Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's a Matter of Extreme Importance

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Alicia Keys sang about her Teenage Love Affair, now I'd like to discuss yours. I know it may be tougher for some of you than others, but go back in that lengthy mental Rolodex of yours and try to remember your first. You know, the one who popped your cherry. Tell me all about your first teenage love affair.

Now, I know how half-assed some of you hoes can be in your responses, so I'm gonna give you some structure. I want to know:
  • when this cumfest happened;
  • how old you were when it happened;
  • how old was/were the other party/parties involved (hey...you never know);
  • if was good back then;
  • if it was good in retrospect (as compared to others you've since experienced);
  • how you were courted (or vice-versa);
  • if you regret anything you did (or maybe something you didn't do) and;
  • if you've encountered this person as an adult.
I guess I'll go first.

My first happened in '98 or '99 or something like that. I was...waaaay too young to be doing what I was doing. He was....well, statutorily too old for me, but hey, it was what it was.

The sex was fucking AMAZING back then and still ranks among my all-time top-10. I won't go into detail because I don't kiss and tell, but when I say it was good...I mean it.

I was courted at a summer internship I held at Johns Hopkins Hospital. That in and of itself is a long story that I may share in San Juan...maybe not.

I don't regret a damn thing we did. That situation prepared me for what was to come in more ways than one.

We actually have encounter each other as adults in the oddest of places, my sister's wedding. I went upstairs in the hall to get prepared and changed and all and this fool walks out of the bathroom dragging his jaw behind. After exchanging some awkward pleasantries, I discovered that not only was he in the wedding party, but that he is my brother-in-law's line brother. We actually exchanged v-cards and BlackBerry PINs during the reception, but nothing ever came of it.

Your turn.


Soldier said...

Too many people know the soccer story so i'll keep it short to make myself feel less of a perverted child lol

Me + about 5 friends all the same age soccer practices @ my house, around 97 so i was about 11. group showers : i'd joke around, slap some booties, test the reactions and see who was up for some freaky business (one by one, all of them were) and i'd always find a way to make the dude of the day stay after the others left... and it was on !

One of them is definitely stayin in my top 3 : we'd explore each other's body for hours twice a week. it was off da hook. no regrets.
i saw him last year. married. got a kid. he was tired, feeling overwhelmed by his responsibilities and wished he could go back to our childhood. slept in my arms. i didnt. i looked at him all night.
next day he gave me a ring with a message engraved inside : " to my 1st love "

fuzzy said...

I wish I had a first that was a love story! That was nice soldier and you too mr jones!

My first experience with a guy was with my neighbor down the street. I was about 8 and he was about 5 or 6. We would go to the park and do the playground thing, run around etc! we got back to his house one day and his parents weren't home and we played sega genesis. I had to go pee and he said he had to pee too! We peed together. he then followed with "that is so big!" What could I say, I was blessed at an early age! It may sound nasty, but right after we peed, he sucked my dick. I let him. It was my first time getting a blowjob and it felt good. I didn't cum, I hadn't done that yet. We continued all the way through until I was about 12. When I could cum I showed him and he was so amazed. Shortly after that we fell out of touch. He grew up to be this tall deep voiced handsome man. I still like him and still think about him. His brother is at the high school where I sub. Damn if he only knew about Big Bro!!!

Mr. Jones said...

awwwww. keep em coming!

Darius T. Williams said...

LOL - this is a great post and that Teenage Love Affair song is HOT! I'm actually writing mines now as a memoir in 2 parts (the first was a little slow getting off the ground, so I was told). But part 2 will come out Thursday.

datnfo said...

It was the Summer(May or June) of 1999 right before my Junior year in college, I was 19 and was in summer school and working full time. I was out furniture shopping for the apartment I was moving into in the fall. I was leaving the store when this dude (he was 27) that I recognized as a customer from my job, rolls up on me asking what I was up to and would I take a ride with him I jump in his car and we ride to a abandon office building parking lot its like 11AM in the morning. And he parks and pulls out his dick and reach over and pull out mine and he start sucking. He stop sucking and tell me he has to go back to work and ask where i live and he would stop by. I guess one of his jobs was a school bus driver because he pulls this big azz yellow bus in front of the house i was staying in. Well since I was a virgin he convince me to let him pop my cherry. Even thought mines was bigger then his,lol (It was not good and I sit there like wtf will he finish already and get the hell out my house, and he didn't believe in kissing) One week later I moved and got a new phone number and job.

