Friday, May 2, 2008

LOL @ Queen B(roke)

Friday, May 2, 2008
Get into this local news video clip. I can not take Lil' Kim's response to the reporter:
"Hi. We're doing a story on the economy and repossession."

"The economy and repossession of what? Get the f*ck outta here. You are so f*cking ridiculous."
As if she didn't she hasn't paid for that Bentley GT in 90 days.



fuzzy said...

Lol that just doesn't make any sense at all! Umm Glad I didn't see my green Cabrio there!!! :-) hehe

Cocoa Rican said...

Just triflin'....I luv Kim...I ain't gonna lie...but she can be an ig'nant bitch

Bullet Proof Soul said...

If the newsreporter were on our porch spewing that same crap we would react the same way too. Let's not lie about that.

I feel sorry her. She is trying to get back on her feet after being in prison. Well, in this economy, nothing is surprising.

Mr. Jones said...

^^sorry bullet proof. I'm not with ya on this one.

I don;t feel badly at all for her. The bitch should've traded in that Bentley for a Honda Accord. She would've had a nice chunk of change left over.

Bullet Proof Soul said...

True but she already had this car for 4 almost 5 years before she even went to prison and when her "career" was on point. You and I both would have had Bentleys too. Besides she would have had to sell the car all together because we all know she is not driving in a Honda Accord. That's Melyssa Ford status right there. LMAO.

But I keep hearing that the car is not hers. It was a gift from Scott Storch which is why she didn't know the payments weren't being made. We all know he filed for bancruptcy.

Anonymous said...

^Im sorry excuses...excuses. Who accepts a Bentley as a gift and they still have to pay a car note on it . Save yourself the embarrassment Kim and turn your shit into the bank before becoming the victim of a CW investigative report...who even knew CW even had local affilates...yikes

And after a quick google I saw where she dissed foxy for paying for her own Bentley

see below:

"But hoes wanna go to COURT for not paying for they NAILS
Who you tryin to be? Man it couldn't be me
My man spent guap and bought me my Continental T
You spent your advance on your Continental T
I know you sick when you clean your RIMS you still see a B"

Maybe fox can give her a ride to her accountant's office to get this all straightened out...Kim is getting messy

Mr. Jones said...

Bullet - At least Melyssa's Honda Accord didn't get repo'd on local news.

Bullet Proof Soul said...


kennyking78 said...

NO!!! They did not go there! Why did they put Kim on blast like that?! Was that even necessary?!

Mr. Jones said...

Maybe fox can give her a ride to her accountant's office to get this all straightened out...Kim is getting messy

Anonymous...would you really trust getting into a car, truck or tank that Foxy Brown is driving??? Remember that Range??

Omar Ramon said...


Anonymous said...

Lil Kim does too much cocaine to get her act together at this point.

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