Thursday, April 3, 2008

Random ish...

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Why is Sen. Hillary Clinton so dry even when she's trying to be funny? I feel like she'd be awful in the bedroom. I can't be the only one who thinks this bitch would fuck up a wet dream.


This Baltimore Art Thing

This girl I know through a friend invited me to a late reception tomorrow night at Current Gallery in downtown Baltimore. She said that they had just installed their exhibit last week and were having another opening reception because not enough of their friends got a chance to make it to the first one.

Don't you love how white people just invent reasons to party?

I usually come up with excuses explaining why I can't go to these types of things, but this time for the fuck of it I said I'd show up. I mean, I'm already gonna be out at this award banquet and dinner for the Baltimore County Police Foundation at the Marriott in Hunt Valley. I can make it to that and get back into the city before this thing ends, no problem.

Because the girl is cool, I figured I'd post the information exhibit in case anyone in the Baltimore area wants to come. It starts at 7 and ends at 11. The space is in a building on Calvert between the Hampton Inn on Redwood and the Brookshire on Lombard. Across from T. Rowe Price.

Anyway, come out and support if you can. She says there will be wine. At the very least you could get a free buzz.

Current | 30 S.Calvert | Baltimore, MD 21202

A Public View Into Our Private, Mundane Journeys.
Instigated By Nick Karvounis
March 28 - April 11
Second Opening Reception April 3rd, 2008 7-11pm, music provided by Lance Spicer


As technology connects it equally disconnects. These relatively large-scale reminders, posted communally, radically shift the paradigm between our public and private spaces. The increasing necessity to remind one's self of rudimentary tasks is constantly accelerating, thus creating a friction within our individually maverick and obtuse self. Essentially these notes focus our attention to the price of our removal.



I've been waiting for months and it's almost here! I can barely wait for this movie to come out.


New Frames

I went to the eye doctor today to pick out some new frames cus I lost my last pair of eyeglasses. I decided on these.

I think it's a good look. I like them b/c they're cool, but not too out of the box. Besides, I've always wanted a pair of black plastic frames with a heavy rim.

Very Malcolm X.


Twin Peaks

I'm really embarrassed to admit that this song is such a guilty pleasure for me right now. Not as embarrassed as I'd be if I were sporting double-Ds, but embarrassed nonetheless.

Look at that rack. Yikes!


A Waterfront Retreat

We should all pool our resources and buy one of these Inner Harbor condos for the low, low price of $5 million. Hell, the blogger reunion could be in Baltimore every year if you bitches pull this off.


Grape Drank!

Dave Chapelle is so fucking funny. Too bad he went crazy in Africa or wherever. That ganja is a helluva drug -- apparently.


Bullet Proof Soul said...

Sex with Hillary had to be dry. Did you not see her through the years? Her lips probably never touched a knob. We all know Bill is a freak.

If I lived in B-more, I'd go with you cause I know how exhibitions are and trust you need company.


The frames are cool. You will have to take a picture with them on.

I'm with you on the song. The whole album is crazy. His tit game is on point, literally. LMAO!! Screw the handful, Ricky Ross says more than a mouthful is a waste.

Nice condo, only in my dreams. Do they rent cause we could only get a week if that in that thing, with resources combined.

Dave is funny. This was done after his stint in Africa. Trust he will make a huge comeback as long as he stays off the weed that is laced and had him running to Africa.

Cocoa Rican said...

I just got new frames too...and found myself taking them off every hour...they fucked up my R/ know they're going back on Sat. BTW - really like the frames you chose!

Love Chapelle! Period!

Maybe we can have the state of Maryland recognize us as a what would we call our group??? Then we can have the state pay for our office located in the very building pictured here... LOL

Nia said...

I want some apple drink! It's greeeeen!

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