Thursday, May 15, 2008

Edwards backs Obama

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hillary Clinton is slowly getting snatched owwwwt of the game. Let me explain. When you take a look at the events of the last 32 or 34 hours you see that timing is everything.

Take a look at what's happened since Hillary Clinton earned what is widely considered by the experts to be a large, but mostly symbolic victory in West Virginia.

Yesterday morning Senator Obama picked up 2 more superdelegates. The Associated Press is now reporting that he's picked up 30 in the last week. She's picked up 1.

NARAL, the national abortion rights organization, which has supported Hillary Clinton throughout her entire political career announced yesterday afternoon they're switching their support to Barack Obama.

The capper is John Edwards, whom had been courted by both the Obama and Clinton camps, in an effort to unify the party and stymie any momentum Sen. Clinton gained from that West Virginia win, announces his support for Barack Obama.

But look at the timing of all this.

Hillary Clinton spent all Wednesday afternoon taping interviews with all the news organizations expecting to capitalize on her big win only to be trumped by announcement that John Edwards, who seems to have an "in" with those working class voters Barack has had trouble courting of late, is going to work for Sen. Obama.

Way back in the day on Monday Night Football, Don Meredith, when the outcome of the game was no longer in doubt, broke out into a fractured version of something called "turn out the lights, the party's over".

Its time for the song.


That Dude Right There said...

I still think that Barack and Hillary will have to run together in order to beat McCain. People who support Obama, don't want to vote for Clinton. People who support Clinton don't want to vote for Obama. Both Democratic nominees have denounced this ignorant though process.

The Republicans are just sitting back chillin while the Democrats fight. If there is any chance for the next president to be a Democrat, we need to see Clinton and Obama run together.

Mr. Jones said...

^^Here's my take on the exit poll numbers I've seen that somewhat support your argument.

This is the primary. The people who votes in primaries are typically more passionate about politics than the average joes who vote in the general. People want to be apart of the championship game, not the Final Four, if you will.

It's been a heated, long and drawn out process. Hillary supporters are just emotional and upset that their candidate is getting snatched owwwwt the game. Come Fall, they'll get in line behind Obama, too. Give theses people a few months to ponder another four years of the status quo. They'll change that tune.

As for the Republican party just chillen, they aren't. RNC leadership is running scared shitless because in the last two months, the conservatives have lost two congressional seats to the dems that have been republican strongholds for over 50 years. RNC chairman Mike Duncan has been all over all the networks begging Pubs to remain with the RNC. The republican party is far from chillen.

I'm really not sure where this notion of a deeply divided democratic party came from. Hillary has already started to get in line behind Barack. As recently as yesterday afternoon she came to defense of Sen. Obama, not herself when Bush shamelessly threw some domestic political jabs in front of Isreal's parliment at the dems.

The dems are coming behind Obama and are working to prepare for the Fall. The lady in the yellow pant suit knows it.

ShawnQt said...

checkmate! :)

E said...

Which fat lady will be singing the tune?

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