Seen him at a store I was working at 2 years later with his "cousin/lover" he ask for my number and i made up one and give it to him.

I seen him in a shoe store like 2 years ago and we end up back at my place for some heavy foreplay (after he took out his wedding/commitment band ring which he thought I didn't see)

No regrets I learn what I need to be turn on sexually and he was not it,lol both times


Mr. Jones said...

Solider - I'm jealous...kinda. But, not really. Green doesn't look good on me. LOL.

Darius - I'll be on the lookout for it.

Fuzzy - I said teenage, hon. Not pre-teen, toddler child porno shit. LOL.

datnfo - Thanks for sharing, hon. Nothing like a hot story to start the afternoon!

[Brittany]Gimmie more, dammit!![/Spears]

Aaron said...

My first, first (dick to booty) was when I was a freshmen in college. We were "dating" and I thought I was in love, so much that I told him I was in love. And then he looked at me like I was crazy. HUGE regret, the situation was a mess. It was a STEAMING PIPING mess all over the place. He was a freshmen too, I was very unexperienced but he was a freak.

Anyway (this was back in my drinking days) it was like 4am in the morning and I called him and was like "I want you to fuck me!" and so I walked my drunk ass to his dorm room on the other side of campus (mind you I went to Ohio State so it was like a 15 min walk) and I jumped in his bed and we went at it. Unknown to me his roommate was awake in the top bunk with a friend from out of town so they were awake the whole time and so we finished doing the do and fell asleep and i started snoring and woke everyone up. EVERYONE on campus knew the next day.

It was horrible but now I can laugh at the whole situation...kinda

Ladynay said...

when this cumfest happened;

how old you were when it happened;

how old was/were the other party/parties involved (hey...you never know);

if was good back then;

if it was good in retrospect (as compared to others you've since experienced);
He's ranks near the top, I won't tell which number

how you were courted (or vice-versa);
He was my boyfriend at the time, we met online. He never knew he took what he did till I told him about a year or so later. LOL! He didn't believe me.

if you regret anything you did (or maybe something you didn't do) and;
Should have started fucking him sooner!

if you've encountered this person as an adult.
Sure, we are still friends. We don't get down anymore though and despite me knowing what I know about his sexual skill, I am more than happy to leave the memories as memories.

That Dude Right There said...


How Old-13

Other Party-12 or 13

Was it good?-It must have been since we did it damn near every day for a year.

Compared to others-Not really. I have had sex that was sooooo much better.

How courted?-Playing a wrestling game on Nintendo. We started doing moves from the game and he started hunching on me from behind. It went on from there.


Encountered in adulthood-Nope. Haven't seen him since 1992 when he moved to California.

And no, there was no love involved.

Bullet Proof Soul said...

when this cumfest happened;

how old you were when it happened;

how old was/were the other party/parties involved (hey...you never know);

if was good back then;
It was good back then.

if it was good in retrospect (as compared to others you've since experienced);
Not really, much better now compared to others

how you were courted (or vice-versa);
Never courted just sex (one time)

if you regret anything you did (or maybe something you didn't do) and;
Don't regret it because I can't take it back.

if you've encountered this person as an adult.
Yep sometimes when I go to visit parents. They are still in the neighborhood.

Thanks for the structure. It saved me a lot of typing. LOL!!

Bullet Proof Soul said...

Just playing.

