Monday, July 14, 2008

Ahhh, Jeeze. Not this shit again.

Monday, July 14, 2008

After studying "An Idiot's Guide to Creating Inflammatory Magazine Covers", the staff at The New Yorker quickly got going on next week's cartoon. Someone there clearly took great notes, made their "let's make this most inciting" list and checked it twice.
  • Traditional Muslim garb donned by a man who clearly isn't Muslim. Check.
  • An AK-47 and afro sporting Michelle Obama. Check.
  • Mural of the elusive Osama bin laden hanging above the mantel. Check.
  • A burning American flag. Check.
I'm all for political satire, but this goes too far. Since when did liberal publications blast liberal presidential candidates this hard on non-issues?

Shame on you, The New Yorker.


Darius T. Williams said...

What are folks coming to these days? I personally saw this and shook my head...and kept on going. I didn't pay much attention to it nor did I let it phase me all that much. I know there are others in a tizzy over this.

I just hope Obama responds in a decent way. He has to keep proving he can take these types of blow and still unite us as a people.

ShawnQt said...

Obama has already commented on saying it was distasteful. This is very MAD Magazine! I can see them doing it, but the New Yorker? I mean come on, are they really going to have this cover sell magazines? Maybe a good news story, but who wants to own this?

I think this was a bad business move.

18 year old male. said...

I actually understood the magazine cover as satire because if you notice, everything about the cover is extreme. Everything that's ever been said about the Obama's is present on the cover.

The problem is, according to those that have actually read the magazine, the article says nothing about those myths. The cover doesn't connect at all to the article written.

And that's where they made a mistake.
They could've made a clever tag line on the cover of the magazine and then went on to explain the misconceptions about Obama and the politics of fear in the article.

They chose not to.
And that's where they missed the mark.

However, one thing this Presidential race has shown me is that racism and religious intolerance is alive and well. It's ironic that just as we have the first black man to ever be nominated by the Democratic Party, we've also seen a swell of racism across the country. far removed are we really from the blatant racism of the 1960's?

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

Republican = racist, bigot, homophobes...? HA!!! LoL. Sad all around but I love it! When you're ready for this debate Sir Jones, just give me a call. LMAO.


fuzzy said...

this is all political propoganda! All against Barack Obama to put him and his family in a bad light! It is working slowly because nobody is raising hell behind it!

Joey Bahamas said...

They didn't blast him at all, the cover article was the Politics of fear. I thought it was funny...especially the Michelle image. Just me though...


yet another black guy said...

The satire would've been more acceptable with a relevant story accompanying it. Then again how many people discussing the cover bothered to read the article?

Mr. Jones said...

The average American isn't smart enough to understand, let alone appreciate satire. Joe "Dumbass" Schmo is gonna take this for what it is. And that's a shame.

Mr. Jones said...

And Blaq, I told you I am not matching (and I use that term loosely) wits with you any more.

I think you almost go off in the pizza place in Chicago. You DEF. had me going off at that little diner in Manhattan.

Never more. LoL.

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