduating? Let's be honest, Palin may try to use the red phone to call her husband to talk about the black people serving her dinner.

Obama/Biden have shown me the best mixture for running our office and well. I can sleep well at night knowing Biden was taking on the position.

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

Jones, good post. It was (shall I say) 'Fair'. We already spoke on the subject.

Bps 3.0 - The only challenge Mrs. Clinton had in the White House was keeping her husband from slingin dingaling at every skirt that walked by. I won't however, take away from her senate experience. As for the argument about Pailins children, that sir has no place in political discourse and frankly it is disgusting that you would attack her on those basis. ESPECIALLY given the high teenage pregnacy rate in the black community today. Don't throw stones from a glass house baby boy.


Cocoa Rican said...

Palin is a fool...
Scary prospect for VP...
Terrified to consider her President

Mr. Jones said...

Acoustic - Thanks, man.

BPS - I'm with you.

Blaq - I'm glad you approve. LOL.

Cocoa - Agree. Yep. I'm petrified.

yet another black guy said...

oh that lady annoys me!

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