My “first” full on sexual experience was with a girl. I will just call her “Special D”, the “D” being the first initial in her first name. Aiight, she was the neighborhood freak of the week (jump off) and she was very well developed for her age of 15, same age I was. I was chillin on my couch by myself after taking a shower when she came to my door. My parents went on a weekend trip, my cousin was at his girl’s house, and my brothers were at a sleepover. I answered the door and she was standing there. After some verbage she came in, I knew what was up because she had been trying to get at me and she knew my family wasn’t home. So I went and plopped on the couch and she came and sat right next to me. She kept throwing hints and telling me how good I looked and smelled. Blah blah blah, I was like go ahead and play with it. She did and it was feeling good, girly had skills. I started getting into it as she took off her clothes. She got into the missionary position on the floor as I went and grabbed a condom out of my cousin’s drawer. I came back and she was getting it wet and fingering herself. I was ready. I put the condom on, went in and kissed her and started putting it in. Not going to lie, I only lasted about six pumps. LOL!! It was good. But I was able to rest up and went and grabbed another condom and did much better the second time around. I collapsed on top of her after the second nut. She was rubbing my head when my cousin walked in. He got into it with his girl and had to come home. We both looked at him. He laughed and was like, I’m sorry. He went to our room (we shared a bedroom) and “D” was still horny. So I told her that my cousin would basically hit it. I went to tell him about the proposition and went to take a shower. We pretty much spent the weekend hitting her and even at the same time, my first threesome. She was blowing me and he was hitting it from behind.

Now “Special D” has four kids with four different daddies. I see her sometimes when I go to visit my parents. We give each other a hug and she still hot in the pants. My younger brother hit it too.

E said...

I was a late bloomer (heh..big shocker huh...*LOL*) so I didn't have my first sexual experience until my 30th b-day. But I do have one memory in my early teens (I was about 14) of an incident with an older man (he was in his 40s at the time). It was sexually charged even though we didn't have sex or even kissed. It was a very heavy rainy summer day. My summers were spent working at my family church with my Dad. Hemingway I was outside with my umbrella walking towards the church's parish house, where my pastor resided. He was coming out of the parish house to leave. He saw me and immediately ran under my umbrella. He grabbed my waist and held it really tight and I in turned grabbed his. We walked arm in arm towards his car making random small talk on the way. I remember him thanking me as he reached his car and leaving. I also remember having quite the hard on and being momentarily out of breath from feeling so sexually aroused. Just thinking about it brings those feelings back.

Promiscuous X said...

Yea ima have to think back on this one Jonesy lol Ill recomment on this later while I collect my thoughts

Mr. Jones said...

I totally understand, X. If I had your numbers, I'd need to pulls some files, too. ;-)

Mr. Jones said...

Oh, and thanks to everyone for participating. This is fun.

D.LavarJames said...

I actually have 2 separate experiences, but none of them are from bein a teenager. I was a virgin till I was 20 unlike all these slores!!! LMAO j/k

The first time I had sex was a couple weeks after my 20th birthday. I think it was because I was TIRED of being a Virgin, on top of just wanting it over and done with, at one of my co-worker and friend's urging, it was decided that I would do it with this female coworker of ours.
Picked her up at her crib, just to find out that her 3 year old son was coming with us, I was like wtf? Then we ended up at a hotel room that I regretfully got earlier that day.
So with her taking care of him, I decided to watch tv, and just like my mood and the evening, Die Hard was on the tv. After she put him in the bed next to ours she proceeded to get me aroused, and I was like ya kid is right there! Well to make a long story short, I went ahead and had sex with her, and was kinda pissed that it took damn near 3 hours! I thought my first time was supposed to last only 3 minutes, lol. Hell I had to fake like I had nutted just so I could take her home. I WAS OVER IT! She wouldn't be the last girl I had sex with, but it was def. the worst experience!!!

I'll tell you about the first man sex in a minute =)

D.LavarJames said...

Okay, I told you about that experience which was in 99, now the first time I had sex with a man was Spring Break 2002. Me and one of my frat brothers decided to go down to visit his brother in Houston for Spring Break, having gone to High school with both of them, I was like cool, no prob. So we get down to Houston and at the time I'm like 23, so we go out to dinner with his brother their female cousin, then we go to some ghetto ass club where I was just standing there ready to go.

His brother comes up to me and asks, "R U Gay?" and I'm like "Excuse me, naw!" and he was like, "Cuz you seem like you could be" So about 30 minutes passes and I'm like y would he ask me that, is it the way i'm lookin? standing?, breathing? So I find him in the crowd again and ask Y he would even ask that, and he say's I just got this vibe, too bad though, cuz I always thought u was a cutie when my brother first brought u to the house a couple years ago. So I'm caught off guard, like huh, say what? he then was like, let's go ahead and get out of here, I'll tell my brother we're goin to go smoke a little somethin and catch them back at his crib. So I leave with him and we drive around and he says, I wish my brother wasn't so closed minded, but hell I like dudes, I like suckin dick and gettin my dick sucked, I don't see a problem with it. Mind you my frat brother's brother is kinda thugged out. So he parks behind some building and asks can he suck my dick, now mind you I had just had my FIRST gay experience just a couple months earlier and oral sex is all that had happened, so I'm like sure y not, he sucks the hell out my dick and then I do the same, so after a few rounds of back and fourth he was like lets go back to my crib which is a couple doors down from where we were staying at his cousin's house.

Go back to the crib for some heavy making out session, shirts off about to go further when we hear a knock at the door and his brother comes in. He's like it smells like herb in here and I just got yall some sandwiches, when yall comin back over to the house. His brother like it's hot in here that's y we have our shirts off and we smokin, be back over there soon. So although his brother hesitates he leave. (I always thought that maybe he knew what was goin on, but blocked it out, but oh well)
So then we go back to makin out and he's like have I ever been fucked, and I'm like um no, that shyt's gonna hurt and I'm not down for that. So after much coaxing I found myself having intercourse for the first time with a guy, I was shocked that it was happening, but also the fact that it didn't hurt as bad as I thought, it actually felt pretty good. Then we switched and I tore that booty up.

Now he came to visit his brother a couple more times throughout the summer, and he would stop by my place for a little action. Havn't seen him since I left to come to DC, but I hear he permanately back in our hometown helping raise his daughter.

Mr. Jones said...

Wait...you were smoking weed? I thought you denounced that when I mentioned it on here one time.

Either way...nice story.

D.LavarJames said...

I don't think that was me, I said I don't do it anymore, not that I ever REALLY did then either, just occasionally

Mr. Jones said...

My bad. It must've been one of these other prudes then.

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

Hmmmm interesting topic and responses...

Let's see, I got into tha game rather late myself (19) but eh, what can you do. My first time was actually with my then ex-girl. We were in the church choir (Yea I used to be a church boy...go figure lol) and went to the same HS. Never really got to sex or anything like that when we were together. So I went away to college and when I came back the following summer we got to talking and she str8 up asked why we never had sex. I was like "Iono. Never seemed like you wanted to go there." (Lord knows I did!!!) Being the horny bastard I was I just was like wassup?! Needless to say I went to her dorm room n did a lil damage. Not gonna lie round one was the greatest. Didn't nut fast or nothing like that but you know when you tryna mimic what you see in porn ya first time, it doesn't work too well. Round 2 was khosher tho..lol.

First time with a dude to follow.


bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

Damn now that I think about it, the summer of 99 was a damn good break out summer for me! LoL :-)

So yea I was heavy on Black Planet (remember that site...) back in the day. Had the lil 'str8' page and my pictureless 'gay' page. I pretty much knew I was attracted to dudes all throughout HS but never acted on it. Just watched mad porn LoL. Anyway I met this kat that was sexy as fuck on there and we would talk and shyt but nothing really came from it. Well one night I was a bit tipsy and he went to college not to far away from my crib so he was like come thru. It's like 1 am but hell I'm like ok. Get there and we talking and watching a movie. Next thing I know dude starts kissing me. NEEEEVVVVER kissed a dude before. It felt good but weird at the same time because I'm feeling your mustash on my mustash kinda thing lol. So that lead to us being naked and he started giving me head which wasn't bad. Now when I gave him head this muh fukka was going thru it (One of my staples LoL). Then he wanted to fuck me and I guess it was the liquor because I wasn't too hesitent but got damn that initial push hurt like fuck!! Let's just say that whole experience didn't last too long because I couldn't deal with that shyt. Ended up just jackin and I left around 5 am. He hit me up the next day askin me to fuck him and I went back and did. Good shyt. Oh, he was 17.

Ummmmmmmmm...it was kool for a first experience but I've had soooo much better. We're actually still in contact kinda. He actually works a block from me here in Manhattan so we bump into each other. He still likes me and shyt...wants to fuck again but he's on this whole "Imma Top" thing and I don't play that shyt. Especially not with what he's selling *Wink*. LMAO!


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